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The 4 Best Folding Electric Bikes of 2024

We bought and tested folding electric bikes from Blix, Rad Power, Aventon, Lectric, Ride1Up and more to find the best
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Best Folding Electric Bike Review (We buy every bike we review in order to run our own independent performance tests uniformly on each model.)
We buy every bike we review in order to run our own independent performance tests uniformly on each model.
Credit: Abriah Wofford
By Joshua Hutchens, Jeremy Benson  ⋅  May 29, 2024

The Best Folding Electric Bikes for 2024

If you're on the hunt for a portable, space-saving, folding electric bike, you've come to the right place. Our e-bike experts bought and tested over a dozen of the best folding models head-to-head to help you find the model that best fits your needs. After unboxing and assembling each bike, we spend weeks putting them through rigorous tests across performance areas you care about most. We charge up and assess these bikes for their ride quality, range, power, portability, user-friendliness of their interfaces, and ease of assembly. The results of our rigorous testing inform our ratings so you can find the bike that best matches your style, whether you seek an all-around commuter, the easiest to stack in your trunk, or the most performance per dollar spent.

In a booming e-bike market, we have you covered. Our cycling specialists have tested a wide variety of the best electric bikes, buying the best electric commuter bikes, the best class 3 electric bikes, and top-rated electric mountain bikes to assess hands-on. For those looking to save some cash, we even have a review committed to bringing you the best budget electric bikes available today. And remember to check out the review of our favorite bike helmets to stay safe and protected.

Editor's Note: We updated this review on May 29, 2024 to include the some new information with updated availability and pricing.

Top 7 Folding Electric Bikes - Test Results

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Price $1,199 List$1,599 List
$1,599 at Rad Power Bikes
Overall Score
Star Rating
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Pros Great distance range, throttle cruise control, lots of featuresAdventure-ready, excellent range, rugged, top-notch control and handling, stable, comes with useful features
Cons Slightly twitchy handling, battery rattle, inaccurate speed reading on displayNot for tall riders, fairly heavy, more involved assembly, mediocre display and controls
Bottom Line A mid-priced, well-featured folding electric bike with a great distance rangeThe fat bike-esque build and components of this bike make this folding model ready for any adventure you are
Rating Categories Rattan Folding Elec... Rad Power RadExpand 5
Ride (25%)
Range (25%)
Power (20%)
Portability (15%)
Interface (10%)
Assembly (5%) Sort Icon
Specs Rattan Folding Elec... Rad Power RadExpand 5
Battery Size (Wh) 624 672
Measured Weight 58 lbs 64 lbs 8 oz
Folded Dimensions 38.6 x 18 x 28 in 41 x 25 x 29 in
E-Bike Class Class 3 (Can be configured Class 2) Class 2
Motor Size 500W 750W
Number of pedal assist settings 5 4
Top speed throttle 20 mph 20 mph
Top speed pedal-assist up to 25 mph 20 mph
Measured Distance Range 29.7 miles 31.2 miles
Frame material Aluminum 6061 Aluminum
Wheel size 20-inch 20-inch
Weight Limit 300 lbs total, 55 lbs on rear seat 275 lbs
Drivetrain Shimano TX50 7-speed MicroShift 7-speed
Brakes Tektro Mechanical disc Mechanical disc
Additional features Fenders, rear seat and foot rests, folding, head and tail light, Fenders, rear cargo rack, lights, bell

Best Overall Folding Electric Bike

Blix Vika+ Flex

  • Ride 8.0
  • Range 9.0
  • Power 7.0
  • Portability 8.0
  • Interface 8.0
  • Assembly 9.0
Battery Size: 614 Wh | Measured Weight: 51 lbs 14 oz
Fast acceleration
Complete set of features
Easy assembly
Great range
Wide range of user height
Lacks suspension fork

