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Bogs Classic Ultra Mid Review

One of the most user-friendly utilitarian boots in the test, the Bogs Classic is a perennial favorite
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Bogs Classic Ultra Mid Review (Bogs Ultra Mid)
Bogs Ultra Mid
Credit: Bogs
Price:  $135 List
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Manufacturer:   Bogs Footwear
By Ryan Huetter and Andy Wellman  ⋅  Nov 26, 2019
  • Warmth - 25% 5.0
  • Water Resistance - 25% 9.0
  • Fit and Comfort - 25% 5.0
  • Ease of Use - 15% 10.0
  • Traction - 10% 6.0

Our Verdict

The Bogs Classic Ultra Mid has its origins rooted in the pastures and barnyards. Farmers spend a lot of time moving in between mucky ground and slippery surfaces, so there was a need for a boot that could handle these conditions. Since most of us are not, in fact, farmers, but do find ourselves wanting warmth, traction, and comfort in a boot to be worn during winter months, this makes for an excellent everyman boot. It excels around the yard, out sledding, or running errands. This is still somewhat of a niche boot, and for the fantastic ease of use and comfort that it offers, it was not quite as warm as some other models. That said, this is a very utilitarian and user-friendly boot that is good for just about everything other than hiking, and makes a great choice for wearing before and after skiing or other winter sports.
Easy to pull on
Super spacious fit
Some quality control issues

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Bogs Classic Ultra Mid has long been a reviewer favorite, receiving top marks for its ease of use, water resistance, and comfort. It still remains a favorite, but testers found that other similar boots provide more warmth, a higher cuff, better traction, and at a lower cost. That said, many people swear by how convenient and easy it is to slip these boots on for chores or after a long day of skiing, and so the Classic Ultra Mid may still be the right option for you depending on your needs.

Performance Comparison

bogs classic ultra mid - easy on, easy off. these boots make getting in and out of ski boots...
Easy on, easy off. These boots make getting in and out of ski boots hassle free.
Credit: Jen Reynolds


With 7 mm Neo-Tech neoprene insulation that is blended to create a four-way stretch inner bootie, this boot is a durable improvement to the typical uninsulated galoshes or rain boots used in farm work. While this boot is warm enough for cold winter months, most of our testers felt cold when the temps were well below freezing, despite Bogs claims of comfort down to -40F. This is likely due to the combination of both the rubber and neoprene's inability to allow perspiration to pass through the barrier it creates and the moisture that gets trapped inside.

Without a membrane to allow perspiration to pass through, boots can allow the foot to get wet from inside and stay wet. By using neoprene as the insulating material in the Ultra Mid, we find performance similar to a wetsuit made from the same material; warmth is offered despite the insulation being wet, though the material allows the foot to become moist and clammy. There is no doubt that this is one of the least warm boots featured in this review, yet it has served us well on many long days of shoveling deep snow off driveways, decks, and roofs.

bogs classic ultra mid - designed to be used for farm work, these boots also make a great...
Designed to be used for farm work, these boots also make a great option for easy on, easy off winter snow boots, although their large and sloppy fit means we wouldn't want to hike anywhere in them.
Credit: Elizabeth Riley

Water Resistance

These boots performed admirably in our ice bath test, providing complete waterproofness for the duration of our eight-minute submersion. The hand-lasted rubber outer fully resists any leakage and kept our socks dry without fail. The only way water is getting into these boots is through the top of the cuff should you step in a puddle that exceeds the height of the handles on the shaft of the boots.

Previous reviewers, as well as consumer reviews have hinted at some potential quality control issues in these boots, noting a seam that allows water in. We went into this review concerned about this, but despite thorough testing in the ice bath, did not experience any of the leaking issues noted elsewhere. If for some reason your boots do indeed leak, return them to Bogs as these issues seem to be isolated and not widespread.

bogs classic ultra mid - the joint between the rubber upper and the lower outsole.
The joint between the rubber upper and the lower outsole.
Credit: Elizabeth Riley

Fit and Comfort

We tested the Bogs Classic in a size 11, and these boots seem to fit true to size. This model is only available in whole sizes though, so you may find going up or down a half size necessary if you are used to ordering the half size. Bogs hand-lasts these boots, which is the reason for their good fit right out of the box. This is necessary as the rubber outer and neoprene inner bootie will not conform to your foot over time. It will stretch but stay the same shape. Keep this in mind if you try on this boot, and it does not fit your foot well. Unlike a leather boot, there is no breaking this boot in. For a slip-on model without any laces, we had a relatively secure and comfortable fit without any noticeable heel lift.

