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Evolv Nexxo Review

Evolv Nexxo
Photo: Evolv
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Price:  $150 List
Pros:  Comfortable, toe hooking rubber, strong Velcro strap tightens arch well, pointy toe tip.
Cons:  Tight fit, loose fitting heel, toe hook rubber delaminates.
Manufacturer:   Evolv
By Chris Summit ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 1, 2015
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Our Analysis

This ultra high performance shoe is the newest design in the Chris Sharma Series from Evolv. Evolv says it represents "a new way of approaching how we build shoes". The aggressive downturned toe is similar to the Evolv Shaman but has a pointier more precise toe tip. With new design features the Nexxo could take it over as the top selling high performance shoe in the Evolv line. Both shoes are aggressive but the Nexxo has a thinner 1mm midsole and is therefore more conforming and sensitive than the Shaman that has a 1.5mm midsole. The Nexxo also has a custom variable thickness rubber sole. The other major difference is the single Velcro strap on the Nexxo compared to the triple Velcro straps on the Shaman. Since the shoes are already fairly tight the single strap keeps the weight of the shoe down and it works quick and tightens the shoe fine. The single strap on the Nexxo actually tightens the arch area so well it makes for a very snug fit. The single Nexxo strap is also not as thin as the single strap on the popular and also high performing La Sportiva Solution making it less prone to wearing through. The rubber on top of the Nexxo provides good coverage for toe hooking on steep terrain. The heel is a bit loose fitting. More tests with more testers will confirm or deny this.

The Nexxo is still fairly new so, as always, time and further testing will tell how it stands up to its closest competitors in all of our side by side tests. For now check out the current top selling high performance Evolv shoe the Evolv Shaman.

Chris Summit