After weeks of testing these bikes side-by-side, the most impressive, all-around performance came from the Blix Vika+ Flex. This model has the range for long commutes and all the features you can want, including integrated front and rear bike lights, a USB charger for your mobile phone, a cargo rack, and fenders to keep your clothes clean on your way to work or play. The Vika+ Flex has plenty of power and a max speed of up to 24 mph, while the hydraulic disc brakes control your speed smoothly and effectively. A smaller battery helps it keep its weight down compared to other top performers, along with a smaller folded size that makes it notably more easily portable than the over 60-pound models we tested. Its assembly is also easy-peasy, just a 15-minute affair. Tall riders will appreciate the height range on the seat post, which gave our six-tool lead tester enough room to extend his legs while pedaling fully.

"The Blix has no significant drawbacks, but we do have some minor critiques", added tester Jeremy Benson. The bike handles well and has a comfortable saddle, but with its rigid fork and narrow tires, it doesn't offer the smoothest ride. And while its range is impressive, a few other models bested the Blix, seeking out a few more miles. While you can probably find an e-bike that can (barely) beat out the Blix in a single category, this bike comes out on top across all performance areas combined, earning our favor as the most complete, ride-ready folding electric bike.

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folding electric bike - the blix vika+ flex combines classic style with a well-rounded...
The Blix Vika+ Flex combines classic style with a well-rounded performance while being more easily portable than other top-rated competitors.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Best Bang for the Buck Folding Electric Bike

Lectric XP 3.0 Step-Thru

Battery Size: 500 Wh | Measured Weight: 62 lbs 8 oz
Stellar value
Accessories included
Suspension fork improves ride quality
Quality display
As easy to assemble as it gets
Average range
Heavy to transport

Our testers were unanimous with this one; we all agree that the Lectric XP 3.0 is award-worthy. It covers the most important bases well, with excellent ride quality, smooth power delivery, and a respectable range. It is Class 2 and Class 3 capable, which allows for speeds up to 28 mph in pedal assist. The 500-watt motor impressed us with its torque, providing an unexpectedly peppy ride. A suspension fork and 3-inch wide knobby tires provide a smooth ride over varied surfaces, and a large range of fit ensures that users of varying heights can ride comfortably. It also includes integrated lights, fenders, and a cargo rack capable of carrying 150 lbs. Assembly is a piece of cake, and the large, integrated display screen keeps your speed, distance, and other data available at a moment's glance. Lectric offers this bike at an incredibly reasonable price and we're here to tell you, it's an excellent value!

The XP 3.0 falls slightly in the range department due to its moderately sized 500 Wh battery. Exclusively using the throttle (no pedaling), we got 24.51 miles down our range test track. We would expect significantly more range by utilizing the pedal-assist modes. Despite its space-saving folding design, it still weighs over 62 pounds, which can be a challenge to move around or load in the trunk. Still, electric bikes are expensive, and if you want to pay significantly less than average while getting above-average performance, the Lectric XP 3.0 is our Best Buy recommendation.

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With many smiles per mile, the Lectric XP 3.0 is an enjoyable bargain.
Credit: Joshua Hutchens

Best for a Smooth Ride

Aventon Sinch Step-Through

  • Ride 8.0
  • Range 10.0
  • Power 8.0
  • Portability 5.0
  • Interface 9.0
  • Assembly 10.0
Battery Size: 672 Wh | Measured Weight: 67 lbs 13 oz
Cushy, shock-absorbing ride
Exceptional range
Streamlined and stylish
Slick interface
Heavier weight and larger folded size
Limited included features
More expensive
Updated Model Available
The Aventon Sinch.2 has been released with additional features like a rack, fenders, eight-speed drivetrain, and additional range. We're linking to the updated bike in our affiliate links.
The smoothest and coolest bike in the bunch is the Aventon Sinch Step-Through. This bike feels top-notch with 4-inch wide tires and a suspension fork that absorbs the bumps and cracks in the road. It handles well at high speeds and produces very little noise. The excellent ride quality will continue for over thirty miles on a single charge; this model's range tested as one of the best in its class. The Aventon provides plenty of power and is also quite easy to assemble. The quality display and ergonomic controls are both quite user-friendly. When it comes to curb appeal, the Sinch brings it. We love the hydroformed aluminum frame design and semi-integrated (yet still removable) battery and the look of the tan-wall tires. We found the time in the saddle on this bike to be quite enjoyable.

