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Striiv Smart Review

A stand-alone, fully motivating device that can also be backed up to the cloud
Striiv Smart
Photo: Striiv
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Price:  $50 List
Pros:  Self-contained, creative, inspiring exercise incentives
Cons:  Requires frequent recharging, no smartphone interface
Manufacturer:   Striiv
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 11, 2016
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  • Depth of Data - 20% 4
  • Data Management - 20% 8
  • Accuracy - 20% 6
  • Ease of Use - 20% 6
  • Portability - 20% 8

Our Verdict

The Striiv Smart was discontinued late in 2017.

The Striiv Smart is a fully self-contained yet socially-networked and motivating design. Other devices are simpler, like the CSX Simple Walking 3D, while others have more sophisticated app interfaces, like the Jawbone UP Move, but for many the one-piece Smart could be just the ticket. It can live unobtrusively in a pants pocket or be clipped to a beltline while seamlessly capturing and comparing the day's activity.

Our Analysis and Test Results

This contender by Striiv is a solid and simple activity tracker that uses clever games and incentives to inspire exercise in the owner.

Performance Comparison

Striiv in keychain mode. The purple is a rubbery sleeve that quiets...
Striiv in keychain mode. The purple is a rubbery sleeve that quiets the key jingle factor.
Photo: Jediah Porter

Data Management

The Smart is unique in our test. Its design allows for a full socially-networked and motivational data management system, all on the actual device. No other pedometer in our test offers this. All the others either have very rudimentary and short-term on-board data collection, or require a smartphone or computer for data management. The Striiv does interact with a robust and complete online system, but it is not required. The user can use the device alone to track, compare, and inspire activity levels and efforts. The Smart interactive experience is clever, visually appealing, and creative. The user can play games, earn points, and compare with other proximal Striiv users on the go. One tester, however, described the games and style of the Smart graphics as juvenile.

The fully integrated nature of the Smart means that the owner need only manage the device for charging every 4-5 days. Just clip or pocket this handy pedometer and forget about it. The Smart touchscreen requires heavier pressure than your average smartphone, but our testers quickly adapted. In addition to the on-screen interaction, the Smart has audible cues. In most situations, the audio is distracting or even inappropriate. Dig through the menus and find that you can turn the audio down and then off completely. It is important to note that the interface and design of the Smart is decidedly targeted at the everyday user. There are virtually no accommodations made for dedicated athletes.

The device counts steps as well as offers on-board games. In this...
The device counts steps as well as offers on-board games. In this case, the user races "Waddles" the penguin for a city block. It wasn't hard to win, even coming from behind.
Photo: Jediah Porter

Depth of Data

This contender only captures step and distance information, but it does so in a comparative and relevant fashion that seems to engage the user more than other devices do. The interactive, comparative and award-based format is clever and engaging. Even without tracking sleep or any user entered data, the Smart is handy and seems comprehensive. In the end, much of the other data captured by more comprehensive devices isn't actually of great value. We use a pedometer to count steps, and the Striiv counts steps.


The Smart can be set up in a variety of carry configurations. It is sold in three different packages. In the simplest kit, the Basic Bundle, the standard device is accompanied by a key chain and belt clip. You can also purchase the same device with a more robust package of accessories. The Accessory Bundle includes a soft case for quiet pocket carry, a carabiner clip, and an arm band. Finally, Striiv packages two of everything into a Family Bundle. In our testing for routine use we found the soft-cased, pocket carry mode to be the most useful. The screen and buttons lock securely so none of the data is compromised while bouncing around in a crowded pocket. And pocket carry is by far the most secure. The belt clip is handy and clean, but can come undone in day-to-day life. As with all pedometers, if your intention is to compare one day's activity to the next, make sure to carry the device in the same location and fashion each day.

One possible carry option for the Striiv device. Also pictured, the...
One possible carry option for the Striiv device. Also pictured, the Editors' Choice-winning Leatherman Charge TTI multi tool, in pocket clip configuration.
Photo: Jediah Porter

Screenshot of the web-based Striiv data management. In order to...
Screenshot of the web-based Striiv data management. In order to upload the data, the Smart device must be plugged in to the USB of your computer.
Photo: Jediah Porter


The Smart was the least accurate device in our test. The Smart erred by 10.3 percent of actual.
Locked screen view of the Striiv device. To save battery power, the...
Locked screen view of the Striiv device. To save battery power, the display shuts down with a button or after a few seconds (much like a smartphone). The user can push any button to show an updated step summary, battery remaining, and the time as shown here. In order to play the games or change settings or see more in depth data, the user must unlock the screen.
Photo: Jediah Porter

Ease of Use

This pedometer comes with an easy and intuitive on-screen configuration menu. The device will talk and walk you through the setup procedure. We were able to start recording in just a couple minutes. However, when it came time to try out Striiv Sync, the computer application designed to organize Smart data, we had more problems. Downloading and installing the application was easy, but the initial synchronizing of the device and computer took almost two hours. In a second iteration of testing, with an entirely different device and new software download, this process took a tiny fraction of this time. Hopefully our later experience is the new norm and Striiv has remedied the issues we had at first.

Striiv online dashboard and device plugged in for syncing. The data...
Striiv online dashboard and device plugged in for syncing. The data is collected by the device, transferred through USB cable (standard micro USB on the device end) and the Striiv Sync PC application, and stored on your own account.
Photo: Jediah Porter

Best Applications

This is an excellent device for the user looking to inspire and motivate more and more organized day-to-day activity. Additionally, the Smart is suitable for those that don't care to be tied to their smartphone for the collection and viewing of their activity data.


The $50 price tag is not inexpensive, but it is consistent with the cost of other full-functioned activity monitors. For this you get the simple and reliable instrumentation, as well as a carefully designed and comprehensive suite of motivational tools. Interestingly, Striiv pledges to make donations to one of a few different charities as the user logs more activity. If you have a philanthropic side, this attribute certainly increases the value of the Smart. It must be noted that like software updates the charity donations only occur upon plugging the Smart into Striiv Sync.


Our whole testing team liked the engaging and creative interface found on the Smart. With high-end accuracy in a self-contained package, this is a great device for much of the pedometer market.

Jediah Porter