Other testers reported a rather loose and sloppy fit, although we corrected this by adding a custom footbed insert. These boots feature easy to grab handles and are readily kicked off at the door when covered in muck or snow. We appreciate having a quality insole included in this boot, which is something other loose-fitting winter boots omit. The insole gives more cushioning and insulation if you have to spend a lot of time on hard surfaces. We spent a lot of time standing at trailhead parking lots in the winter while testing these boots, chilling after a day of skiing, and having the extra support gives this model an edge in comfort over Pac-Boots, which feel flat and less contoured to the feet.

bogs classic ultra mid - taking the bogs classic ultra mid on a walk up a snowy and slushy...
Taking the Bogs Classic Ultra Mid on a walk up a snowy and slushy road. Most people wouldn't choose to go hiking in flip flops, and likewise, we wouldn't ever go for a hike in these boots. They are simply convenient for living in a cold and wet winter town.
Credit: Elizabeth Riley

Ease of Use

Tied for top honors in this metric, the Bogs Classic is by far one of the easiest boots to use out of this review roster. With large handles on either side of the boot top that easily accommodate gloved hands, we were able to pull these boots on effortlessly. The smooth neoprene stretch bootie lining the interior of the boot lets thick pile socks slide in without resistance.

Even with this simple design and quick pull-on system, this competitor fits comfortably enough to walk around town in, thanks to the effort in hand-lasting the rubber outer. This model features a small heel counter on the back to help in kicking the boots off at the door, though we still found it easier to reach down and pull them off with our hands.

bogs classic ultra mid - slip on boots like these bogs are also ideal for long days that end...
Slip on boots like these Bogs are also ideal for long days that end at the car. Taking off the ski boots and simply popping your feet into these, they are like the winter version of flip-flops.
Credit: Elizabeth Riley


The sole of the Bogs Classic is optimized for use on wet surfaces. The bi-directional lugs are rather low profile, which helps eliminate the tracking of mud and snow inside, but the lug pattern is adequate enough to provide positive traction on muddy surfaces as well. Because the lugs are long, running the width of the sole, there are no small or pointy lugs to help engage the sole in packed snow and icy surface conditions.

Although these boots were among our favorites for slipping on to take the shuttle bus up to the ski resort, care needed to be taken to avoid slipping while walking on the icy footpath leading up to the lodge. Not all users will have to deal with snow and ice where they plan on wearing these boots, and many users have reported excellent traction while wearing this model hunting, working in wet and slippery marine environments, and out in mucky pastures.

bogs classic ultra mid - while it doesn't have huge aggressive lugs like many of the boots in...
While it doesn't have huge aggressive lugs like many of the boots in this review, the Classic Ultra Mid does have a sticky outsole that grips on ice surprisingly well.
Credit: Elizabeth Riley


This boot is right in the middle of the price range for our winter boot review. While a more affordable boot like our Best Buy award winner is noticeably less expensive, we feel that the extra durability and ridiculously easy use of this boot are worth the additional investment to the right consumer. Requiring no care besides adequately drying the interiors and storing them in a dry place, this boot should last you for a very long time. Thanks to the hand-lasted rubber outer that retains its shape over years of use, there is no worry that it will pack out or lose structure, making it a good value and long-term investment. On the other hand, with potential quality control issues and poor construction that possibly leads to leaks, some buyers may want to think twice before investing that kind of money.

bogs classic ultra mid - brushing fresh wet snow off of the car in the morning. times like...
Brushing fresh wet snow off of the car in the morning. Times like these are when slip on boots are the perfect go to. We love pulling these things on in a second and heading out the door.
Credit: Elizabeth Riley


For months on end, our expert reviewers wore our selection of winter boots. While each model received attention, we consistently grabbed the Bogs Classic Ultra Mid. Their ease of use and excellent weatherproofing endeared them to us and they have a special place next to the front door for trips outside when the weather is foul and we do not want to bother with lacing up boots or stressing about leaky seams. If you're looking for simple waterproof slip-on convenience this is a good option to consider.

Ryan Huetter and Andy Wellman