The biggest disadvantage of the Aventon Sinch is its significant weight. Folding bikes have portability as a large part of their appeal, and this model's nearly 70-pound weight makes it tough to lift in and out of car trunks and trailers. Its folded size is also one of the largest we measured, though it can still more easily fit where non-folding bikes cannot. We were disappointed at the lack of included features, although Aventon sells accessories to customize your ride. Yet, for the smoothest and most stylish ride in a category not known for either, the Aventon Sinch will satisfy.

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folding electric bike - if it was a contest based on looks alone, the sinch step-through...
If it was a contest based on looks alone, the Sinch Step-Through would take the win. It also happens to have the smoothest ride of all with a suspension fork and big cushy tires.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Best Folding Electric Adventure Bike

Rad Power RadExpand 5

  • Ride 8.0
  • Range 10.0
  • Power 7.0
  • Portability 5.0
  • Interface 6.0
  • Assembly 5.0
Battery size: 672 Wh | Measured weight: 64 lbs 8 oz
Rugged enough for some trails
Great range
Stable handling
Top-notch features
Assembly is more involved
Noisier ride from the knobby tires
Height adjustment is limited to 5'10"

This is a folding electric bike that's more adventure-ready than its competitors, the Rad Power RadExpand 5 is our recommendation for those looking for a bit more. With its knobby, extra-wide tires, this bike excels on pavement, fire roads, mixed conditions, and even smooth trails. Wide handlebars contribute to controlled and stable handling, adding to the damp and pleasant ride quality. The part spec on this bike contribute to its versatility in urban environments, with integrated lights, fenders, and a stout rear cargo rack. The 750W motor easily pushes this Class 2 bike along at up to 20 mph using the throttle or four levels of pedal assist. Most impressively, this bike stunned in our range test, gobbling up over 31 miles on our standardized test track thanks to its large capacity 672 Wh battery.

With a super wide recommended user height range of 4'10" to 5'10", the RadExpand 5 has a huge range of fit, though it is less than ideal for taller riders. While functional, the LED display is quite basic compared to the screen-equipped competition. As with most fat-tire bikes, the wide knobby tires create a bit more noise compared to models with narrower or smoother tires. While the bike folds down to reduce its size significantly, it's among the largest in its folded position, and at 64 lbs and 8 oz, it can also be challenging to carry or load into a vehicle. These minor drawbacks aside, we recommend this adventure-ready model for those seeking a versatile bike that's as adept at riding across town as it is tackling dirt roads from your RV.

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folding electric bike - the radexpand 5&#039;s sturdy design and wide knobby tires put fewer...
The RadExpand 5's sturdy design and wide knobby tires put fewer limitations on where you can ride your folding electric bike.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

How We Test Folding Electric Bikes

We started testing e-bikes in 2019. Since then, we have tested over 100 different e-bikes across several electric bike categories. Here, we started this folding electric bike review with extensive research into the category, looking up specs and comparing models at multiple price points while reading feedback to glean what consumers want regarding performance. We then purchase our selection of top models, unbox them, and assemble them as we begin our extensive testing process. Each bike is charged and ridden repeatedly for several weeks as our testers incorporate them into daily life, using them on commutes to work and evening joy rides. We also set up standardized circuits to uniformly assess each model. After conducting all our tests, we compile notes and score each product across several predetermined metrics, resulting in a cumulative score for each bike in the test fleet.

We divide our folding electric bike testing among six different rating metrics:
  • Ride Quality (25% of overall score weighting)
  • Range (25% weighting)
  • Power (20% weighting)
  • Portability (15% weighting)
  • Interface (10% weighting)
  • Assembly (5% weighting)

See our how we test article for more detailed info on our test processes.

