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Marmot PreCip - Women's Review

An economical, functional rain shell for any activity
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Price:  $100 List | $69.73 at REI
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Pros:  Affordable, breathable, water resistant, packable
Cons:  Not as durable
Manufacturer:   Marmot
By Holly Zynda ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 4, 2018
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#1 of 10
  • Water Resistance - 30% 9
  • Breathability - 15% 8
  • Comfort - 20% 8
  • Weight - 15% 8
  • Durability - 15% 7
  • Packed Size - 5% 8

The Skinny

In spite of its low price, the Marmot PreCip still ranks among the best jackets in performance and styling, making it a highly economical choice for any outdoor enthusiast. With a variety of features for breathability and exceptional waterproofing, it's lack of added bells and whistles do not affect performance when compared to jackets such as the Outdoor Research Aspire — Women's. It inched out just ahead of the North Face Venture 2 — Women's in both packed size and breathability, making it a better shell for the lighter traveler. The Outdoor Research Helium II - Women's ranks the highest for lightweight excursions and for those who plan to exert themselves, though it would be less functional for extreme cold weather and high elevations. Whether you are window shopping or bouldering, the PreCip will keep you comfortable, dry, and on the move. For the price, you can't beat it, but if price is not an option, check out the Cadillac of rain shells, the Outdoor Research Aspire.

Color Updates for the PreCip
Marmot offers up some new colors for their classic rain jacket. No specs or features of the jacket have been modified since our testing period.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Hands-On Review of the Women's PreCip

A highly functional shell, the Marmot PreCip will serve you well in all kinds of weather and for a variety of activities. With highly effective waterproofing and a light, compact fabric, as well as athletic styling, this jacket will serve you well from the low desert to alpine lakes. Plus, it packs a big punch with a variety of technologies to ensure your comfort in a wide range of conditions and for an array of activities.

Performance Comparison

The PreCip ranked as our Best Buy  ranking highly in each category  and for an affordable price.
The PreCip ranked as our Best Buy, ranking highly in each category, and for an affordable price.

Water Resistance

With its NanoPro™ technology, double sealed seams, high neckline, variety of tightening cords and Velcro wrist straps, double zipper flaps, and slick interior coating sealing its nylon/polyester fabric, this jacket beats out the competition in water resistance. With the high neck and hood cinchers, you can batten down the proverbial hatches for added water resistance in blustery weather. It performed well both in light and heavy rainfall, as well as when sprayed at various pressures from all angles. This shell will ensure you stay dry in any weather conditions, whether you are on the trail, scaling the side of a cliff, or walking around town.


With its superior NanoPro technology, the Marmot PreCip's nylon/polyester fabric lets you move around and exert yourself, allowing hot, moist air to exit the jacket while keeping wind from flowing through as much as with the Outdoor Research Helium II, though it does sacrifice some wind protection. Its microporous structure is air permeable, letting sweat out while preventing water from getting in. Though, what NanoPro provides in breathability, it sacrificed in durability, so you have to take better care of this jacket by following the manufacturer-provided care instructions.

In addition to helping reduce packed size, the thin material also helps keep you cool, and the PreCip's large inner mesh pockets allow for better air circulation, so you stay comfortable, even when working hard. Plus, this shell has ample pit zips to give you added airflow where you need it most.

With Nanopro technology  underarm vents  and mesh pockets  the PreCip balances water resistance with breathability.
With Nanopro technology, underarm vents, and mesh pockets, the PreCip balances water resistance with breathability.

The downside to the NanoPro™ technology is that it does not provide the same wind protection as the other jackets. Testers felt chilled more quickly in blustery, cold, and damp conditions in the PreCip than in the other jackets we tested.


With its fitted style perfect for the female figure and its light fabric, the PreCip offers superior comfort for an array of activities, from hiking and climbing to fishing and kayaking. And, its nylon/polyester blend gives you added flexibility for extreme movement in extreme weather. It also has a DryTouch finish, so you can easily slip it on and off, as this technology prevents condensation and stickiness from trapped moisture.

It offers some extra room for wearing warm or protective layers underneath, and Marmot seems to have increased the sleeve length since last year's model, giving you generous length to keep you protected. Its Angel-Wing Movement™ facilitates free-range movement for activities that require you to use your full range of motion.

Moreover, Marmot kept your comfort at top-of-mind when designing this rain jacket, with a DriClime® lined chin guard to prevent chafing when you have it zipped all the way up and wicking sweat away from your neck. The PreCip also has a Velcro adjuster on the back of the hood, so you can wear it extended with a helmet or tighten it down for wearing without a helmet.


At 9.41 ounces, the PreCip ranked second to the Outdoor Research Helium II in weight, coming in as very near to an ultralight. With its fairly simple design and very lightweight fabric, this jacket will serve as a great shell for backpacking or other lightweight travel.

The PreCip came in at only 9.41 ounces and packed down to 111.38 inches cubed  making it highly portable and light.
The PreCip came in at only 9.41 ounces and packed down to 111.38 inches cubed, making it highly portable and light.


In spite of its light weight, the fabric of this jacket it highly durable, and its seams are reinforced adding not just extra waterproofing, but also keeping this shell in one piece in spite of extreme use. As long as you follow the manufacturer's care guidelines due to the vulnerabilities of the NanoPro technology, this jacket will last you for many years.

Packed Size

At just over 111 cubic inches when fully packed down, this jacket ranked among the smallest, thanks to its lightweight fabric and lack of added stiffness. With its soft hood and mesh pockets, this shell cuts down on bulk, making it a great option for minimalist travel or just throwing down in the bottom of your daypack for unpredictable weather.

Best Application

Performing well as a backpacking rain shell, with its light weight and small packed size, the PreCip also serves well as a daily commuter shell, for wearing over a work outfit, or on the mountainside, for wearing over performance gear. Whether you are unsure about pursuing an outdoor activity that might expose you to inclement weather or you just have a tight budget, this is a great beginner jacket, and with its excellent relative performance, it would even serve as a suitable companion for the more experienced outdoors person.


At just under $100, the Marmot PreCip offers value and performance. In spite of its low cost, this jacket outperformed many jackets from higher price points, ranking among the best in water resistance, breathability, comfort/styling, compactness, and weight. This value makes the PreCip a great buy for everyone from big-city dwellers using this rain jacket for around-the-town use to the avid outdoor adventurer.

Great for a variety of activities  the PreCip will keep you comfortable and dry while not detracting from your style.
Great for a variety of activities, the PreCip will keep you comfortable and dry while not detracting from your style.


This affordable rain shell performs well, keeping you dry even in the harshest conditions. It packs a big punch with a variety of bells and whistles and cutting-edge technologies to keep you dry and comfortable, so you can forget about your equipment and focus on the activity at hand. And, with its low price point, it can serve as an excellent shell for throwing in your bag as a just-in-case measure or for wearing for a long trip through the backcountry.

Holly Zynda