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Teva Katavi 2 Thong Review

While these aren't the most stylish, they are durable, comfortable, and affordable
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Teva Katavi 2 Thong Review
Credit: Amazon
Price:  $55 List
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Manufacturer:   Teva
By Brian Martin ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 9, 2021
  • Comfort - 30% 8.0
  • Support - 20% 8.0
  • Traction - 20% 9.0
  • Versatility - 15% 6.0
  • Style - 15% 5.0

Our Verdict

If you're looking for a pair of comfortable and well-made flip flops, the Teva Katavi 2 Thong is a great choice. These things are comfortable from day one and only get better as you break them in. They have excellent arch support, comfortable straps, and a soft but not too squishy footbed. The large, all rubber lugged sole provides excellent traction and, combined with the wide snug strap, allows for comfortable trail strolls. Because of the exceptional performance throughout our testing and reasonable list price, we had no choice but to award the Katavi 2 with a Best Buy Award.
Good arch support
Comfortable straps
Excellent traction
Not stylish

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Katavi 2 Thong performed quite well throughout our testing, though they aren't very stylish and might draw some disapproving looks if worn to your next formal event. The large lugged rubber sole provides excellent traction but also makes this one of the heaviest flip flops we tested. That isn't all bad, as the thick sole makes them excellently durable and able to hold up against the cruelty of time.

Performance Comparison

teva katavi 2 thong - grippy, durable, and comfortable. if you spend a lot of time in the...
Grippy, durable, and comfortable. If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors and appreciate functional flip flops that won't break down or allow thorns to poke through the sole the Katavi is top-notch.
Credit: Brian Martin


The Katavi flip flops aren't the most comfortable flops we tested this year, but they're close. The footbed is soft and compliant without being overly squishy. The arch support height is in the middle of the road, not too high or flat, which works well for most feet. If you absolutely have to have either a flat or high arch, there other options in our review that are excellent. The thong and straps are sufficiently comfortable right out of the box and don't need any break-in period. The combination of suede and synthetic form-fitting material make for a snug but compliant and comfortable fit.

Even with a huge rack of flip flops to test, we would often slip on the Katavi after a long day on our feet. Typically, standing and walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or hardwood can be brutal on the feet and knees, but these flips offer an excellent buffer. The straps are wide and snug, which keeps them in place when walking around and eliminates the frustrating toe flexing that some models require to keep from slipping around.

teva katavi 2 thong - if we were only assessing comfort in outdoor environments the katavi...
If we were only assessing comfort in outdoor environments the Katavi might be the top scorer. The burly sole eliminates potential threats from broken glass or thorns that could easily poke through other flip flops.
Credit: Brian Martin


As you would imagine from the rugged looks, the Katavi is unique in the flip flop world. The sole feels like a hiking boot sole with a thong attached and performs like it too. Sharp rocks and pointy sticks are imperceptible through the dense lugs, and the footbed is molded into the sole in a way that cups your foot firmly. The snug fit is a result of a deep heel cup, comfortable high arch, and wide snug straps.

While the Katavi is an overall snug, supportive, and stable sandal, the high heel makes it feel a touch more unstable than flip flops with a lower profile. They certainly aren't dangerously unstable, just significantly higher profile than most other flip flops on the market. That being said, they are perfectly capable on hiking trails and granite slabs but require a bit more mindfulness when walking on potentially ankle-rolling terrain.

teva katavi 2 thong - deep heel cups and a form-fitting footbed compliment the monster...
Deep heel cups and a form-fitting footbed compliment the monster truck treads giving great support and overall stability. The one notable detraction is the relatively high heel making the Katavi less stable than lower profile flip flops.
Credit: Brian Martin


The large rubber lugs on the sole of the Katavi is one of the first things we noticed when we unboxed these monster trucks. As expected, the traction is excellent. Even some flip flops that have grippy soles end up being quite slippery underfoot, making the sole grip meaningless. The Katavi has nice wide snug straps and a reasonably grippy footbed allowing full benefit from the lugged soles. The marriage between snug straps, grippy footbed, and lugged rubber sole makes for some of the best traction we experienced while testing this group of flips.

