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Mueller Athletic Tape Review

Mueller Athletic Tape
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Price:  $4 List
Pros:  Stays Put, Great For Fingertips
Cons:  Thin, Stringy
Manufacturer:   Mueller Sports Medicine
By Robert Beno ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 6, 2011
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Our Verdict

Mueller Athletic Tape is a solid, affordable option to take care of all your climbing tape applications. We found the adhesive on the tape to be tip-top and the tape stayed put once applied. When used to tape fingertips, Mueller athletic tape stayed on longer and didn't seem to stretch out as much as the other tapes that we tested. We did, however, think that the tape was slightly thinner, and therefore, slightly less durable than the other tapes that we tested. Overall, Mueller Athletic tape is a good option for the climber's taping needs, particularly if you've got some gnarly split fingertips. If you're looking for a more durable option, creating a longer useful lifespan for your crack gloves, pick up the classic Johnson & Johnson Athletic Tape, or check out Metolius Climbing Tape (although you'll pay more).

Our Analysis and Test Results


Mueller Athletic tape is a basic cloth athletic tape that can be used for virtually any and all climbing applications. We found the tape to be fairly durable and stays put once applied. The tape seemed to be the stickiest that we tested, and in our fingertip tape test we found that Mueller tape stayed on the longest, and didn't stretch out as much as the other tapes we tested.


In our tests we found Mueller tape to be slightly less durable than the other tapes that we tested, but only by a thin margin. We attribute this to the fact that Mueller's tape seemed thinner than the other tapes. Muller Athletic tape also has the tendency to peel off in little strings along the edge of the tape, contributing to increased wear. Not a huge deal, but breaks the tape down faster and is a slight annoyance when tearing the tape.

Robert Beno