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DMM Nutter Review

DMM Nutter
By: Ian Nicholson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 1, 2009
Price:  $10 List
Pros:  Price, excellent at retrieving walked in cams
Cons:  Painful to pound on, hook isnt as versatile as other models
Manufacturer:   DMM

Our Verdict

At first glance the Nutter appears no different than many other nut tools. However, it does have one unique feature: On its back end are two little teeth specifically designed for helping fish out walked-in cams. For cams that had worked their way in too far for your fingers to grab this feature is wonderful. The profile of the nose is average at removing most wires, although cleaning smaller nuts was more difficult than with some other models. We judged it about the same as the Black Diamond or the Omega Pacific nut tools. The price is great and it was neither the best nor the worst for hammering with your hand.

Our Analysis and Test Results



The two teeth on its tail end are designed to fish out buried cams by hooking onto the SLCDs trigger in two places. In certain situations this feature worked incredible well. These teeth worked on most brands of cams and were effective on both the single and U-stem variety, providing the cam wasn't too stuck. The DMM Nutter rode along nicely on our harness, almost never snagging, probably a result of its slightly more rounded hook.


The double teeth make this tool a little less painful when you are whaling away on trapped stoppers, but it isnt quite as good as other tools with extra metal specifically for that purpose. However, we did think it was more comfortable than either the Omega or the BD. This DMM tool doesnt have much curve so the hook isnt as useful as it could be for tapping nuts from above and grabbing cam triggers, but the double hook on the bottom makes up for this. The profile of the head is just okay and is not too effective at retrieving smaller brass- style nuts in micro fissures.

Best Application

If you climb in an area where walked-in cams are a problem, this is the nut tool for you. It has an excellent price, making it a great option for someone getting into traditional climbing or just not wanting to spend a lot of money on a new one.


At $9.95 this is one of the better priced tools out there. It doesn't clean nuts quite as well as the similarly-priced BD nut tool but it is slightly more comfortable for your hand and is better at cleaning cams.

Ian Nicholson

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   Mar 11, 2010 - 02:02pm
OlympicMtnBoy · Climber · Seattle

This was my first nut tool many years ago and I got it for the little hooks on the end to help clean deep cams. It works pretty well for that purpose although it's still difficult to get at very small cams due to the width of the hooks. For larger cams that have just walked back past where you can get your hand, it has saved me once or twice. It is unique in that respect.

I found it pretty average for pounding on with my hand, better than just the flat bar nut tools, but not as nice as the ones that have palm guards. It is also a little awkward to rack if you like to clip the end with a biner because the hooks can get caught up in the biner and leave the tool sticking off your harness at odd angles. I fixed this with a piece of cord which I clip instead of the biner hole.

This is now my spare tool having been replaced by one of the Ushba ones.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

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