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Kamik Greenbay 4 Review

This is an incredibly user-friendly and utilitarian winter boot
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Kamik Greenbay 4 Review
Credit: Backcountry
Price:  $85 List
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Manufacturer:   Kamik
By Jeremy Benson ⋅   ⋅  Oct 16, 2018
  • Warmth - 25% 9.0
  • Water Resistance - 25% 5.0
  • Fit and Comfort - 25% 6.0
  • Ease of Use - 15% 8.0
  • Traction - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

Kamik has been in the winter boot business for a long time, and the Greenbay 4 is their affordable, high quality, and extremely user-friendly Pac style boot. These boots are very practical, incredibly easy on and off the feet, very warm, and quite comfortable as well. With just a mid-foot velcro strap and a string cinch at the top of the cuff, they couldn't be easier to put on and take off, making them ideal for chores, errands, or playing in the snow with your kids. This boot has a beefy waterproof rubber outsole with an aggressive and grippy tread. The fit is relatively loose, and these boots are not well suited for winter hiking or snowshoeing. That said, if you're looking for a very warm, user-friendly, and inexpensive winter boot that is good for everything but hiking, then check them out.
Super user-friendly
Good traction
Made in USA
Clunky loose fit
Not for hiking
Leaking seam between upper and lower

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Greenbay 4 is an affordable Pac style winter boot that is as user-friendly as they come. This practical boot is a cinch, easy to get on and off, making winter a less daunting prospect. They have a loose and roomy fit that does not lend itself well to athletic endeavors like hiking or snowshoeing, but their simplicity makes them one of our favorites. The rubber lowers are topped with highly water-resistant 600D nylon uppers, giving the boots a 14.5-inch tall shaft. Inside is a removable 8mm thick thermal liner that helps these boots achieve their -40 temperature rating. These boots are one of the easiest boots to quickly slip on and off, earning them high marks for their ease of use.

Performance Comparison

kamik greenbay 4 - side by side traction testing. the greenbay 4 is on the right.
Side by side traction testing. The Greenbay 4 is on the right.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


With a temperature rating of -40 degrees, the Greenbay is made for cold temperatures. These boots feel as warm as they look. The Pac style construction features an 8mm thick removable thermal liner that sits inside the beefy rubber lowers and tall, 600 denier nylon uppers. The fit is roomy and loose in both length and width, so you can be sure that they won't be tight enough to restrict blood flow, even with super thick socks. A large velcro strap tightens the boot around the ankle and helps to trap heat around your foot. The opening of the shaft also has a simple string cinch that you can tighten to keep snow out and warmth in.

We used an ice bath to objectively observe how well the boots retain heat. Our testing revealed that the Greenbay lost only 17.4 degrees over 12 minutes. This is an impressive score and was far better than some others tested the same day, side-by-side, which registered heat loss of up to 23 degrees.

To test their warmth even further, we performed an ice bath submersion test side by side with the Greenbay on one foot and a now-discontinued boot on the other. In this test, the Greenbay did not feel the warmest. While both boots were rated to -40 degrees, but we believe the overall snugger fit of the discontinued boot helped make it feel slightly warmer, as our feet could feel the difference.

kamik greenbay 4 - testing the warmth of the greenbay 4 in our ice bath. they are...
Testing the warmth of the Greenbay 4 in our ice bath. They are impressively warm but were bested by a few other boots.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Water Resistance

The Greenbay 4 boots are very water-resistant. The molded, waterproof rubber soles are 3 inches tall by the toe and 4 inches tall at the heel. They can easily withstand extended submersion in water up to 3 inches deep. The 600 denier nylon uppers are also waterproof, and water beads up and sheds off them like a duck's back. Slushy and wet conditions are no problem for these boots, and they will keep your feet dry in most situations.

These are winter boots, not rain boots, and our submersion tests revealed that they are not entirely waterproof. The seam between the nylon uppers and rubber lowers is permeable. If you submerge them in water above the rubber, they will begin to take in water. This is only an issue if you stand in puddles deeper than three inches. If it's just snowing or raining, the boots shed water nicely, since the nylon upper fabric overlaps the rubber lowers, it just rolls off.