Why Trust GearLab

Joshua Hutchens, our Senior Bike Review Editor at GearLab, heads up this review. Joshua spends much of his time atop two wheels for work, fun, commuting, and training. Over the past thirty-six years, Joshua has served almost every role in the bicycle industry. He has competed in nearly every discipline of cycling and owned and operated several cycling businesses, from bicycle shops to indoor bicycle parks. He has professionally tested and reviewed electric and non-electric bikes of all forms, with well over 100 electric bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, commuter e-bikes, e-MTBs, and more since 2017. Joshua's vast experience building, fixing, and riding bicycles has produced a discerning eye and an uncanny ability to assess and highlight the differences in performance between models. When he's not traversing the Western United States in search of the best riding, he can be found in his hometown of South Lake Tahoe, where he coaches mountain biking through the local community college.

Riding bike paths around town is part of our overall assessment of...
Riding bike paths around town is part of our overall assessment of these e-bikes.
We collapse and deploy these folding models multiple times to learn...
We collapse and deploy these folding models multiple times to learn which models make it easy, and which do not.
The controls and display on the Lectric XP 3.0 were among the best...
The controls and display on the Lectric XP 3.0 were among the best in the test.

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Aventon Sinch Step-Through
Best for a Smooth Ride
Top Pick Award
Blix Vika+ Flex
Best Overall Folding Electric Bike
Editors' Choice Award
Lectric XP 3.0 Step-Thru
Best Buy Award
Ride1Up Portola
Rattan Folding Electric Bike
Rad Power RadExpand 5
Best Folding Electric Adventure Bike
Top Pick Award
Swagcycle EB5 Plus Folding

Analysis and Test Results

We tested these bikes side by side, which helped us determine the pros and cons of each bike. This way, testing provides quantitative and qualitative data that allows us to use a comparative scoring model. After the last test, each performance metric is weighted according to its relevance to the general user, and overall scores are tallied. Below, specific performance areas are discussed, highlighting stand-out models in each metric.


Electric bikes of all forms start at a high price tier, and folding ones are no different. Paying more in this category tends to get you a more powerful motor and a larger battery, improving acceleration, speed, and the all-important range. More expensive bikes tend to have higher-quality features and offer more sophistication in their user interfaces, such as LCD screens that track speed and display trip data. Bucking this trend, however, is the Lectric XP Step-Through 3.0. This model costs about half of the top-tier folding bikes we tested. Yet, its performance is within striking distance of the costlier models in ride quality, range, power, and user interface.

folding electric bike - the lectric xp 3.0 utilizes high volume 3-inch tires to expand the...
The Lectric XP 3.0 utilizes high volume 3-inch tires to expand the bike's versatility.
Credit: Joshua Hutchens


Our Ride metric is all about the feels and what the bike offers to make the ride more enjoyable. Each bike's design, components, and features combine to affect ride quality and convenience. We examine these aspects while riding every e-bike over varied terrain, from city streets to off-road trails. Notably, the larger 20-inch wheels scored higher in ride quality than the models with smaller wheels. We also test each model's handling ability at low and high speeds and assess their turning radii. Brake quality and smooth shifting also factor into play. Smooth rides that keep the rider comfortable and confident are the heart of this performance metric. Additionally, comfort plays a factor, as do included features that enhance the user experience.

