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La Sportiva Batura 2.0 GTX Review

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La Sportiva Batura 2.0 GTX Review
Credit: Ls Sportiva
Price:  $700 List
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Manufacturer:   La Sportiva
By Luke Lydiard ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 8, 2013

Our Verdict

Batura Discontinued
Lightest super-gaiter boot
Possibly hard to find
La Sportiva has discontinued the Batura.

The La Sportiva Batura 2.0 is likely the most talked about boot on the market. La Sportiva has labeled this boot the 2.0 version, though it is technically the third iteration of the boot. This newest, latest version is truly a 2.0 as it involves major improvements over the previous two version. The Batura 2.0 GTX is a highly evolved and tested super-gaiter boot made from top-shelf materials.

The Batura 2.0 wins our Editors' Choice award because it climbs ice, rock, and mixed amazingly well, while keeping you warm and dry. Not only does it do all of this, but it weighs less than any of our other super-gaiter boots. The Batura is a game changer for pushing the limits of light and fast alpinism in mountain ranges around the world.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

la sportiva batura 2.0 gtx - luke lydiard testing the batura 2.0 in the ouray ice park.
Luke Lydiard testing the Batura 2.0 in the Ouray Ice Park.
Credit: McKenzie Long


Lightest of the super-gaiter style boots, and lighter than a few of the single boots in this review, this is the category that the Batura 2.0 really wows. Our test pair weighed in over 60 grams lighter than its closest competitor, the Scarpa Phantom Tech. La Sportiva achieved much of the weight savings of this boot by using a honeycomb carbon insole to provide the boots' stiffness.

Rock Climbing Ability

The ankle of this boot is fabric rather than leather, which allows for more flexibility when climbing bare rock without crampons. We found that the lace lock system of the Batura allows the boot to be separated into to different levels of tightness. By utilizing the lace lock, you can tighten down the lower boot and keep the ankle relatively loose which may allow you to climb rock more naturally. The Batura 2.0 also has a much less bulky feel in the fore foot than the previous version. If you will be climbing mostly rock in warmer temperatures, then consider a lighter more flexible boot like the La sportiva Trango Evo S - Men's.

Ice Climbing Ability

la sportiva batura 2.0 gtx - testing the la sportiva trango prime side by side with the la...
Testing the La Sportiva Trango Prime side by side with the La Sportiva Batura 2.0.
Credit: Julien Lecorps
This boot has all of the required elements to climb any ice you can swing a tool at. The stiff carbon insole and front and rear toe welts allow you to use step in crampons. The ankle support of this boot is slightly more supportive than the previous versions, and we found that we could stand on front points forever. Heel lift was non existent in our test pair because of the well designed lacing system and the finely tuned heel cup.

If you need maximum support for standing on front points we found the La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX to have a more supportive upper, however the Nepal is not as warm as the Batura and weighs considerably more.

Hiking Ability

la sportiva batura 2.0 gtx - the vibram impact brake system on the sole which helps keep things...
The Vibram Impact Brake system on the sole which helps keep things under control when hiking downhill on loose rock or firm snow.
Credit: Luke Lydiard
Over long approaches, we came to appreciate the lightness of the Batura more and more. The carbon fiber sole is super stiff, but the rocker of the sole allows you to walk efficiently.


la sportiva batura 2.0 gtx - the batura's amazing lace lock allows the inner boot to be tightened...
The Batura's amazing lace lock allows the inner boot to be tightened to perfect tightness and stays tight all day long.
Credit: Luke Lydiard
The question many fast and light alpinists will be asking is: can I bring this boot to Alaska? Without the ability to remove the inner boot, you are seriously limiting the amount of sleeping bag drying you can do with a super-gaiter boot. The Batura is a seriously light, warm, and dry boot, but eventually you will get the inner of the boot wet from perspiration. If you are looking to fly in and send a single objective in a short weather window, you may be able to get away with the Batura as opposed to a double boot. If you are planning on spending weeks to a month on a glacier with multiple objectives in mind, then we recommend sticking with a double boot like the La Sportiva Spantik.


The Batura 2.0 uses not one, but two layers of Gore-tex. The Batura has the highest cuff of all the boots we tested, and the waterproof zipper extends all the way to the top of cuff, keeping you dry if you are post-holing slush or punching through that frozen creek. Our feet never got wet from outside moisture when testing the Batura, and we consider it to be the most waterproof boot we tested.


We found the Batura to be a very durable boot. The previous two versions of the Batura had zipper issues, but Sportiva has addressed this in the 2.0. The current zipper is not only burly, but is covered by a velcro storm flap to protect it. The flap not only increases weatherproofness, but protects the coils from accidental crampon snags.

The rest of the boot showed almost no signs of wear after our testing. We like that the rubber rand extends much higher on the instep of the boot to protect from crampon slices. The toe rand also extends well up the front of the boot to cover a common area of increased wear.

Best Application

The Batura is the go-to boot for anything ice or mixed in the lower 48, Patagonia, Canada, or most other places you find cold, wet conditions where you need to perform.


The Batura is the most expensive super-gaiter style boot in this review, and is the second most expensive boot we evaluated. You are paying for top-shelf materials and a highly refined design, which we think is worth every penny.

Luke Lydiard