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Sorel Tofino II Review

This super stylish boot is both weather proof and comfortable, suited for all-day wear
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Sorel Tofino II Review
Credit: Sorel
Price:  $170 List
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Manufacturer:   Sorel
By Amber King ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 13, 2020
  • Warmth - 25% 5.0
  • Weather Protection - 25% 6.0
  • Comfort & Fit - 25% 7.0
  • Ease of Use - 15% 8.0
  • Traction - 10% 4.0

Our Verdict

The Sorel Tofino II is cute and comfortable. Although it doesn't shine in any particular performance category, it's a solid winter boot. This stylish option has a faux-fur collar and a waterproof canvas shaft that measures 11 inches tall. With just 100 grams of insulation, it's not as warm as competitors, however, nor is the traction very impressive. That aside, we do love the lightweight and streamlined design, devoid of the excessive bulkiness of some other options in our review. Enjoy this versatile and attractive winter boot while commuting to work or shopping around town during the winter months.
Great weather protection
Precise fit
Not suited for super cold weather

Our Analysis and Test Results

A long-time favorite of our testers, the Tofino II is stylish and weatherproof with admirable comfort. We recommend it for women looking for an all-around faux-fur winter boot that will protect against tall snowdrifts and slushy puddles.

Performance Comparison

sorel tofino ii - the tofino ii is super cute and comfortable with great weather...
The Tofino II is super cute and comfortable with great weather protection.
Credit: Amber King


While this boot has a few great warmth features, it's not very warm when compared to the other boots we tested. It will keep feet relatively comfortable in sub-zero temperatures, but it does not do well in double negative digits. This boot is a single-piece construct offering 100 grams of insulation and a fleece-lined liner. In contrast, most of the other boots in our review have 200 or 400 grams of insulation. As a result, we don't recommend this boot for super cold weather. It's comfortable to around 30 degrees but pair it with beefy wool socks if it gets much colder than that.

During our warmth testing, we noticed heat loss readily through the thinner shaft of the boot. Since the sole of the Tofino is relatively thin in comparison to other super warm contenders, it doesn't insulate from the ground as well. As a result, we don't recommend it for standing around on snowy surfaces for long periods of time. We do appreciate the fuzzy liners that help to keep the calves cozy, though.

sorel tofino ii - the outsole of the caribou is much thicker than the tofino ii...
The outsole of the Caribou is much thicker than the Tofino II, providing more insulation and warmth.
Credit: Amber King

Weather Protection

The Tofino II has a waterproof coated canvas upper and is 11-inches tall. Our feet stayed were bone dry when performing our slush bucket tests to determine both warmth and water resistance, even after marching in 7 inches of the stuff for well over five minutes.

The synthetic textile is also waterproof.
The synthetic textile is also waterproof.
The outsole is completely waterproof.
The outsole is completely waterproof.

However, when we performed further tests in a frigid lake, we learned that this boot's maximum puddle depth is only about 8.5 inches, despite the 11-inch height of the whole boot. Roughly to the point where the tongue meets the main body of the boot. In snow tests, the faux-fur collar does a great job keeping snow out of the boot up to the full 11 inches.

sorel tofino ii - comparing the water resistance of the sorel joan of arctic (right)...
Comparing the water resistance of the Sorel Joan of Arctic (right) and Tofino II (left).
Credit: Amber King

Comfort & Fit

This boot has many comfort features that we love. To start, we like the support of the footbed and the soft lining throughout the inside shaft. We also love the fur collar that provides additional coziness. The fit is far more precise than other Pac boots tested. However, the toe box isn't as roomy and fits a narrow foot best, with a snug heel. The shaft of the boot is less voluminous than other boots and also a little stiffer, offering better support overall. The fit is precise and doesn't feel bulky, making it a great option for all-day winter wear.

sorel tofino ii - this boot features a super cozy faux-fur collar and fleece-lined...
This boot features a super cozy faux-fur collar and fleece-lined shaft.
Credit: Amber King

Ease of Use

We enjoyed how easy this boot is to take on and off. The stiffer shaft and slippery plush lining make sliding your foot in and out simple. The laces are extra long, so that you can loosen them enough to kick off the boots and pull them on with one action. When you're ready to pull the boot back on, the leather pull tabs at the top are easy to grip and tug.

sorel tofino ii - the laces require one simple pull to tighten up.
The laces require one simple pull to tighten up.
Credit: Amber King


This boot is not ideal for conquering steep snowy slopes or icy sidewalks. Instead of a lug-based outsole, the Tofino II has a herringbone/zig-zag tread with a rubber outsole. While these boots do great on soft and hard-packed snow, you're bound to slip and slide when it gets icy outside. Overall, decent traction on snow but not ideal for slippery surfaces.

sorel tofino ii - this boot features a wave-like lug pattern that floats on top of the...
This boot features a wave-like lug pattern that floats on top of the snow.
Credit: Amber King


For its level of versatility, the Tofino offers a fairly good deal, but it's expensive for an only-marginally warm boot. Additionally, you need to like faux fur to appreciate it. But if you are ready to rock the fur and you don't have to endure super cold winters (or you're willing to sacrifice a bit of warmth for increased comfort), then this is a great choice.

sorel tofino ii - heather tests while going out for a beer at the local brewery...
Heather tests while going out for a beer at the local brewery Colorado Boy. This boot is cute enough to be worn out for an afternoon drink or while walking around town. A favorite among our testers!
Credit: Amber King


This super stylish boot provides stand-out protection and comfort from the elements. Although it falls short in warmth, it makes up for its shortcomings by earning high marks in style and water and snow resistance. This winter, shed snow and give your wardrobe a boost with the 11-inch faux-fur collared Tofino II.

sorel tofino ii - here we wear the tofino ii on a short local hike around town.
Here we wear the Tofino II on a short local hike around town.
Credit: Amber King

Amber King