The cushiest ride accolades go to the Aventon Sinch. A modest but effective 45-mm of suspension travel dampens cracks and bumps in the road, and the bulbous 4-inch wide tires have a lot of air volume to further smooth out the ride. This bike is very stable, handling turns at speed and maneuvering around obstacles easily. The mechanical disc brakes aren't the most powerful, but they function well. It has a nice, comfy saddle, too. Our main gripe is that its height range is perhaps a bit more limited than Aventon suggests, as our six-foot-tall tester (with long legs) could have used a little more seat height adjustment. Also detracting from its score is a somewhat disappointing feature set that lacks integrated bike lights, fenders, or a cargo rack. Bonus points are scored here, though, by the sharp look of this bike and a quieter ride compared to the competition. Look good, ride good.

folding electric bike - wide tires, front suspension, and slick looks of the aventon make it...
Wide tires, front suspension, and slick looks of the Aventon make it stand out from the pack when it comes to ride quality.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The Blix Vika+ Flex offers great ride quality via other avenues than the Aventon Sinch. With its greater range of height adjustments, tall and long-legged riders will likely feel that this bike fits them better, greatly impacting ride comfort. Its top-notch features also make this model convenient for regular commuters. We are big fans of bike lights that run off the bike's battery power, and this bike has them. The rear light also functions as a brake light as the dependable and powerful hydraulic disc brakes are applied. Other features like front and rear fenders, a rear cargo rack, a USB charger for your phone, and a bell are also handy additions. It handles quite similarly to the other top-rated models, though with a rigid frame and slightly narrower tires, it can feel jarring over rough surfaces.

folding electric bike - the blix vika+ flex provides a comfy ride for a wider range of rider...
The Blix Vika+ Flex provides a comfy ride for a wider range of rider heights, while also boasting a convenient feature set.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The Rad Power RadExpand 5 also excels in ride comfort, bringing fat-bike vibes to this category. The fatty tires provide cushioning underneath, while the extra wide handlebars grant this bike very steady handling. This handling control is appreciated on city streets, especially on trails and fire roads that often require more heads-up navigation around obstacles. This bike's off-road versatility makes it shine. Another impressive model is the Lectric XP 3.0. Despite being cheaper, it provides ample ride quality with a front suspension fork with 80 millimeters of travel. These models also have useful features like lights, fenders, and cargo racks.

folding electric bike - the rad expand 5 can really expand the scope of your travels.
The Rad Expand 5 can really expand the scope of your travels.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


If you like wandering rides or have a long commute, hone in on this metric. Knowing an e-bike's range lets you plan how far you can go on one charge. We create a standardized range test using the same course with the same rider (so rider weight is not a factor) for every model, starting with a fully charged bike and riding until the battery is fully depleted. During this test, we note distance traveled, elevation gain/loss, average speed, and the elapsed time of the entire ride. We only use the throttle in this test to remove the variable of rider input through pedaling. Therefore, the results of the range tests represent the baseline of each bike's range potential. Using the pedal-assist modes, you can almost always extend the distances each model can cruise before the power runs out.

The large, 672 Wh battery of the RadExpand 5 went the furthest in our range test. We hummed along at a fast average speed of 17.1 mph, traveling 31.2 miles with 1,627 feet of elevation gain while only engaging the throttle. Its power remained strong until its final 1-2 miles, where it slowed down some. Most e-bikes drop off power significantly in the final watts of battery life, making this model stand out even more.

folding electric bike - the 4&quot; tires give the rad a bit more confidence off-road.
The 4" tires give the Rad a bit more confidence off-road.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The Aventon Sinch and Rattan Folding bikes followed next in the distance traveled in our range test, going 30.1 miles and 29.7 miles, respectively. The Aventon's battery is the same size as the RadExpand 5, and the Rattan's battery is smaller at 624 Wh. Also showing admirable performance in our Range metric was the Blix Vika+ Flex. Its 614-watt hour battery chewed up 27.5 miles and 1,470 feet of vertical gain while averaging 16.3 mph on our test course, also maintaining its power well until the end of battery life.

folding electric bike - we were surprised to find the rattan folding near the top of the...
We were surprised to find the Rattan Folding near the top of the charts in our range testing.
Credit: Jason Peters


Our Power metric considers acceleration, max speeds, and overall power output in pedal assist and throttle modes. A powerful motor helps in traffic conditions on the road and improves riding in hilly areas. Our tests measure time from a complete stop to reaching top speed and uphill speed tests. Smooth acceleration also scores bonus points here, as too-aggressive acceleration can feel jumpy. Having more levels of pedal assist allows the rider to fine-tune their speed to match their effort, too.

