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Briggs and Riley Baseline Domestic Review

A super durable bag that seems to be able to fit everything and then some
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Briggs and Riley Baseline Domestic Review
Credit: Briggs & Riley
Price:  $625 List
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Manufacturer:   Briggs & Riley
By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 12, 2020
  • Ease of Use - 35% 8.0
  • Storage & Features - 30% 8.0
  • Versatility - 20% 8.0
  • Durability - 15% 9.0

Our Verdict

The Briggs & Riley Domestic fits all the same airline size requirements as any standard carry on but can fit an impressive amount more than the rest. Because of this, we've awarded chosen this suitcase as our Top Pick for Serious Space. It has a unique compression system that not only works amazingly well but also keeps your luggage from becoming absurdly front-heavy when you've overstuffed it. It's impressively durable and barely shows wear and tear, with reinforced corners, protected wheels, and clever material coloration. It's light on the pockets and organizational features - though not totally lacking - and is best suited for a traveler who already has a good organizational system in place.
Exceptional compression
Deceptively large capacity
Professional design
Smooth and simple
Minimal features
Only two wheels

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Briggs & Riley Domestic expandable carry on bag is made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon. It has four exterior compartments (one of which can hold a 17" laptop) and two interior pockets, including a built-in garment bag section.

Performance Comparison

briggs and riley baseline domestic - when it comes to fitting a lot into a little space, this suitcase is...
When it comes to fitting a lot into a little space, this suitcase is tough to beat.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Use

Despite having just two wheels instead of four, the Briggs & Riley rolls extremely smoothly. Though it's low clearance and smooth wheels might make it look like it can only handle the polished floors of a terminal, it's well-balanced and doesn't flinch over thresholds, curbs, or gravel. Pulling this suitcase around is quiet and nearly effortless. The Domestic's telescoping handle is right up there with the best of them, offering four pull heights, cushioned by a soft, rubberized underside, and featuring a flush, easy adjustment button. It's also one of the sturdiest handles of any model we tested.

The Domestic also has some of our favorite zippers we tested, that glide like butter. We never had to fight with them around corners or when the bag was far overstuffed. If you're a fan of pen holders and numerous pockets to organize everything, you might not initially enjoy the exterior of this rollaboard. However, the longer we used it, the more we found the three pockets totally adequate. One large pocket easily stows a 17" laptop. A smaller pocket on top of that keeps little things safe and accessible. And a hidden pocket on the back between the external telescoping handle mount is a perfect spot for your car or house keys - so you always know where they are but don't have to shuffle around them while you're away vacationing on some picturesque beach.

briggs and riley baseline domestic - though we first thought this pocket wouldn't be all that useful, we...
Though we first thought this pocket wouldn't be all that useful, we soon discovered its value for things like keys, and pocket contents heading through security. The built-in ID tag is another nice bonus.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Storage & Features

The inside of the bag is similarly simplistic. The lid features one large pocket and one smaller pocket - just enough to keep your undergarments and swim trunks separate from everything else. The main compartment is perfectly box-shaped. The telescoping handle that typically takes up a bunch of awkward space inside your suitcase isn't there - it's attached to the outside. This makes the Domestic exceptional simple to pack full of anything your heart desires. We easily packed for a 12-day winter trip (think bulky sweaters) one time, and another time managed to fit a pair of ski boots, helmet, goggles, two people's ski jackets and ski pants, several dozen homemade cookies and a Secret Santa gift.

Part of this magic is in the unique expansion/compression system this bag is equipped with. Instead of the old zip-it-bigger trick, Briggs & Riley have created a mechanism inside the main compartment. By lifting a handle on either end of the interior, the entire top rim of the bag expands upwards, giving you several extra inches of packing space. This lets you pack it right to the top and know it will easily fit. Unlike the zipper expansion options, that fall flat when unzipped, so you're never really sure how much room you have for packing.

