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Crocs Sexi Flip Review

This stylishly minimal sandal is waterproof with excellent traction in most situations
Crocs Sexi Flip
Credit: Crocs
Best Buy Award
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Price:  $30 List | $29.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Stylish, ankle strap, form fitting, good traction, cheap
Cons:  Not very stable or supportive, harder to put on, slippery when wet
Manufacturer:   Crocs
By Penney Garrett ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 13, 2019
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  • Comfort - 25% 7.0
  • Support & Stability - 20% 5.0
  • Durability - 15% 7.0
  • Water Resistance - 15% 10.0
  • Traction - 15% 8.0
  • Style - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

The Crocs Sexi Flip is a form-fitting Italian-inspired sandal that's stylish and super affordable. Waterproof with surprisingly good traction, we grace this flirty little number with a Best Buy Award for being fashion-forward, functional, fun, and frugal. While the minimal design may not be enough for everyone, those that love a barefoot feel will be in sandal heaven. The stretchy straps are decidedly more complicated to get on foot than a traditional flip flop design, but they also help this otherwise skimpy shoe feel more secure. If you're in the market for something both stylish and functional, this is a great consideration.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Take one part flip flop, one part sandal, and a dash of Italian design influence, and you have the Sexi Flip. Sophisticated and form-fitting, a lot of people may be surprised that it's made by Croc. Waterproof with a textured footbed, this sleek shoe has better traction than you might think by looking at it and a price tag that won't bother even the most budget-minded fashionista.

Performance Comparison

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - the sleek sexi flip may be small, but it serves up a big dose of...
The sleek Sexi Flip may be small, but it serves up a big dose of style and sass.
Credit: Penney Garrett


If you like barefoot-style shoes, the Sexi Flip might be ideal. But if you equate comfort with cushion and foam, the minimal rubber sandal probably won't make you very happy, particularly if you're going to be on your feet for long periods.

The flexible rubber of this flip is stretchy and decently soft, so you won't need to worry about a long break-in period. However, you may need time for your skin to get used to the material and shape. Depending on the size of your foot and ankle, the straps might feel tight, and they aren't adjustable. The footbed of the Sexi Flip is also lightly textured with "circulation nubs," a feature we barely noticed but that other people may have stronger feelings about. While we didn't experience significant issues, the toe post can feel a bit intense if you're walking down a hill and pressing against it. This is dramatically increased if the shoe is wet because the footbed becomes much more slippery.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - the sexi flip isn't overtly comfortable, but depending on what you...
The Sexi Flip isn't overtly comfortable, but depending on what you prefer in footwear it's a well-conceived and form-fitting sandal with a lot of personality.
Credit: Penney Garrett

Support & Stability

There's only so much support that a barefoot-style shoe can provide. This design is very minimal with no contouring or arch support, and it's only somewhat stable because it has ankle straps.

While the presence of ankle straps on the Sexi Flip means more stability than you would have otherwise, they are also quite stretchy. If the footbed is wet, or your foot turns or rolls suddenly, you will, as we did, slide right off the side of the shoe.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - the strap stretch required to get the sexi flip on your foot also...
The strap stretch required to get the Sexi Flip on your foot also means that it won't hold your foot on the sole if things get too wet or technical.
Credit: Penney Garrett


Rubber generally means good durability and the Sexi Flip is no different. Impervious to water, dirt, and most jagged objects, this sandal has the potential to last a long time.

Despite the bombproof nature of rubber, however, the straps on this sandal are quite thin. We saw mention in more than one online customer review of straps breaking, and with the nature of the design, there is no way to fix this if it happens. At that point, you are, unfortunately, left with a piece of trash. We didn't experience any issues with our Sexi Flip, but this is a concern to keep in mind before purchasing.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - in most respects, this is a highly durable shoe. however, the thin...
In most respects, this is a highly durable shoe. However, the thin straps of the Sexi Flip require a lot of stretching to get the shoe on - our pair was fine but some consumers online speak of having them snap and break.
Credit: Penney Garrett

Water Resistance

Water-resistant? How about waterPROOF! There's not much to say here — the Sexi is made from nonporous rubber, so it's impervious to water and dries fast. If it were a more stable shoe, it could be a great candidate for water sports, but it does get slippery and unstable on the footbed when wet, and the minimal design doesn't keep a wet foot from sliding off the sole.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - the sexi flip is nonporous rubber so water is a non-issue other than...
The Sexi Flip is nonporous rubber so water is a non-issue other than causing more slippage when walking.
Credit: Penney Garrett


This metric was a surprise for us. We expected very little from this lightweight, minimal sandal but ended up pleasantly surprised. When hiking on steep trails littered with pine needles and loose dirt, we moved as easily as though on flat ground. The snug fit of the Sexi Flip helped us feel at one with the trail, just as a good barefoot-inspired shoe is supposed to.

As good as we find the traction to be on this flip when dry, it has some issues once wet. Despite the texture nubs on the footbed, with even a small amount of water, we began slipping and sliding inside the shoe. Because the straps are very stretchy, this sometimes meant our foot would twist, turn, and slide right off the side. Though it may be tempting to use this as a water shoe because it's waterproof and has an ankle strap, we recommend keeping things dry if you want to stay grippy.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - the sexi flip's traction, when everything is dry, is shockingly good.
The Sexi Flip's traction, when everything is dry, is shockingly good.
Credit: Penney Garrett


While nothing is for everyone, the Sexi Flip is seriously cute and, dare we say, even a bit classy? These aren't words that people generally equate with the Croc's brand name, but this Euro-inspired sandal ups the ante.

The only critique we heard in regards to this sandal is that, from certain angles, it can make the foot look large. But in most respects, all our testers love this chic flip with everything from jeans to dresses.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - this is a chic and fun sandal that can compliment a lot of styles.
This is a chic and fun sandal that can compliment a lot of styles.
Credit: Penney Garrett

Best Applications

The Sexi Flip is great for anyone that loves a minimal barefoot design, extra security from ankle straps, and waterproof material. While it's not the one to choose if you want to be able to slip into something cozy post-workout or hike, it's a great no-fuss option for urban outings and traveling. The Sexi is super lightweight, highly durable, and stylish enough to turn a head or three.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - sleek and waterproof with good traction, the sexi flip is...
Sleek and waterproof with good traction, the Sexi Flip is lightweight and easy to pair with a lot of different clothing styles.
Credit: Penney Garrett


This is a very cheap sandal with a lot of sass, hence our Best Buy Award! It's well worth its price if you're looking for something both stylish and versatile.


The Sexi Flip is a simple yet beautiful sandal that has a lot to offer. It's decently comfortable if you don't mind its minimalistic design, has great traction when dry, and is highly durable, waterproof, and super cheap. You almost can't ask for a better résumé! Keep in mind that it can get slippy and dangerous if wet and there's not much support, but if you like a barefoot design this is a great choice that won't empty your wallet.

Crocs Sexi Flip flip flops womens - the sexi flip is good looking and functional for a lot of outings -...
The Sexi Flip is good looking and functional for a lot of outings - recommended!
Credit: Penney Garrett

Penney Garrett
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