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Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Folding Exercise Desk Bike Review

Our favorite combination of a bike and work desk
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Price:  $349 List
Pros:  Versatile, bike and desk in one, feature packed, folds for storage
Cons:  Heavy, sub-par display and controls, may not fit taller users
Manufacturer:   Paradigm Health and Wellness
By Jeremy Benson ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 22, 2020
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  • Exercise Quality - 30% 6
  • Comfort - 20% 8
  • User Interface - 20% 7
  • Features - 20% 8
  • Setup/Portability - 10% 6

Our Verdict

The Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i Desk Bike is a jack of all trades a desk-bike hybrid. It's more than just super versatile, however, as it has a huge range of workout intensity with 24 levels of magnetic resistance and 24 program workouts that make it suitable for all fitness levels. This semi-recumbent model is quite comfortable with a large padded seat and backrest and several seat adjustments. With tilt, fore/aft, and height adjustments, the desk can also be dialed in for the perfect fit and ergonomics. The display and controls are far from the best, but it is compatible with the myCloudFitness app to control, monitor, and analyze your workouts. It also folds, making it more convenient for transport and storage. We feel this would be an excellent addition to anyone's home office or exercise space.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

When we saw the Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i, we were intrigued by the possibilities of this desk bike combo. With remote work and working from home on the rise, not only did we want to try one of these for our home office, but we felt compelled to test this versatile competitor against a selection of the best affordable exercise bikes on the market. While exercising while you work may not be for everyone, we found little not to like about this fully featured desk bike hybrid.

Performance Comparison

If you've ever wanted to combine your time spent working and working out  we feel the Exerwork desk bike is a great way to do it.
If you've ever wanted to combine your time spent working and working out, we feel the Exerwork desk bike is a great way to do it.

Exercise Quality

The Exerwork 2000i surprised our testers with a relatively good exercise quality that we didn't expect from a desk/bike hybrid. This semi-recumbent model has 24 levels of magnetic resistance, comes with 24 pre-programmed workouts, and is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It can't quite match the more refined exercise quality of out top-rated upright or recumbent models, but we feel it is still quite good considering its unique design.

The Exerwork Desk Bike is both an exercise bike and a highly adjustable desk in a semi-recumbent, folding package. A such, it can be used as a bike only, a desk only, bike and desk at the same time, or even as a standing desk. This degree of versatility makes this an excellent option for the user seeking to get the most options from their exercise equipment. It has a massive range of resistance, with 24 levels from very easy to exceptionally difficult. In fact, even our super-fit testers found levels 21-24 to be a little too challenging for their liking. That said, this bike has resistance levels that will suit everything from lower fitness levels or casual workouts to high fitness levels and intense workouts. We found that exercising and trying to work on the computer at the same time was best while using levels ten and below. The higher the intensity of the workout, the more difficult it became to focus on work or type on a computer. While you certainly can work and pedal at the same time, we feel that you don't necessarily excel at either activity the way you might if focusing solely on one or the other. We also found the bike to be relatively quiet, although we found it to get marginally louder at higher resistance levels.

With a huge resistance range and 24 course profile programs  you can make your workout as hard or easy as you want.
With a huge resistance range and 24 course profile programs, you can make your workout as hard or easy as you want.

You can choose to use the Exerwork Desk Bike in manual mode with workout goals for time, distance, or calories burned. It also comes with 24 pre-programmed workouts. These programs include a variety of courses that range from the easier Quiet Trail profile to the more demanding Stairs profile. These programmed workouts automatically change the resistance level as they follow the course profile of the workout you choose. Unfortunately, the small LCD display only shows one value at a time and does not have the capability to show your progress on a chosen workout program. That said, you can set workout goals for time, distance, or calories during a manual or program workout. The computer can also sync to your phone via Bluetooth and the myCloudFitness App so you can control your workout through your phone and view activity reports so you can monitor your efforts and progress. The App is free and relatively user friendly and makes for a nicer interface with the machine than the small computer console.

The Airsoft seat is large and thickly padded
The Airsoft seat is large and thickly padded


The Exerwork Desk Bike is quite comfortable and is highly adjustable to dial it in to your preferences for the perfect fit. The semi-recumbent style falls right between upright and fully recumbent models and allows for a relaxed seated position while you work at the desk, get in a solid workout, or both at the same time. It has a relatively low step-over height, a 400 lb weight limit, and a recommended user height range of 5'1" to 6'3".