The downside of having such a stiff sole and large lugs is losing a bit of traction in the wet. Essentially, because the tread pattern has such large gaps, less rubber is in contact with a surface. The only time we really felt the Katavi lacked traction was on a short creek crossing with wet mossy rocks. Admittedly, most flip flops would have struggled in this situation, so it didn't ding the Katavi's overall score too much, though there are flip flops that perform better in wet environments.

teva katavi 2 thong - belaying around a rocky crag, summer approach hikes, or sandy trails...
Belaying around a rocky crag, summer approach hikes, or sandy trails were no match for the super grippy lugged soles of the Katavi. For outdoor travel these were excellent.
Credit: Brian Martin


While the Katavi is mostly constructed of rubber and synthetic materials, the uppers are made from a mixture of nylon and suede. This suede layer doesn't like water too much and thus keeps these flops from being truly amphibious. That's not to say that some water exposure isn't ok, but if you're looking for something to wear on your next river trip, there are some other excellent all synthetic options that are more optimal.

That being said, we enjoyed using these flip flops for many applications. They are super comfortable after a long day when just lounging around the yard, and the chunky lugged sole makes them an excellent choice for hiking around on all kinds of terrain. Part of what makes the Katavi so versatile is the chunky construction and peace of mind that you really can't tear these things up. In all honesty, the lugged sole could be grafted onto a burly hiking boot, and nobody would know the difference. We especially appreciate this thick buffer when using the flip flops between sport climbing burns. Where other flip flops might let pointy rocks at the base of the crag poke through — the Katavi, on the other hand, seemed impervious.

teva katavi 2 thong - mostly at home in dry outdoor environments, you could really use...
Mostly at home in dry outdoor environments, you could really use these flip flops for just about anything you want.
Credit: Brian Martin


The Katavi flip flops aren't likely to make their way onto Lord Grantham's feet in an episode of Downton Abbey and not just because they wouldn't fit the period costumes. They portray a bit more of the adventure/outdoor backyard barbeque styling. An episode of Duck Dynasty? Maybe, but the Katavi's seem too sensible and down to earth for a show constantly blowing dog whistles.

The lugged sole and beefy straps on these flips definitely give them an adventure-ready look that seems at home setting up camp and chilling around the campfire or perhaps at the crag for some sweet, sweet summer climbing. If looking ready for some outdoor action piques your interest, these are a solid option.

teva katavi 2 thong - with a distinct outdoorsy style, the katavi doesn't oversell itself...
With a distinct outdoorsy style, the Katavi doesn't oversell itself. It looks like a rugged outdoor flop for camping or slipping on to belay your friend and it lives up to that look.
Credit: Brian Martin


The price/performance ratio of the Katavi is just about right. They aren't incredibly expensive, like some of the higher-performing models in our review, but retain the critical components we want in adventure footwear. They proved themselves to be durable, comfortable, and offer great traction out in the real world and did this without breaking the bank. It's a difficult task to dethrone past award winners, but the Katavi has done it indeed, earning its place as a Best Buy Award winner.


The Teva Katavi 2 Thong is well suited for prepping camp, hanging out by the campfire, or lounging during a backyard barbecue. It wins our Best Buy Award for a simple reason: the overall performance of this flip flop is competitive with some of the most expensive brands we tested. There are, however, situations we wouldn't use this flip, such as more formal events or in situations where you don't want to put off the “outdoorsy” vibe. Conversely, when you are being “outdoorsy,” these flip flops are absolutely fantastic.

teva katavi 2 thong - if you're looking for extra comfort around the campsite and don't...
If you're looking for extra comfort around the campsite and don't want to compromise on durability, the Katavi will suit you well.
Credit: Brian Martin

Brian Martin