Once you've filled this cavernous bag, it has a dual compression system. First are the standard compression straps, which have been upgraded to be not-so-standard. By attaching the two sets of straps wider apart in the bag and filling the space between with mesh panels, Briggs & Riley really let you crank down and compress everything in your suitcase - not just the stuff that goes directly under the straps. Once that's done and you've zipped your bag closed, pressing on the top and bottom sides cranks the expanded section down even further, really bringing down the size of the suitcase.

briggs and riley baseline domestic - extreme coverage the allows serious compression - meaning you can...
Extreme coverage the allows serious compression - meaning you can fit more into this already impressively large carry-on bag.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Though it's fully expanded version is a bit larger than carry on guidelines, this bag does an exceptional job of making a lot look like a little. It's the perfect choice for chronic over-packers, obsessive souvenir and gift buyers, and anyone traveling for extended periods of time. Our only real complaint about it is that it doesn't have many pockets inside - but it does have plenty of space for your own organizational scheme!


In part because this bag lacks the external pockets that let you stuff it until it resembles a snowman, it maintains a fairly professional appearance. We think it's a pretty classic look that works just as well on a professional business trip as a family vacation. The canvas-y fabric might be a bit “old-fashioned”, but it works well and stands up to frequent and harsh use.

The Domestic has a removable garment keeper that we really like as well. While some other models have full garment bags that can be removed and hung up in a hotel closet, this bag takes a more minimal approach. A simple panel zips in place that allows you to neatly keep suits and dresses in the top of the lid. When you arrive at your destination, you'll have to remove them from the bag to hang them up, but we don't think that's too much of an issue.

briggs and riley baseline domestic - rico suave. features like the tri-folding suiter impede on packing...
Rico Suave. Features like the tri-folding suiter impede on packing volume, but make up the difference by being a great way to keep your business or wedding attire neatly pressed and stowed away from the rest of your items.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

This suitcase also comes equipped with an add-on bag strap tucked away into what looks like another front pocket. It's a fairly simple strap and only attaches a hanging bag to the front of the rollaboard. It's simple and very functional. While rolling your suitcase, the front attachment helps keep it feeling light and balanced. However, it does make it more difficult to stand upright without the whole thing falling forward from the weight of your extra bag.

briggs and riley baseline domestic - easily attach your personal item to the front of  the baseline...
Easily attach your personal item to the front of the Baseline Domestic for an easy trip through the airport.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


This bag is built well. Though it has a completely fabric exterior, it's reinforced in key places. All the corners have plastic bumpers and the base of the wheels are very protected. Every handle, zipper, and feature are very sturdy and secure.

As much as we beat up our Baseline Domestic, it continued to look as good as ever. Checking it made no difference, dropping it on cement made no difference. It was nearly unphased. If they did appear, tiny scuffs and scrapes impressively blend in with the bag's outward appearance. We actually ran into a stranger at the airport who was using this same bag, and we asked him about his experience with it. He said he's been using it for years of traveling several times a month and has no complaints about it at all. Incredible.


We're glad this suitcase performs so well with such an expensive price tag. At full price, it's a tough ticket to swallow, but it is an excellent piece of luggage with simple, useful features, that's built to last for years. It's not our top choice, but it's up there - if you can find it on sale, we think it's very worth it.

briggs and riley baseline domestic - though it at first may appear very simple, this bag has just enough...
Though it at first may appear very simple, this bag has just enough pockets to be extremely useful without forcing you to pack a certain way.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The Baseline Domestic is a great suitcase across the board. It's durable and classic, exceptionally useful and can fit an impressive amount and variety of things. If you want tons of organizational pockets or four wheels, this isn't the bag for you. But if you're a frequent flier looking for a simple yet functional bag to last for years, we think you'll enjoy this one.

briggs and riley baseline domestic - get ready, get set, adventure!
Get ready, get set, adventure!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Maggie Nichols