The Lectric XP 3.0 stands out in this metric, boasting a top speed of 28 mph in its Class 3 configuration with the pedal assist (it can also be configured to Class 2 status) from its 500-watt motor. Its five levels of speed assist give the rider a great range of controlled support while pedaling away. When pedaling, the pedal assist kicks in quickly within a quarter rotation of the cranks. It quickly accelerated eagerly from a stop up to 20 mph (its top throttle-only speed) and maintained an average of 15.5 mph on our uphill test.

folding electric bike - the lectric xp 3.0 is a great partner for exploration.
The Lectric XP 3.0 is a great partner for exploration.
Credit: Joshua Hutchens

The Blix Vika+ Flex is another powerful model, hitting 17 mph in our uphill test and having five levels of pedal assist that can support up to 24 mph (if you adjust the speed limit in the settings). The RadExpand 5 has a larger 750-watt motor. It somewhat surprisingly did not outperform the other top models in our acceleration and uphill tests, though it hung with them. It has four levels of pedal assist. The Aventon Sinch and Rattan Folding performed admirably in our Power metric, too, getting up to 20 mph in about 12 seconds from a dead stop and having five levels of pedal assist. We feel confident that any of these top five performers in this metric have adequate power for the needs of most riders.

folding electric bike - whether starting from a stop or charging uphill, the blix vika+ flex...
Whether starting from a stop or charging uphill, the Blix Vika+ Flex has adequate power to keep you moving quickly and keeping up with the flow of traffic.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


The portability of folding electric bikes is a significant part of their appeal to many riders. The ability to quickly fold, store, and later deploy this model allows it to be packed into a car trunk or stuffed into smaller storage spaces. While all models here pack down much smaller than non-folding bikes, we found large differences in this metric, mostly due to weight but also in their collapsed size. Smaller, lighter bikes fared better here, as they are easier to carry upstairs or lift into a trunk or RV.

The most portable folding e-bike tested is the Swagcycle EB5 Plus. Its 14-inch wheels contribute to a small compact size (26 x 15.6 x 23.6 inches), and it only weighs 37 pounds, roughly half that of the heaviest models in our test fleet. This bike is the most manageable if you plan to take it on public transport or carry it into an office or classroom.

folding electric bike - this little bike can go almost anywhere with you.
This little bike can go almost anywhere with you.
Credit: Laura Casner

Another impressive model here is the Blix Vika+ Flex. Yes, it's heavier than the abovementioned models at 51 pounds 14 ounces, but it's also much more manageable than the other top-rated models that all weigh over 60 lbs and fold down smaller. Its pedals fold inward in its collapsed format, saving some space. It also has small magnets that help hold the bike in its folded formation, and a bottom bracket allows it to stand on its own when collapsed. If you don't want to sacrifice performance and portability is a concern, the Vika+ Flex is our pick.

Compact-mode of the Blix, complete with a stand to keep it upright.
Compact-mode of the Blix, complete with a stand to keep it upright.
We like that the pedals fold to decrease the folded width of the...
We like that the pedals fold to decrease the folded width of the Blix and making portability more convenient.

Most e-bikes have removable batteries. Removing the battery can knock off a few pounds during transport, and it also means that you only have to carry the battery, not the entire bike, to a power source to charge it.


The user interface consists of everything the rider uses to interact with the bikes. This includes the display, controls, and battery. Some models have basic displays with LED lights, while others shine brighter with LCD screens. The layout of controls and how intuitive they are factor into our Interface metric, too. Removable batteries also allow off-bike charging and add security when locking your wheels outside.

