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Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 Review

Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5
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Price:  $130 List
Pros:  Durable, good value (if you have an iPhone 5).
Cons:  No high-speed filming, not great high contrast performance.
Manufacturer:   Hitcase
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Sep 3, 2013
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Our Verdict

The Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 has been discontinued, but Hitcase still manufacturers this case for newer iPhones.

The Hitcase is a rugged case designed to work with the iPhone 5. This case will water- and shockproof your iPhone so it's ready for your outdoor adventures. If you already have an iPhone 5 and you are in the market for a POV camera, this case is a great option and wins our Best Buy award.

Our Analysis and Test Results

High Speed Filming

The Hitcase was limited to the video capabilities of the iPhone 5, which does not offer high speed filming.

High Resolution

The Hitcase is limited to the video capabilities of the iPhone 5, which is 1080 30fps.

High Contrast

We were disappointed with the Hitcase's performance in our High Contrast test, but to be fair, this had more to do with the limitations of the iPhone 5 than the Hitcase itself.

Mounting Versatility

Hitcase mounts are compatible to GoPro's mounts and is advertized as such. The Hitcase has a limited offering of mounts itself, but the included sticky mount is very versatile sticking to uneven surfaces. The ability to adjust pan direction with the included mount was a nice touch that some of the other cameras lacked. Another notable mount was the chest mount that was very comfortable to wear for long durations. The Hitcase is also compatible with GoPro mounts, creating a diverse set of mounting options.


The Hitcase is waterproof up to 30 feet and has ShockSeal technology to protect it from drops. However, knowing that doesn't make it any less scary to dunk your iPhone in a lake.

Ease of Sharing

The Hitcase relies on using an iPhone 5 as its camera. Because it's a smart phone, it offers the best ease of sharing of all of the devices tested. The ability to download apps to edit and then upload footage while still in the field makes this by far the easiest to share your footage with.


The Hitcase was our heaviest tester coming in at 7.85 oz. including the iPhone 5 (112 grams). The weight of the device made it slightly awkward to use as a helmet cam.


The Hitcase is fully water sealed, so you don't have to worry about getting that precious iPhone wet. One of the great features is that its waterproof case is still touch sensitive, allowing for full use of your phone.


The iPhone 5 can take 8 megapixel still images.

LCD Screen

The large high definition screen on the iPhone 5 allowed for image review right in the field, so you can make sure that you nailed the shot.

Smart Phone Connectivity

iPhone 5.


You can download a free app from Hitcase that allows for GPS functionality.

External mic jack

No external mic input.

Max Memory Card

Subject to iPhone 5 internal memory.

Best Applications

The Hitcase is a great standalone product if you have an iPhone 5 and don't want to invest in a whole new camera system, and it's also great addition to other cameras as well. Now that other cameras such as the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition offer smart phone connectivity, the Hitcase can be used in conjunction with them to allow you to have a waterproof case to view your GoPro's shot from. Plus it has a fisheye lens and can be used as your B camera.

Chris McNamara