The Exerwork Desk Bike has a large cushioned Airsoft seat that is 2.5 inches thick and 15 inches wide. The foam padding is soft, and the size and shape of the seat should work well for most users. The Airsoft seat is claimed to have "aerodynamic healthcare technology" that allows air to breathe through the fabric to help keep you cooler for longer. The seat's position is highly adjustable, and it has both seat height and fore and aft adjustments. This bike's seat adjustability should allow for a comfortable position and natural feeling leg extension for most riders within the recommended 5'1" to 6'3" height range. Our primary tester, who is 6' tall with a 32" inseam, noted, however, that he could have used slightly more seat height adjustment to achieve the perfect leg extension in his pedal stroke. The 1.3" thick cushioned foam backrest provides adequate back support and has two positions of adjustability.

At the front of the bike, the desk can also be adjusted in several ways for the best comfort and ergonomics. This allows the user to find their ideal desk position for working and is also important for finding the right knee clearance when pedaling the bike. The desk is adjustable three ways, tilt angle, fore and aft, and up and down. The tilt adjustment has three positions, 0 degrees, 16 degrees, and 33 degrees with several inches of fore and aft adjustment to optimize your reach. It also has five height adjustments ranging from 41" up to 45" off the ground. The front edge of the desk has a thickly cushioned wrist pad that is a comfortable place to rest your wrists while working at your computer that also serves as a bumper to keep your device or reading material in place when the desk is inclined.

The display and controls are easy enough to read and use  but considering the advanced features like program workouts it would be nice if it displayed a little more info.
The display and controls are easy enough to read and use, but considering the advanced features like program workouts it would be nice if it displayed a little more info.

User Interface

The Exerwork Folding Desk Bike has a decent user interface, but it does leave a little to be desired. It has a small and simple LCD screen with four control buttons located at the bottom of the desk closest to the user. The size and position of the display/controls appears to be out of necessity to accommodate the fact that it is also a desktop. Testers found its use to be reasonably intuitive but felt that the user manual was quite helpful the first time around.

The 2.25" wide x 1.125" tall LCD display is located front and center in the desk and is inset in the wrist pad. This small display has relatively large numbers that are quite easy to read, and it displays one piece of information at a time. Scan is the default setting, and it scrolls through time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, resistance level, and RPM. There are four buttons below the screen, start/stop, mode, and up and down arrows. The start/stop button is used to begin a Quickstart manual workout, to Pause and Restart a workout, or to Reset the values of the metrics (press and hold for 4 seconds). Before starting a workout, the Mode button can be used to set a workout target goal (distance, time, or calories) or to select one of the twenty-four preprogrammed workouts. During your workout, the Mode button can be used to select the information displayed on the screen. The up and down arrows are used to select a workout target goal value, scroll through the 24 workout programs, or adjust the resistance level during a workout. All of the preprogrammed workouts are shown on page 20 of the user manual; we suggest keeping this page for reference as the small screen only displays the number of the program. It does not show the program name, a course profile, or your progress during the workout.

It's pretty easy to get the myCloudFitness App and use it to control your workouts on the Exerwork 2000i.
It's pretty easy to get the myCloudFitness App and use it to control your workouts on the Exerwork 2000i.

The Exerwork 2000i can also be synced with your phone through Bluetooth and the myCloudFitness app. This a free app, and when the bike and your phone are synced, you can use your phone to control your workout and as the display. Once a workout is finished, your results can also be saved to the app so you can analyze your results. The myCloudFitness app also has loads of other features, including instructional workout videos and structured workout programs, progress reports, and analysis.

The highly adjustable desktop is one of the best features of the Exerwork 2000i.
The highly adjustable desktop is one of the best features of the Exerwork 2000i.


The Exerwork Folding Desk Bike is about as feature-packed as they come. One of its most useful features is quite apparent; it has a large adjustable desk attached to the front part of the frame. The desk is large enough to fit the biggest laptops or is an excellent spot to hold a book or magazine. It has a large wrist pad across the front of the desk to comfortably rest your arms when typing on a computer as well as 2 cup holders at the upper corners. Underneath the desk is a small drawer to store writing utensils, a tablet or a pad of paper. The desktop has several adjustments so the user can find the perfect position for the task at hand or avoid interference with their pedaling motion. It has three positions of tilt; 0-degrees, 16-degrees, and 33-degrees, and the desktop can be slid fore and aft to optimize your reach. The entire desk can also be moved up and down several inches to dial in the height perfectly. All of the desk's adjustments have secure threaded pins to lock them in place. The desk feature allows you to use the bike as just a bike, a desk/bike, a desk, or a standing desk when adjusted properly if you prefer.

