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Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants Flannel-lined Review

Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants Flannel-lined
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Price:  $110 List | $54.00 at Amazon
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Pros:  Highly durable fabric, very warm and cozy flannel lining, good looking, comfortable, functional pockets.
Cons:  Stiff and heavy fabric, decreased mobility, wrinkles easily, expensive.
Manufacturer:   Mountain Khakis
By Chris McNamara and Chris Summit  ⋅  Apr 10, 2012
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Our Analysis

This product is discontinued, and this review is archived. Our latest comparative assessment of Hiking Pants are found in our updated review.

These are our favorite "do it all" pair of pants for winter. You can wear them around in about 10-30 degrees Fahrenheit without requiring long underwear. They look good enough to wear around town with the same casual look as your average khaki pants but are tough enough for rock climbing and even bushwhacking if needed. The sturdy, flannel lined cotton canvas makes it harder to high step when climbing compared to most other khakis, but they make knee-bar moves feel so secure it's almost like cheating.

We recommend these to anyone interested in a pair of highly durable, casual looking, classic khaki pants for cold weather. However, for average temperatures and weather conditions, we recommend the more flexible Patagonia Simple Guide Pant. For warmer temps or running, go with the Patagonia Rock Guide Pant.


Very durable cotton canvas is a bit stiff and heavy with the flannel lining. The fabric also gets wrinkled easily and is hard to move in. On the upside, they are one of the only khaki pants that can survive the abuse of rugged outdoor life. The soft, cozy, and warm lining makes these our favorite cold temperature pants for most outdoor activities.


These 32W/32L were a bit loose fitting/baggy, but we prefer that over tight and constraining so they fit very well in our opinion.


Handy, smaller, third pocket inside the right front pocket works well to separate keys from phone or for change, etc..


These are pretty basic, ordinary, good looking khaki pants except for the secret flannel hiding on the inside. Looks fairly cool when rolled up showing off the plaid flannel.


Expensive but worth it for the warm flannel lining combined with the durable cotton canvas. If you work and play a lot in the outdoors in wintertime, these are almost mandatory.

Chris McNamara and Chris Summit