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MTI Solaris Review

Not our favorite, but filled with useful features
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MTI Solaris Review
Credit: MTI
Price:  $80 List
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Manufacturer:   MTI
By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 28, 2019
  • Comfort - 35% 3.0
  • Mobility - 30% 3.0
  • Versatility - 25% 7.0
  • Durability - 10% 4.0

Our Verdict

MTI discontinued the Solaris.
Good pocket organization
Reflective strips
Comes with a whistle
A bit bulky
Half back a little low
Not the most durable
The MTI Solaris offers below-average comfort and durability that fails to impress our testers. It does have tons of great storage pockets and extra features we enjoy, though. But with a fairly low half-back and a bulky design, this jacket just isn't the best option for paddlers. One of the few we tested without ripstop material and sporting some sloppy seams and fraying straps, we aren't impressed by this life jacket's durability either. However, it does have some excellent organizational pockets and features and might be better suited to a laid back day of fishing or lounging on a pontoon than a hard afternoon of paddling.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The unisex Solaris comes in three sizes. It's a half-back Type III vest made of a 300D polyester shell with a 200D polyester liner.

Performance Comparison

mti solaris - the many pockets of the solaris are handy, though we're not sure...
The many pockets of the Solaris are handy, though we're not sure it's worth the subpar fit and feel.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


While we initially liked the lack of zipper on this front-clip vest, we soon realized that the placement of the clips and straps are a little too low to easily get a comfortable, secure fit. And though the top is slightly tapered, it tapers too high to be of much help for women whose breasts aren't located at the base of their throat. The entire front of the vest is also rather stiff and unbending, making it difficult to pull snug around your torso without it getting in the way of a near-body paddle stroke. The half-back works well with low touring seats and is thin enough that leaning back on a full seat isn't too terrible. However, if you're a shorter person or have a slightly taller seat back in your boat, the lower coverage may be in conflict with your comfort. The bottom strap is also located under the front panels, which means it cuts uncomfortably into your stomach when you sit.

mti solaris - we aren't in love with the feel of these straps or the location of...
We aren't in love with the feel of these straps or the location of the bottom strap right over our stomachs.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


If you can stand having the bottom strap cinched down securely, the Solaris stays in place as you plunge into the water. Based on the discomfort we felt while wearing this tightly and sitting for long periods of time, though, we doubt many will be inclined to suffer through this feeling. With the bottom strap less than snug, the Solaris does ride up in the water, as you'd expect from a loose vest. Our 5'4" main tester found herself unable to get a proper fit in the Solaris because it's too tall for her torso, meaning it rides up every time she gets in the water. This added area of padding without ventilation can also make the Solaris a bit warm to paddle in on a hot day. While the arm areas are wide enough for a decent paddle stroke, the bulkiness of the bottom combined with its proclivity for riding up in the water makes this vest hard to swim in it without hitting the sides.

mti solaris - the half-back option on the solaris provides extra ventilation...
The half-back option on the Solaris provides extra ventilation. Depending on the seat in your watercraft, it may or may not be the most comfortable.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Assuming the back works with the seat height in your preferred craft, the Solaris is decent as a paddle jacket. It's also full of useful features that our organizational nerds were big fans of. This vest has multiple pockets that open out to the sides as well as large cargo pockets. One has a velcroed flip-top while the other zips open. Numerous bungee loops provide attachment points for smaller items, and the shoulder containment loops are also reflective. The Solaris even comes with a tethered emergency whistle right on the front of the jacket, giving you extra peace of mind if you do fall off the pontoon or powerboat. It weighs just 20 ounces, about average among vests we tested.

mti solaris - double pockets, bungee loops, and a tethered emergency whistle are...
Double pockets, bungee loops, and a tethered emergency whistle are some of the many features of this PFD.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Though the 300D polyester shell is thicker than many other PFDs we tested, its 200D polyester liner is about average, and neither are ripstop, which can be a longevity issue, especially if you're rough on your gear. The Solaris is filled with EPE/PE foam, which is fairly standard among models in our review. We noticed some sloppy seams and ends sticking out and starting to unravel after a few months of testing. The ends of some of the straps are also a little too easily frayed for our liking. MTI does offer a lifetime limited manufacturer warranty to the original owner and recommends that if the jacket is faded, it should be replaced.

mti solaris - reflective strips are a nice touch on the shoulder straps.
Reflective strips are a nice touch on the shoulder straps.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Retailing for a below-average price among contenders we tested, the low-scoring Solaris isn't even the cheapest PFD in this review. Unless you're really gaga for the features and pockets it has, we're just not convinced the price is worth what you get.


The MTI Solaris, unfortunately, didn't score very well in our testing and is our team's least favorite life jacket of the bunch we tested. It's not a terrible choice and has a lot of pockets for organizing whatever you may need on the water, but we think there are many better options available.

mti solaris - if you love pockets and features, this might be the vest for you.
If you love pockets and features, this might be the vest for you.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Maggie Nichols