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Metolius Climbing Glove Review

The best half-finger leather glove we have used
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Metolius Climbing Glove Review (Metolius Climbing Glove)
Metolius Climbing Glove
Credit: Metolius website
Price:  $37 List
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Manufacturer:   Metolius Climbing
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Sep 9, 2017

Our Analysis

This is among the better fingerless climbing gloves we have used and probably the most popular climbing glove in Yosemite. They come cut at just the right length, are reinforced in all the right spots, and have a burly clip-in loop so you can confidently clip them to the side of your harness.

If you want a more burly glove for rappelling or climbing, this is it. If you are on a budget and have extra time, you might consider finding some cheap $8-10 full-length leather gloves and cutting off the fingertips. However, if you go that route remember that the end product will probably not be as durable or as dexterous as these or other brand name fingerless gloves. The only glove that scored higher is the Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger which has better dexterity and is less expensive but not quite as durable.


It's hard to imagine more bomber 3/4 cut climbing gloves for big wall climbing or rappelling. These are reinforced in all the right spots. Most importantly, they have a snug fit around the fingers, which is hard to find in leather gloves and very hard to duplicate if you make your own homemade fingerless climbing glove. Also, with a homemade cut, you have duct tape at the end of the fingers and then maintain the tape. Not so with these gloves. The ends of the fingers have clean reinforced stitching that keeps them from blowing open too quickly. These also have more of the palm reinforced than most other fingerless gloves. The reinforced area extends all the way to much of the thumb which gives more protection from climbing rope wear. Finally, of all the climbing gloves sold, these have the most trips up El Capitan. So the fact they are so widely used and loved is a big plus. These are also among the easiest gloves to find both on the web in a climbing glove sale and at your local store.


Because they are made entirely of cowhide, these gloves take a while to break in. At first, they don't have the best dexterity, and then they soften up.

Best Application

This climbing glove excels at big wall climbing especially aid leads. You can make some easy free moves with them on, but for harder free climbing you will want to take them off. They work as a belay glove. But if I were just belaying, I would get a full-length glove.


These are in the middle of the value range. They cost about as much other fingerless gloves. Their lifespan is above average. You can always make homemade fingerless climbing gloves but it won't have the same durability or fit around the fingers.

Other Versions

The Metolius Belay Glove is the full-fingered version.

Chris McNamara

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