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Sea to Summit View Dry Sack Review

An inexpensive windowed dry bag with solid water resistance and some easy to use features
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Sea to Summit View Dry Sack Review
Credit: Sea to Summit
Price:  $23 List
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Manufacturer:   Sea to Summit
By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 11, 2022
  • Waterproofness - 50% 7.0
  • Ease of Use - 25% 8.0
  • Quality of Construction - 15% 5.0
  • Features - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

The Sea to Summit View Dry Sack is a lightweight model that's just slightly upgraded from the old tried and true dry bag design. Adding a clear window and white interior makes it easier to find what you're looking for in this bag. It's not submersible but is solidly water-resistant for every other possible scenario that doesn't involve being dunked into the lake. It has a replaceable clip, just in case, and a single D-ring for attaching it more easily to your bag or boat. This isn't the most intensely durable bag we tested, and the roll-top gets in the way of the window, but there's still a lot to appreciate about this simple, lightweight dry sack.
Good water protection
Easy to use
Replaceable clip
Single stitching
Not tall enough to roll properly

Our Analysis and Test Results

We tested the View Dry Sack in the 4-liter size, but it comes in a vast range of sizes both smaller and larger. It's made of 70D nylon with fully taped seams, a TPU window, and a plastic replaceable buckle with stainless steel pins.

Performance Comparison

sea to summit view dry sack - the sea to summit view dry sack is lightweight, with a simple design...
The Sea to Summit View Dry Sack is lightweight, with a simple design and a handy window.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Though the View isn't rated submersible, it is water-resistant. The roll-top isn't enough protection for full submersion, leaking small water droplets slowly into the bag. But, for all uses other than being completely underwater, it does an excellent job. It's rated to withstand up to the high end of light pressure (up to 10,000mm) and had no issues beading water off every surface of the bag in our garden hose testing. Even when the high-pressure testing was over, the fabric of the View Dry Sack didn't look or feel wet anywhere, which is more than we can say about many others we tested.

sea to summit view dry sack - the seams are taped and the window is welded into place.
The seams are taped and the window is welded into place.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Use

Sea to Summit has designed this bag to be easy to use by incorporating some handy features like a white interior and clear window — both of which help you see what's inside and find the precise item you're searching for. While we appreciate both of these attributes more than traditional, dark, dry bags, they're not perfect. Unlike some other window-bearing models we tested, this one is a bit small and a little too far up from the bottom of the bag, leaving plenty of space for all the little items to collect down where you can't see them. The roll-top is easy to use but doesn't quite have enough space to work well with the window. It rolls away from the window, but once you get the required three-roll minimum and clip it shut, the top isn't tall enough, and the clip covers a large portion of the top of the window.

sea to summit view dry sack - the view has a d-ring to clip it to your backpack or watercraft.
The View has a D-ring to clip it to your backpack or watercraft.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Quality of Construction

The View is a lightweight dry sack, but it's not ultralight. The seams are both sewn and taped and it's constructed with 70D waterproof nylon. It did just fine during our several months of testing, but we're less excited about its long-term prospects. The welded seal holding the TPU window in place isn't as wide as some others. The seams of the bag itself are single-stitched and taped rather than welded. And this is one of the few lightweight models we tested that isn't made of ripstop fabric. However, we do appreciate that the buckles are easily replaceable, so if one does happen to break, you won't have to replace the entire dry bag.

sea to summit view dry sack - stainless steel pins holding these plastic clips are removable...
Stainless steel pins holding these plastic clips are removable, allowing you to replace a broken clip if need be.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The View Dry Sack is a fairly simple bag, with the obvious features of a clear window and white interior. It has a single D-ring on the top that's large enough for just about any carabiner to slide through. Its plastic buckle is replaceable if broken, attached by a stainless steel screw pin. Rather than a perfectly cylindrical shape like traditional dry bags, the View is a squashed cylinder, helping it to be more easily and securely lashed to the deck of your paddleboard or outside of your backpack. In the 4-liter size we tested, we didn't miss any carrying handles or lash points because it's so small. But in a larger size, the View suffers from its lack of additional attachment points to attach it securely when in transit.

sea to summit view dry sack - the view's oblong shape makes it easier to strap securely to your...
The View's oblong shape makes it easier to strap securely to your kayak or paddleboard.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The View Dry Sack is a solid bag that sells for a reasonable price. It's not the most protective or the cheapest option we tested, but it threads the needle between functionality and cost, making it a good value overall.


The Sea to Summit View Dry Sack is a standard dry bag with a window on the side so you can more easily find what you're looking for. It's simple and easy to use, with functional features and a good level of water resistance. It's not our favorite windowed dry bag, but it's a good price with above-average protection and performance.

sea to summit view dry sack - our complaints about the view dry are fairly minor. we still find...
Our complaints about the View Dry are fairly minor. We still find plenty of reasons to love this inexpensive windowed model.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Maggie Nichols