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Marmot Bridget Flannel Review

While we wouldn’t want to wear this shirt on a hot day, it provides stylish, comfortable sun protection during cooler alpine days
Marmot Bridget Flannel
Photo: Marmot
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Price:  $60 List | $59.95 at Backcountry
Pros:  Very soft, stylish cut and design
Cons:  Not good for hot weather, tight cuffs
Manufacturer:   Marmot
By Maggie Brandenburg ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 14, 2019
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Our Verdict

A cross between classic flannel and protective sun shirt, the Marmot Bridget Flannel is an exceedingly soft and comfortable shirt that we found very stylish. While our reviewers didn't find this shirt was the right choice for hot weather, we loved it for those crisp alpine days and the sun protection it provides from that harsh, high-altitude sun. If you're searching for a shirt to thru-hike the PCT in or sport on a fishing boat during the muggy Midwestern summer, check out the other sun shirts in this review. However, if you too find yourself frequently (or constantly) in the mountains, then the Bridget Flannel could be an excellent fit for your life!

Product Updates

Read on to find out how the Bridget Flannel has been updated.

August 2019

Our Analysis and Test Results

Updates to the Bridget

Marmot updated the Bridget Flannel since our testing period. In addition to some new plaids, it's now offered in some striped patterns as well. The UPF has dropped from 50 to 30 on this incarnation. Compare the two versions below, with the latest version shown first.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Though we're linking to the updated version, the review below is our account of the previous model.

Hands-On Review of the Bridget Flannel

Four out of the ten sun shirts in this review have collars and buttons, and this was one of them. However, while the other three of this style are built for varying aspects of hot weather, this shirt was different. Read on to find out how it compared!

At elevation, even the chiller days can burn your skin. In the high...
At elevation, even the chiller days can burn your skin. In the high Sierra, we loved the look and feel of the Bridget to keep our skin safe from those intense UV rays.
Photo: Veronica Palmer

Comfort & Fit

The Bridget is exceedingly soft material - one of our reviewers described it as "if fleece and flannel had a baby". It's much warmer than the rest of the shirts in this review, and not stretchy at all, which may restrict shoulder movements depending on how the shirt fits you. It has a classically feminine cut without tails on the front or back of the shirt. One of our reviewers wore this shirt for three days straight in the mountains and never got sick of how it felt on her body.

The sleeves are a comfortable length - even for our "ape-armed" reviewers, but we felt the cuffs buttoned too tightly. To take the shirt on and off we had to unbutton the cuffs! Overall, our reviewers loved the feel of this shirt and scored it a 9 out of 10.

Sun Protection

With a high UPF rating of 50, where this shirt covers you, you'll be well-protected from UV! You can also comfortably button this shirt one button higher to protect your chest without choking yourself on an overly tight fit. But don't forget the sunscreen for your hands and neck, which this shirt doesn't cover.

Also, if the day gets warm, we find it unlikely that anyone would still be comfortable wearing this shirt and sweating a lot. If you don't want to apply sunscreen on a hot day, you might be better off checking out the Columbia Silver Ridge Lite or REI Sahara. We gave it a 6 out of 10.

When our reviewers buttoned this shirt one more button, they felt...
When our reviewers buttoned this shirt one more button, they felt like they were being choked by their own wardrobe!
Photo: Veronica Palmer


This category is where the Bridget scored lowest. With no vents and made of a thick material, this shirt does not get an A+ for breathability. However, in moderate temperatures, we found the relaxed fit of this shirt to aid in keeping airflow to cool us off. As an bonus, this flannel-feeling material is also moisture-wicking and dries much quicker than your average flannel shirt. Overall, we gave it a 2 out of 10.

While the cuffs were tight (even on the loose button on reviewers...
While the cuffs were tight (even on the loose button on reviewers with self-described "chicken wrists"), we much preferred to wear the cuffs rolled back to show off that fetching contrast corduroy!
Photo: Veronica Palmer


Made of 57% cotton and 43% Cool-Max Twill Flannel, we felt this shirt is well-built. It boasts reinforced hems and a strongly reinforced button line. However, with no give to the fabric, this shirt could become a victim of over-motion - potentially ripping on the shoulders or other areas that can become tight during activity. During the course of testing for this review, however, we found no issues with the durability of this shirt. We gave it a 6 out of 10.

Getting those spring miles in up in the high Sierra!
Getting those spring miles in up in the high Sierra!
Photo: Maggie Brandenburg


Along with high comfort, we found this shirt to have great style.

The contrast corduroy on the inside of the cuffs we thought was a great touch and made this shirt stand out in the style category. Unfortunately, this shirt comes in only a very limited array of colors/patterns. But if you like those colors, then you're in luck! Overall, we gave it an 8 out of 10 for style.

See how the Bridget compares to the three other button-up shirts we...
See how the Bridget compares to the three other button-up shirts we reviewed, on our 5'4", 115lb tester. From left to right: Columbia PFG Bahama (size XS), Marmot Bridget Flannel (size XS), REI Co-op Sahara (size XS), Columbia Silver Ridge Lite (size S).
Photo: Veronica Palmer


In addition to the contrast corduroy on the cuffs, the Bridget also has two small, button chest pockets.

Button-down chest pockets for all your business cards, playing...
Button-down chest pockets for all your business cards, playing cards, greeting cards and other small non-card items.
Photo: Veronica Palmer

Best Applications

Definitely not a winner for a warm day, we feel this shirt is best for cool alpine days. It can help bridge that gap of hot, high-altitude, intense sun and cool shade in dry climates. We loved it for backyard barbeques in the Sierras.


Retailing for around $36, we think this is a great value for what the shirt gives you in style and comfort. However, if you seek a shirt that's better for hot weather or very active endeavors, you'd be better off checking out the many other sun shirts in this review.


Overall, this shirt is not a go-to for hot weather but has great comfort and style that we find highly applicable for anyone who spends a lot of time in the mountains. With a great value and a classy style, we think all our fellow mountain girls should consider the merits of the Bridget Flannel!

We felt protected, comfortable and stylish on a pleasant spring...
We felt protected, comfortable and stylish on a pleasant spring, high Sierra beach day with the Bridget Flannel.
Photo: Maggie Brandenburg

Maggie Brandenburg