The Greenbay 4 lost a little ground to the competition in this metric due to this leaking. Still, they are water-resistant enough for most situations as most of us walk quickly through water instead of standing in it.

kamik greenbay 4 - the nylon uppers and the molded rubber lowers are both waterproof...
The nylon uppers and the molded rubber lowers are both waterproof, but our water submersion test revealed that the seam between the two is not. These boots will keep your feet dry in most situations unless you happen to stand in water deeper than the top of the rubber for over 30 seconds.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Fit and Comfort

The Greenbay 4 boots fit as you might expect just by looking at them. They are loose, roomy, and a little clunky feeling. The overall length and width are generous, with an especially roomy toe box. There is plenty of room to wear thick socks in these boots and little likelihood of restricting blood flow.

As we mentioned, the boots do not come with a footbed. Instead, the sole of the removable liner serves to cushion the bottom of the foot. There is ample room to put an aftermarket footbed in the liner should you want one for additional comfort and insulation.

The loose fit of these boots does not lend itself well to significant amounts of walking or hiking. We experienced a fair bit of foot movement, especially walking up and down hills or across sidehills. They are great for walking the dog around the block, but they will get uncomfortable in a hurry on longer excursions.

Considering the intended use of these boots, we feel they are quite comfortable. Their roomy fit is far from high performance but plenty comfy for running the snowblower, getting the mail, or building a snowman or two.

Of course, the fit and comfort of these boots is a far cry from the more precise fits offered by boots that are suitable for winter hiking. But it's a trade-off for their ease of use and functionality.

kamik greenbay 4 - what you see is what you get, this pac style boot is big and a bit...
What you see is what you get, this Pac style boot is big and a bit clunky, with a loose and roomy fit, though you can cinch them with the large velcro strap in the middle and the string at the top of the cuff.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Ease of Use

The Greenbay 4 is about as user-friendly as they come. The closure system is incredibly simple, with a wide webbing strap across the top of the foot and a string cinch at the top of the tall upper cuff. Getting in and out of the boots is as simple as opening the wide velcro strap, sliding your foot into the boot, securing the velcro strap, and tightening the cinch at the top of the cuff if you need.

When compared to the Bogs, there is the additional step of opening and closing the velcro strap when you get in and out of these boots, but the effort required is incredibly minimal. It's also nice to be able to secure the boots around your feet somewhat. If you really want slip-on accessibility, you can simply keep the velcro straps at their loosest.

When compared with any of the lace-up boots, the Greenbay 4 is far more user-friendly. That said, the near slip-on convenience results in a much looser and clunkier fit, making these boots far less appropriate for winter hiking.

The boot also has a removable liner. The liner is easy to remove and replace and dries very quickly.

kamik greenbay 4 - the greenbay 4 is so user-friendly you can get in and out them...
The Greenbay 4 is so user-friendly you can get in and out them without even using your hands if you leave the velcro strap loose enough.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


We are pleasantly surprised by the traction offered by the Greenbay 4. The large rubber soles have a lot of surface area and a relatively aggressive and deeply lugged tread with lots of sharp edges. They perform beyond our expectations and offer a good grip on firm snow and in icy conditions, especially considering the bulky size and clunkier nature of the boot's design.

They can't quite match the traction of the best contenders, though, some of which feature unique snow tire-esque soles. We found that the Kamik boot offers a similarly predictable and confidence-inspiring grip in firm snow and icy conditions.

kamik greenbay 4 - they don't have the best traction in our test, but we were...
They don't have the best traction in our test, but we were pleasantly surprised by their grip, even on the steep and firm snow slope.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


With a very low retail price compared to the competition, we feel the Greenbay 4 is a great value. If you're looking for a no-frills, workaday, nearly slip-on boot with great traction and warmth, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option at this price.

kamik greenbay 4 - the greenbay 4 is a utilitarian boot ideal for chores, errands...
The Greenbay 4 is a utilitarian boot ideal for chores, errands, playing in the snow, and getting on and off your feet quickly.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Not only are they a great value, but they are one of the easiest boots to get on and off. They are also very warm, highly water-resistant, and offer great traction on firm snow and icy surfaces. With a loose and roomy fit, we don't recommend them for hiking, but they are great for everyday chores and errands.

Other Versions

This boot is also available in a wide fit version, called the Greenbay 4 W. Kamik does not provide specifics on the width on their website other than saying, “made wider for more comfort.” The Greenbay 4 W is available in whole sizes 7-14.

Jeremy Benson