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Onzie High Rise Capri Review

Great for hot yoga or anyone who sweats a lot
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Onzie High Rise Capri Review
Credit: Amazon
Price:  $59 List
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Manufacturer:   Onzie
By Hannah Hall & Cam McKenzie Ring  ⋅  Mar 20, 2022
  • Breathability - 25% 10.0
  • Ease of Movement - 25% 8.0
  • Comfort and Fit - 25% 7.0
  • Durability - 25% 7.0

Our Verdict

The Onzie Capri is one of our favorite things to wear in a hot room and one of the more affordable pair of pants in this review. These lightweight and breathable leggings offer a perfect compromise; you can practice fully clothed but still feel cool. The material is more like a swimsuit for your legs than yoga pants, and like a swimsuit, they dry quickly and don't retain heat. If you regularly practice yoga in 100+ degree rooms, the Capri from Onzie is for you.
Many colorful design options
Fabric is slippery if not wet
Little support or structure

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Onzie High-Waist Capri uses an 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex fabric. They have a low-rise waist option and are available in four sizes: X/S, S/M, M/L, L, and XL.

Performance Comparison

onzie high rise capri - the onzie capri is made with a paper-thin swimsuit material (that's...
The Onzie Capri is made with a paper-thin swimsuit material (that's not see-through!), keeping you cool even when the heat is cranking.
Credit: Matt Bento


The Onzie received one of our highest scores for breathability. The fabric is almost tissue-thin (but not see-through!), letting any moisture you generate saturate through immediately and then evaporate. For this reason, this pair is one of our favorite options for the hot room. No more feeling like you are practicing in sodden sweatpants. The material does not change color when wet, which we appreciated when sweating out a quart or more.

One of the best things about these tights is that they are so light you barely notice you are wearing them. Many hot yoga practitioners prefer to wear small shorts when practicing, as long pants or capris feel confining in the heat. However, some prefer to be slightly more covered when assuming the intricate postures in a hot yoga class. These capris solve that problem; they offer more coverage than shorts but feel like the lightest of layers on your skin. They also feel well on their way to drying out by the end of Savasana.

onzie high rise capri - these pants are exceptionally breathable! if you love hot yoga, then...
These pants are exceptionally breathable! If you love hot yoga, then these are the leggings for you!
Credit: Matt Bento

Ease of Movement

The silky material of these pants moved with us every which way and never limited our movements, earning a decent score in this metric. The waistband is broad, but the material itself is thin, so it doesn't bunch up or get in the way of our forward bends. We did take a few points off this pant's ease of movement score for one reason: the material is slippery when dry. This lack of texture makes it more challenging to hold some arm balances like Bakasana (Crow Pose), where the friction between the material covering your knees and your armpits helps you hold the pose. The friction improves once the material is wet, but it's still on the slick side. Purists might argue that any aid from your yoga pants in these challenging poses is cheating, but we prefer our pants to help us out rather than hinder us.

onzie high rise capri - these pants can move in any which way, but the material is a little...
These pants can move in any which way, but the material is a little slippery when dry.
Credit: Matt Bento

Comfort and Fit

Onzie uses a smooth material that feels light and airy against your skin, and the pants fit well without being constricting. That said, the material doesn't give much lift or compression. We did appreciate the elastic in the waistband. The silky material feels nice against the skin but is reminiscent of a swimsuit.

onzie high rise capri - the waistband is wide and stays in place thanks to an elastic band...
The waistband is wide and stays in place thanks to an elastic band on the top.
Credit: Matt Bento


The smooth-faced material is not prone to pilling, the bane of many a yogini. We worry that the thin material won't hold up to other activities, like hiking or rock climbing, so if you are looking for a pair to use for multiple applications, you might have better luck elsewhere. We also worried that the swimsuit-like material of the leggings might stretch and become see-through or fade over time.

Onzie suggests machine washing these pants with like fabrics and tumble drying them on low heat. If you have other yoga pants that do not go in the dryer, it may be best to leave them to hang dry to ensure longevity.

onzie high rise capri - yoga is notoriously hard on clothing - all of the movements and then...
Yoga is notoriously hard on clothing - all of the movements and then repeated washing can quickly cause fading or pills to form. We've had many pairs of these pants over the years and have yet to experience either of those two issues.
Credit: Matt Bento

These are great for any hot yoga class. If you're tired of overheating in a heavier pair of pants or wearing shorts as your only other option, give these capris a try, and you'll likely be pleasantly surprised. They also can, of course, be worn for unheated yoga, though the material is slippery when not wet, which makes arm balances and various other poses a bit more challenging.

Should You Buy the Onzie High Rise Capri?

If you practice any style of heated yoga, you know that your outfit can make or break your practice. Non-breathable and confining clothing prevents you from cooling off and leaves you a sweaty and uncomfortable mess, not to mention leaving the practice totally drenched with ugly and embarrassing sweat marks. There's a reason why seasoned hot Yogis wear as little as possible in their sweaty boxes of pain, uh, yoga rooms, but not everyone likes to practice as such. If you love your yoga classes with a side of sweat, and won't stretch unless the heater is cranking, then the Onzie Capri is the one to wear. This pair will keep you covered without feeling constricting or making you overheat, and you'll look good at the same time.

What Other Yoga Pants Should You Consider?

These pants are a nice break from the $85 and up models we see in the industry these days. Frankly, we probably wouldn't want to pay more for these yoga pants, as there doesn't seem to be much regarding construction or materials used that warrants a much higher price. Considering that you'll need a least a few of these in your closet if you are a regular yoga practitioner, it's nice to give your wallet a break with this pair. Other budget options that we like include the 90 Degree by Reflex High Waist Powerflex and the Amazon Core 10 Build Your Own.

Hannah Hall & Cam McKenzie Ring