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Salomon Super 8 Review

Price:  $450 List
Pros:  Inexpensive, classic all-mountain style, wide without being considered a "wide" board, well designed, very reasonably priced.
Cons:  Distinct design characteristics fall short, basic looks
Bottom line:  Nice board if you're looking for good riding well designed stick from a trusted brand. Not a bad choice, especially for the price, if you can only own one board.
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Shape:  Tapered Directional
Camber/Rocker:  Backseat Camber
Flex:  Stiff
Manufacturer:   Salomon

Our Verdict

The Salomon Super Eight is a really nice, do it all, high speed rally'er. It's distinctive base profile and tapered tail were purported to help the board turn and float better, buwe found the boards distinct characteristics were unnoticeable, but that it still rode very well, and it has an appealing price tag. If you are a fan of the Salomon brand and Wolle Nyvelt and Josh Dirksen (two of professional snowboardings most influential riders)

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Chris Edmands

Last Updated:
March 27, 2018

Although the Super Eight boasts a tapered tail and base profile unique amongst other boards we tested it simply felt like a regular, but good ride. The skinnier tail and camber under the rear foot is intended to make it snap in and out of turns faster and the flat profile under the front foot supposedly helps with float in powder. Now, understanding that these properties should certainly help with theses things, out tester didn't feel that it rode any differently than a traditionally cambered, non-tapered, board. We're not trying to diss the board though, because it still rips. The Salomon Super Eight held its edge well throughout turns, made fairly quick transitions from toe to heel and floated in powder like any modern all-mountain snowboard should. The rear camber and stiff flex kept it popping off jumps better than banana'd boards and it's fairly large sidecut radius makes it ride much better at higher speeds than at slower speeds, the latter making it a bit less playful too.

Performance Comparison

Sometimes you've got to hike for the goods. Having a light board makes it easier.
Sometimes you've got to hike for the goods. Having a light board makes it easier.

Edging and Carving

As you'll find with other boards we tested with similar sidecut radius, the Super Eight isn't the most nimble and playful snowboard out there. It's built to rail longer arching turns at higher rates of speed and hammer through crud all thanks to it's flex. It felt close to the Burton Flight Attendant and the Rossignol One
Traditional camber and edge on the Super 8
Traditional camber and edge on the Super 8

Float in Powder

The flat base profile under the front foot is supposed to help this board float in powder better than if it were fully cambered. This tester could not feel a difference though and concluded that it floated very well, but not considerably better than other cambered, traditionally shaped boards. The noticeably better float can be found in boards with long surfboard like noses, farther set-back stances, or fully rockered base profiles. Perhaps if you're really looking for it you could find it, but we couldn't.
Enjoying some deep snow on the Salomon Super Eight
Enjoying some deep snow on the Salomon Super Eight

Stability at Speed

The Super Eight's wide width, classic edges, and flex make it very stable at speeds much like the Jones Explorer and the T. Rice Pro Pointy. It tracked well while riding straight, it stayed smoothly locked into turns while releasing from them easily, and it mashed through crud.


Smaller riders may not have as much fun on this board as bigger ones. Once again, boards with longer radius sidecuts just don't respond fast enough to make them awesome at all speeds unfortunately. The Super Eight responds better at higher speeds, but it does'nt feel quite as cat-like as the YES Optimistic, Arbor Wasteland, or the Never Summer Proto-Type Two


The Salomon Super Eight pops well because camber and stiff flex helps boards pop - it's as simple as that. It's when boards are too soft, or if they're not cambered (at least by the rear foot like this model) that they lose the responsiveness you're looking for when you try and get in the air. Comparable popping boards to this one are the Burton Flight Attendant and the Rome Agent The only thing that will make this board pop better is for you to start doing squats every day.
Flexing the Super8
Flexing the Super8

Best Applications

High speed groomer carving, jumping, mashing through variable conditions, and powder riding.


Very well worth the price.


This is a really nice, well made, all around board.

Other Versions and Accessories

Available in 151, 154, 157, 160, 163cm lengths.


Chris Edmands

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