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Metolius Eco Ball Review

Metolius Eco Ball
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Price:  $5.00 List
Pros:  Non-marking, Good Absorption, Good Friction
Cons:  Ball is giant, Not refillable, Expensive
Manufacturer:   Metolius
By Robert Beno ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 24, 2010
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  • Absorption - 40% 8
  • Duration - 25% 7
  • Friction - 15% 7
  • Value - 10% 5
  • Overall feel - 10% 8

Our Verdict

We appreciate that with the Metolius Eco Ball there is a non-marking substitute for climbing chalk, allowing us to dampen our impact on the beautiful places we love to climb. We really appreciate that Metolius did such a good job with it too. The Eco Ball was a top performer in all our tests, outperforming even the Metolius Super Chalk and the Metolius Chalk Sock. The Eco-ball is very effective in absorbing excess moisture, and provides great friction. The only drawbacks are that the ball isnt refillable, and that it costs a fair amount. If youre looking to save some coin, want a top performing chalk, and arent climbing in a chalk mark sensitive area, go for the Black Diamond White Gold.

Our Analysis and Test Results


Metolius created the Eco Ball as a non-marking substitute to traditional climbing chalk for climbing in areas where white chalk marks on the rock will mar the natural look of the rock. The Eco Ball looks and feels like a standard chalk sock (except its blue) but the powder inside goes on virtually clear and leaves no visible marks on the rock.

When tested, we found that the Eco Ball performed very well. The chalk substitute is very effective at drying your hands, and it stays on your hands for good amount of time, limiting the number of times you have to reach into the ol chalk bag. The powder in the ball feels like traditional chalk and provided ample friction for our sweaty palms.


The biggest drawback to the Eco Ball is that the ball itself is massive! You have to have a pretty good sized chalk bag to make this big boy effective to use. We would also like it more if the ball was refillable and the powder was available in bulk. At $5 a piece, buying new Eco-balls each time you run out could quickly accumulate a pretty hefty cost.

Best Applications

The Ecoball is intended for use in areas where white chalk marks on the rock will detract from the natural beauty of the area, but it is equally effective in any and all rock climbing applications, and won't leave a mark anywhere.

Robert Beno