In addition to the desk-related things mentioned above, the Exerwork has an abundance of other features to enhance your experience. First, it has 24 levels of magnetic resistance and 24 preprogrammed workouts. You can also connect to the MyCouldFitness App so that you can save your activities and monitor your fitness over time. At the front of the bike, there are adjustable feet for leveling while the rear feet have transport wheels to make it easier to move across hard floor surfaces. The Exerwork also folds in the middle to reduce its footprint for storage. Comfort and fit adjustment features include, and adjustable padded backrest, seat height, and fore/aft adjustment, and adjustable pedal straps.

Plenty of assembly required. It's not too hard  but it does take at least an hour to complete.
Plenty of assembly required. It's not too hard, but it does take at least an hour to complete.

Ease of Setup/Portability

The Exerwork Desk Bike was about average in terms of setup and portability. There is a significant amount of assembly required, and it took a sizeable chunk of time to get it completely set up, but it was easier than some. It is relatively heavy and awkwardly shaped, but thanks to its folding design, it scored a few points for its more storable collapsed size.

The Exerwork 2000i arrived in a relatively large and heavy box. The box weighed in the neighborhood of 75 lbs, and we would recommend having two people to move it. Inside the box, the bike was well packaged, and all the parts were individually wrapped and well protected from shipping damage. The two main pieces of the frame come preassembled and are connected at the folding pivot, while all of the other parts need to be attached. Everything you need to assemble the bike, including all the necessary hardware, tools, and a set of detailed instructions are in the box as well. The user manual has detailed written instructions for each step of the assembly process that are accompanied by exploded diagrams for visual reference. It took an hour to complete the assembly of the Exerwork 2000i, and while it wasn't particularly difficult, the weight and shape of the bike made it slightly awkward at times. We were able to assemble it with just one person without much difficulty, though some users may find the assistance of another person to be helpful.

Open for work  exercise  or both.
Folded when not in use.

While this bike may be quite heavy and relatively large, folding it reduces its overall footprint significantly and also makes it easy to move on the integrated transport wheels in the rear stabilizer. Due to its awkward shape and weight, we found that carrying this bike anywhere, up a flight of stairs, for example, was a task for two people. We measured our test model and found that it matched the manufacturer's stated dimensions of 43" long x 25" wide x 50.5" tall in its open position, and it tipped our scales at a hefty 71 lbs. We also measured the Exerwork Desk Bike in its folded position to be 30" long x 25" wide x 61.5" tall. In its folded position, this bike becomes less noticeable in the corner of a room and could likely also be squeezed into a closet for storage.


Considering the wealth of features and the impressive versatility the Exerwork desk bike provides, we feel it is a good value to the right consumer. This single machine is much more than just an exercise bike; it's also a desk-bike combo and can also be used as a standing desk. It's also feature-packed, highly adjustable, and folds for storage when not in use. Whether you're a workaholic, you're seeking to improve your work/exercise balance, or simply trying to improve your health and fitness, we feel you get a lot of versatility for the money. If you can't find the 2000i model we tested, they also make a 1000 version that has 8 levels of resistance and the same adjustable desk feature and costs significantly less.

Whether you're just looking to step up your multi-tasking game or you're looking to maximize your investment with an incredibly versatile exercise bike. The Exerwork 2000i is a great option to consider.
Whether you're just looking to step up your multi-tasking game or you're looking to maximize your investment with an incredibly versatile exercise bike. The Exerwork 2000i is a great option to consider.


It's an exercise bike, it's a desk, no wait, it's both! The Exerwork 2000i is a uniquely versatile hybrid desk bike that may be the perfect addition to your home office or work routine. The bike part of the equation provides a quality workout with a huge resistance range and pre-programmed workouts. This semi-recumbent style model has a comfortable seat along with an adjustable supportive backrest and ample seat adjustability. The desk itself is large enough for the biggest laptops and has several inches of height and fore/aft adjustment, a three-position tilt adjustment, and great features like a wrist pad and cup holders. If you've been looking for ways to maximize your time efficiency or just keep moving while you're working, we feel this is a great option to consider.

Other Versions

Exerpeutic makes a huge range of home exercise equipment. They make one other desk-bike, the Exerwork 1000 Desk Station Folding Exercise Bike. It has the same basic design as the model we tested, but it has only eight levels of magnetic resistance and does not feature any preprogrammed workouts.
Exerpeutic also makes folding upright exercise bikes, training bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, and inversion tables.

Jeremy Benson