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Woolrich Bitter Chill Wool Loft Review

An excellent casual jacket for all but the coldest and wettest of conditions
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Woolrich Bitter Chill Wool Loft Review
Credit: Woolrich
Price:  $349 List
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Manufacturer:   Woolrich
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 10, 2019

Our Verdict

For the warmth, the Woolrich Bitter Chill is one of the least expensive jackets in our test. The only jackets that are less expensive are minimalist designs that are suited only for the warmest of winter climates. The style and wool insulation will appeal to those with discerning and unique tastes. For those seeking more typical winter jacket construction check out the Best Buy Marmot Fordham and Editors' Choice Arc'teryx Camosun.
Cozy and stylish
Limited water resistance
Confining fit

Our Analysis and Test Results

Two significant things set the Woolrich Bitter Chill parka apart from the rest. It is the least “technical” looking of the jackets we tested. The textured outer fabric is like that used in an old school wool blazer more than the smooth nylon of the other jackets. When it comes to technology, the use of wool insulation sets it apart. Why? Woolrich mixes wool fibers with more conventional synthetic puffy insulation to provide a comforting and unique level of insulation.

Performance Comparison

Overall, the Bitter Chill scores almost exactly in the middle of the field. This mirrors our testers' experiences with this jacket. People were pleased with it, but not overly impressed one way or another.

woolrich bitter chill wool loft - for 'around town' use, especially when that town is a mountain town...
For 'around town' use, especially when that town is a mountain town, the casual styling of the Woolrich will stand out.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi


The insulation value of the Woolrich is just about average. This piece will keep you warm in all but the most gnarly of cold weather conditions. In fact, we'd guess that this amount of insulation value is the sweet spot for 99% of winter jacket users. It has the insulation you need for Boston, Chicago, Denver as well as slightly warmer places. For “normal” use, around town and between office and transport, this amount of insulation is just right.

Notably, the Woolrich is exactly tied in warmth with two of our award winners. It has roughly the same insulation value as the Best Buy Marmot Fordham and the Editors' Choice Arc'teryx Camosun.

woolrich bitter chill wool loft - the insulating value of this jacket, in our testing, is almost...
The insulating value of this jacket, in our testing, is almost exactly what the majority of people want and need. Not too cold, not too warm.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi

Weather Resistance

This is a product best used in dry and cold climates and conditions. The soft, textured outer fabric doesn't shed water or snow nearly as well as other products, and the buttoned flaps over the zipper and pockets are fashionable but do not seal out the weather like other types of closures. The hood is generously sized but offers only minimal adjustment. The fixed, stretchy cuffs are good enough but don't offer options for cinching down around your gloves for shoveling and extended time outdoors.


It might be purely psychological, but a couple of our testers agreed that the wool insulation seemed to offer more “coziness” than the other types of insulation we tested. It could be as simple as the soft lining fabric and the hugging weight of the Bitter Chill, but we largely liked the comfort of the Woolrich. The fit is more like office wear than like technical wear; keep your arms downs, and you don't know the difference. Try and be active in the Woolrich and you'll notice the limitations of its freedom of motion.


There are minimal features on the Bitter Chill. The pockets are enough for “around town” organization, but you won't be sorting out a scientist or expedition traveler's equipment in the Bitter Chill. We dig the high-mounted, non-zippered, insulated and fleece-lined handwarmer pockets.

woolrich bitter chill wool loft - an interior pocket like this one is great for organization.
An interior pocket like this one is great for organization.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi


Style-wise, this is an incredibly unique contender. In a lineup, it looks the most different from the others. The others are largely inspired by an outdoors, athletic look. The Woolrich is more of an adaptation of a town coat, insulated for deep winter. Stylistically, it is more similar to the Canada Goose Chilliwack than it is the Arc'teryx Camosun.

woolrich bitter chill wool loft - nothing describes a jacket's style like a photograph. you judge for...
Nothing describes a jacket's style like a photograph. You judge for yourself. In the meantime, check out the dual handwarmer pockets: those in use, and those just above.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi


The beefy external fabrics and limited but beefy zippers will last a lifetime, and often, synthetic insulation lasts less long than down insulation. In this case, we do not have enough experience to deduce just how long the wool/synthetic insulation blend will last. Intuitively, comparing to woven and knit wool garments, it seems like puffy wool insulation should last longer than pure synthetic insulation, but perhaps not as long as down insulation. For confident life-long durability, the down insulation of the Arc'teryx Camosun and Best Buy Marmot Fordham are likely better choices.

woolrich bitter chill wool loft - woolrich's explanation of their "wool loft" insulation.
Woolrich's explanation of their “Wool Loft” insulation.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi

woolrich bitter chill wool loft - this jacket fits almost exactly true to size. our lead tester here...
This jacket fits almost exactly true to size. Our lead tester here, Jed Porter, is usually a medium. This is a medium Bitter Chill.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi


When looking at just asking price, the Bitter Chill is the least expensive model that we can truly recommend for deep winter use, making it an excellent value. However, spend a few more bucks for the Best Buy Marmot Fordham and you get proven down insulation. Stylistically, these two jackets are different enough that there will certainly be some that are looking for a value that will want the look of the Bitter Chill. In that case, you can't go wrong.


The Woolrich Bitter Chill is innovative in its insulation style, with a traditional look that will have broad appeal. The look complements the other jackets we tested, offering options for those looking to make a statement.

Jediah Porter