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Kelty Cosmic 20 - Women's Review

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to break into the down sleeping bag market, the Cosmic is a great choice.
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Price:  $170 List | $127.39 at REI
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Pros:  Unbeatable price, comfortable, reduced weight to previous version
Cons:  Low quality down, heavy
Manufacturer:   Kelty
By Jessica Haist ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 17, 2019
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Our Verdict

The Kelty Cosmic 20 - Women's is the least expensive down bag in this review. If you're looking for an inexpensive down, mummy style sleeping bag to break into the backpacking market, this could be a good choice. It wins our shoestring-budget Best Buy Award for the value it packs into this bag. The Cosmic has low-quality 600-fill duck down that is heavier than we would have liked, though the down is treated with a hydrophobic coating to help it retain its loft when wet. It is very similar to other down bags like the Big Agnes Hazel and the Marmot Angel Fire, but costs way less at the full retail price.

While this earns an award for being a super affordable option, the Sierra Designs Cloud 800 is higher performing for a moderately higher price. The Cloud proves to be more lightweight and packable. It also offers a similar level of comfort and warmth. So, if you're looking for a little more in the way of performance, then check out the Cloud. However, if you're happy paying the least you can for a decent down bag, then the Kelty Cosmic may be what you've been looking to buy.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

For 2019, Kelty updated their entire line of Cosmic bags, and the women's Cosmic 20 is no exception. This new version features nylon taffeta fabric, a 5-ounce savings in weight, and a price increase of $10. We didn't notice much of a difference when field testing this product, but are happy about the weight savings!

Performance Comparison

The Kelty Cosmic has been updated and is lighter and a better value than ever.
The Kelty Cosmic has been updated and is lighter and a better value than ever.


The bag is EN tested to 26°F, so the "20" beside its name is a bit misleading as this is not as warm as advertised. We did not experience temperatures that cold while testing this bag, but this new 600 fill power bag feels quite lofty and we think it would do okay close to freezing, but not down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cosmic incorporates a draft collar to keep warm air in and cold drafts out. We think this feature adds an element of warmth, although the Cosmic's draft collar does not have drawcords to enable you to cinch it down around your neck. Several other bags have this feature as well — the Mountain Hardwear Lamina 15 - Women's has a huge lofty tube that wraps around your neck and seals out all drafts. We discovered that this bag incorporates synthetic materials into its neck baffle and draft tube, which could potentially be because these areas are more prone to moisture. While this ultimately provides more warmth in the wake of precipitation, it, unfortunately, contributes to its weight and bulk.

The Cosmic has an insulated hood and interior draft collar for warmth.
The Cosmic has an insulated hood and interior draft collar for warmth.

The women's version of the Cosmic has two ounces more down fill included, upping the warmth in a smaller package. All of the Cosmic models now come with water repellant treated "DriDown" fill which helps this bag retain its loft when it gets wet.


The Down is the second heaviest of the down bags tested at 2.71 pounds. It's been surpassed in weight by the hefty, feature-filled NEMO Rave. While most down bags boast a great warmth-to-weight ratio, we are a little disappointed by its weight. But, as we mentioned it has dropped almost 5 ounces so we appreciate Kelty's efforts to lighten the Cosmic up!

The Cosmic uses lower fill power down that is more cumbersome for the amount of warmth it provides, as well as more substantial synthetic fill components (we suspect are in there to cut costs), both of which add weight. It does have a lighter more supple shell material than previous iterations and this has helped with weight reduction it appears. A heavier bag is an unseen price you pay when getting a budget sleeping bag.


We think the latest version of the Cosmic is quite comfortable. Kelty upgraded their liner materials for a softer hand, and the bag feels lofty and cozy. It fit our 5'5" tester well, and she had enough room to put on additional layers without it feeling too restrictive. We think this bag would be comfortable for ladies up to 5'7" or 5'8".

We had a comfortable nights sleep in the Cosmic with its soft liner materials.
We had a comfortable nights sleep in the Cosmic with its soft liner materials.

Packed Size

This bag compresses relatively well because it is down, but does not compress as well as the other down bags we tested.

The synthetically filled draft collar and zipper draft tubes make the bag less compressible as a whole and contribute to its overall packed size. It comes with a small, lightweight stuff sack, but not a compression sack. We would recommend purchasing a compression sack to keep your pack smaller. While it does get relatively small, it's not our top choice for those looking to go ultra-light or ultra-compressible. The Rab Neutrino 400 - Women's and Cloud 800 are the most compressible of the bunch.

The Kelty Cosmic packs down relatively small  but does not come with a separate storage sack so always has to be stored compressed.
The Kelty Cosmic packs down relatively small, but does not come with a separate storage sack so always has to be stored compressed.


The Cosmic is a smaller and narrower version of the men's version, and as we mentioned before, has two ounces more fill to add warmth. Kelty has addressed the low-quality zipper that caught on the material of previous models and improved this feature, adding tougher material to the side of the zipper. We like the different thicknesses of drawcords for the hood and chin baffle, so it is easy to tell them apart in the dark.

This bag only comes with a small stuff sack; we think every down sleeping bag should include a storage sack so that the down does not stay compressed when we're not using the bag, as compression contributes to a shorter lifespan for the down fill and it's important to store down bags fully lofted to help with their longevity. Otherwise, the Cosmic does not have any exceptionally unique bells and whistles, which is fine since often extra features add to the weight of the bag.

The Kelty Cosmic has simple  low-quality features at a low price.
The Kelty Cosmic has simple, low-quality features at a low price.

Best Application

Paired with a high R-Value sleeping pad, the Cosmic could be stretched from late spring to early fall use in warmer climates, making it somewhat versatile. The hydrophobic down allows it to be used in a slightly wider range of conditions, like in humid or rainy climates. It is heavier than most of the other down sleeping bags we tested, and we would not want to carry this with us on extended backpacking trips. This inexpensive option works best car camping, during sleepovers, and on short backpacking trips.


At $170, the price tag on this hydrophobic down bag is hard to beat. It is a great value for a budget conscious camper who wants a down sleeping bag and needs a go-to bag for all of her camping needs. The Cosmic wins our Best Buy Award for its unbeatable price decent quality materials.


We commend Kelty on the upgrades to the Cosmic line, especially the weight savings, and think this bag is very deserving of our Best Buy Award. It is an excellent choice for someone on a budget or new to backpacking and camping. It is warm, comfortable, and versatile enough to take on short backpacking trips, in moist climates or just for camping out in the backyard. If you are looking to get yourself into a down bag that is lighter than any of the synthetics we tested, the Cosmic could be the right choice for you.

Jessica Haist