Our favorite user interface is on the Aventon Sinch. Its control unit on the left-hand side of the handlebar is easy to reach and manipulate while riding. The five single-function buttons intuitively toggle through walk mode, pedal assist modes, and changing data fields on the LCD screen. The display screen itself is located in the middle of the handlebars. The speedometer and battery life are easy to read, and you can customize the in-field data extras to fit your needs (trip distance, average and max speed, trip time, calories burned, etc.). This bike stands out for the Aventon app compatibility, where you can easily change your phone's screen and bike settings. We also like the battery integrated into the frame, adding to the bike's good looks. It is still easily removable to charge off the bike if desired.

We like the high-tech display on the Aventon, though some of the...
We like the high-tech display on the Aventon, though some of the information displayed is a bit small.
Despite being hidden within the frame, the battery of the Aventon is...
Despite being hidden within the frame, the battery of the Aventon is easily removable. Locking the battery into the frame adds security, too.

The Blix Vika+ Flex comes close behind the Aventon with a very visible LCD screen, making the displayed data easy to read. The three buttons of the control pad have a bit of room to improve ergonomically, but we like that we can turn the lights on and off with these controls, and operating them is intuitive. The built-in USB port is very convenient for charging a mobile phone while riding. The battery can be locked into place or removed for charging and security purposes.

The large, easy-to-read display of the Vika+ Flex.
The large, easy-to-read display of the Vika+ Flex.
LED lights on the side of the Blix&#039;s battery indicate remaining...
LED lights on the side of the Blix's battery indicate remaining battery power.

The Lectric XP 3.0 impresses in this metric, too. We're glad Lectric didn't skimp here despite its lower price tag. The left-hand controls are intuitive and ergonomically placed, and the large 2 x 3-inch display screen has large text that we can read easily, even on bright, sunny days. This bike has a twist-throttle on the right handlebar, and you can set the cruise control to ride at a constant speed, too. Its battery is hidden in its frame, too, which helps in the looks department. The battery can still be removed once the bike is folded.

Lectric&#039;s display is easy to read, even in bright light, and shows...
Lectric's display is easy to read, even in bright light, and shows all you need to know at a glance.
When the bike is folded, you can remove the integrated battery for...
When the bike is folded, you can remove the integrated battery for security or charging off the bike.


Ordering these folding electric bikes online means they come in a box and require some assembly. This only happens once for most users, so it's not a major consideration, but still noteworthy. If you are unfamiliar with bikes and their components, you may find it easier to select a bike with easy assembly. We timed how long it took to get each bike set up from its boxed state to assess this metric and noted the accompanying difficulty.

Three bikes took the lead in ease of assembly: the Aventon Sinch, the Lectric XP 3.0, and the Swagcycle EB5 Plus. These bikes do not require assembly tools (beyond a bike pump). Just open the box, remove the packaging, and unfold them. Handlebar and seat heights must be adjusted, which is easily done with quick-release levers. Once you charge the battery, you are ready to ride. These bikes took roughly ten minutes to set up. Perhaps the most difficult part is moving them in their heavy boxes.

folding electric bike - the xp models couldn&#039;t be easier to assemble. that&#039;s because they...
The XP models couldn't be easier to assemble. That's because they come fully assembled. Simply remove the packaging materials, unfold the bike, and you're ready to ride.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

The Blix Vika+ Flex falls closely behind, taking about fifteen minutes to set up and requiring only tightening the handlebar and installing the pedals. The most time-consuming model to assemble was the Rad Power RadExpand 5, but it comes with detailed instructions and tools and only took us 45 minutes to complete.

folding electric bike - folding electric bikes can be a great way to get around, and their...
Folding electric bikes can be a great way to get around, and their designs make them convenient for transport or those short on storage space.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Folding electric bikes provide a convenient solution for anyone looking to save gas and space. The expanding e-bike market hosts a plethora of options, and we know you have specific needs you want to meet with your purchase. Our thorough testing process aims to narrow your choices to help you make a swift, informed decision. We hope our efforts and analyses help you get outside with the wind whipping past your ears on the right folding electric model for you.

Joshua Hutchens, Jeremy Benson