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Nike Pegasus 40 Review

A solidly durable and comfortable daily trainer that doesn't stand out in any notable way
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Nike Pegasus 40 Review
Credit: Nike
Price:  $130 List
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Manufacturer:   Nike
By Nathaniel Bailey ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 9, 2023
  • Cushioning and Landing Comfort - 25% 6.0
  • Responsiveness - 25% 6.5
  • Stability - 20% 6.0
  • Upper Comfort - 15% 7.0
  • Weight - 15% 5.1

Our Verdict

A classic daily trainer, the Nike Pegasus 40 is a shoe that can handle some workouts and long runs without issue. It's pretty no frills and has a firmer ride than other options, but it will reliably get the job done. We think this is a solid option for getting in miles, and if you want one shoe to do everything, you could do worse than the Pegasus. Still, the ride was dull, the cushioning overly firm, and the shoe is heavy compared to the competition. And with so many other compelling options on the market, it's hard to get very excited about this one.
Comfortable upper
Stable ride
Firm cushioning
Dull ride

Our Analysis and Test Results

This version of the Pegasus brought some upper updates — and we think they were well done. The upper is extremely comfortable, and the lockdown is excellent, perfect for daily running. We don't think this is the best choice for a daily trainer, but it is solid. There's something to be said for a shoe that doesn't have any fancy technology and just gets the job done.

Performance Comparison

nike pegasus 40 - the pegasus is a classic daily trainer that's great for just getting...
The Pegasus is a classic daily trainer that's great for just getting the work done.
Credit: Nathaniel Bailey

Cushioning and Landing Comfort

The Pegasus has never been a highly cushioned shoe, and this iteration is no different. The React foam measures at 33mm in the rear and 22mm in the forefoot. This shoe also utilizes AirZoom pods in the forefoot and the heel that provide a bit of additional bounce, but it's nothing groundbreaking or exciting. Impacts are firm but dampened.

We didn't have any issues running up to about 14 miles in this shoe, but our legs were significantly more fatigued at the end than they tend to be in other, more “modern” shoes with more cushioning. While you can absolutely use the Pegasus 40 for long runs (or maybe a marathon), we think there are more comfortable options that will keep you fresh for longer.

The firmer cushioning feels fine at around threshold paces and doesn't feel unnatural during strides. It just isn't exciting in the way that other shoes are; there isn't any bounce to the foam and the energy return feels dull. This is a good shoe, but it definitely feels old school.

nike pegasus 40 - while there is plenty of cushioning, the ride isn't as exciting or...
While there is plenty of cushioning, the ride isn't as exciting or soft as other shoes in the test.
Credit: Jessica Riconscente


Firmer foam makes this shoe a bit more responsive when we went to put power down. It doesn't feel like the shoe is helping us, though, and there isn't any rocker geometry to promote a snappy toe-off. Overall, we find the Pegasus 40 slightly better than average in terms of responsiveness. It can't come close to competing with our favorite daily trainers on workout days, but it can still handle those quicker paces.

The Pegasus does it all. It's not fast and snappy, but it'll let you get your workout in without complaint.
Credit: Nathaniel Bailey


The lower stack height and firmer foam of this shoe make for good lateral stability. We found it to be agile and confident on uneven terrain at a variety of paces. This shoe feels planted, and the good grip adds to that sensation. But this is still a neutral daily trainer, and we wouldn't recommend it for runners seeking motion support. However, because of the firmness of the foam, we think it does a good job of limiting some excess medial movement.

nike pegasus 40 - because this shoe is lower to the ground, it helps inspire...
Because this shoe is lower to the ground, it helps inspire confidence on uneven terrain.
Credit: Jessica Riconscente

Upper Comfort

The upper on the Pegasus 40 is comfortable without being over-the-top. In keeping with the rest of the shoe, it does fine. We found it to be very breathable with excellent lockdown. There is ample toe room for most runners, something that can be an issue with Nike shoes.

The tongue is lightly padded and gusseted. It's very comfortable and works well with the lacing system. The heel cup isn't excessively stiff while still providing good retention. We didn't experience any rubbing or hotspots while wearing this shoe. There really isn't much more to say other than it just works.

nike pegasus 40 - the upper worked well. it adds weight but is comfortable enough to...
The upper worked well. It adds weight but is comfortable enough to wear all day without issue.
Credit: Nathaniel Bailey


The Pegasus is a daily trainer, and its weight reflects that. Weighing in at 10.65 ounces for a men's 10.5 US, it doesn't feel light, but the low-to-the-ground stack also does a good job of hiding the mass of the shoe. The upper has a decent amount of weight, but we're not sure we'd be willing to sacrifice comfort for a version that is a half-ounce lighter.

nike pegasus 40 - the pegasus has a reasonably thick and aggressive outsole that does...
The Pegasus has a reasonably thick and aggressive outsole that does account for some of the weight.
Credit: Nathaniel Bailey

Should You Buy the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40?

This is a solid daily trainer. It's nothing special; the ride is boring, and it feels average. But there isn't anything wrong with average. The Pegasus is reliable for stacking miles. It won't let you down on daily runs and can handle long runs and workouts too. While we think there are better shoes that do the same thing, this isn't a bad choice.

What Other Running Shoes Should You Consider?

The Puma Velocity Nitro 3 is the shoe we wish the Pegasus was. It's lighter while just as comfortable. It's more cushioned and also more responsive. If you want a good daily trainer, check out the Nitro. Similarly, the Hoka Mach 6 is one of our favorite all-around daily trainers. It feels plusher than the Puma or Pegasus, but is equally versatile.

Nathaniel Bailey