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Da Brim Multisport Standard Review

Da Brim
By: Devin Chance ⋅   ⋅  Jan 13, 2013
Price:  $33 List
Pros:  Very large brim, you can wear it over a helmet.
Cons:  Not very stylish, bad in wind, you can't really wear it unless you wear a helmet.
Manufacturer:   Da Brim

Our Verdict

Da Brim is unlike any other hat we tested, and it's a pretty brilliant idea. It is made to be worn over a helmet, may it be a climbing helmet, a biking helmet, or just a safety helmet. Da Brim will give you the protection you need to stay out longer and stay more protected. The downside is that it's made to be worn with a helmet, so that when you wear it without a helmet like a full brim visor it's just not that comfortable. Nonetheless it's an innovative idea that will save many outdoor enthusiasts' skin from the sun. This comes with the sacrifice of the fashion… let's just say DaBrim will get you noticed.

The Da Brim Multisport Standard can be difficult to find at major retailers; if you find this is the case, check out the Best Sun Hat Review for other options! The hat is available on Da Brim's website.

Our Analysis and Test Results



Da Brim has one of the largest brims of all the hats we tested, ranging from 3.5 inches in the front to 5 inches in the back. The catch is that it's made to be worn over a helmet, and when you don't wear a helmet it's like a loose-fitting, full-brimmed visor with the top of your head completely exposed. It does come with a UPF rating of 50+ so it will block about 99 percent of all UV radiation, but that rating is only for the brim. So if you are wearing a helmet underneath, then be aware that the sun could come through the vents in the helmet, thus harming your skin.


Da Brim is made to be worn over a helmet, so the comfort of it depends a lot on the helmet you are wearing. However, we did notice that it can easily be blown off in the wind when it's on a helmet or if you are just wearing it as a visor. When worn over a helmet it is fairly secure and comes with a Velcro strap on the back that attaches to your helmet, so that if it does fall off it hangs on the back of your head. The first time we tested Da Brim we were rock climbing in Tahoe and on the second pitch of the climb Da Brim flew off and sailed all the way to the ground because we forgot to tighten it all the way and attach the Velcro strap to the helmet. Da brim has a rubber liner that helps it stick to the outside of a helmet as well as a strap in the back for tightening.


This totally depends on the helmet you are wearing, unless you aren't wearing a helmet and then your head can breath freely. Keep in mind that the darker color hat you wear, the hotter it will get.


Da Brim is fairly durable and the fabric is very strong. The only problem we had was when we were doing our 30-minute crush test. When we were crushing it we had to bend the brim, and the force of that made the outer frame of the brim pop out of the stitching. The hat still works fine, but every now and then we accidentally poke ourselves because of it. This can easily be fixed by trimming off the excess piece and then taping it.


This definitely isn't the most stylish hat out there, and we can guarantee you'll get some looks because it's such an unusual hat. If you use it for construction or your work, then your co-workers might be jealous, because even though it looks a little goofy it's very practical and will save you from getting a lot of sunburn.

Devin Chance

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   Jul 10, 2013 - 10:32am
Mark Hudon · Climber · Hood River, OR

This is a sweet item! Da Brim make sitting at a hot belay, in the blazing sun totally bearable.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

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   Jul 8, 2013 - 04:47pm
ann · Other · Austin

I live in Austin, Texas where the sun is so intense in the summer that it stops me from riding my bike. But not so with my DaBrim bike helmet brim attachment. I can go out in mid day sun with my Da Brim helmet attachment and the sun is much less of a problem. The Da Brim visor for bike helmets is designed to attach to a standard bike helmet very well. There are other tech features such as a strap to keep the brim from flapping into your face in wind and that it does not block helmet vents when in place. It is also water proof and protects face in rain like and umbrella.

Even though some consider this big brim kind of dorky I get constant compliments as I go my way,"I like your hat" they say everyday. Its got a clean unisex shape and purely functional.

I totally love this piece of biking gear!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

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