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Primus Kuchoma Review

This is the grill you can take to all kinds of obscure places. Small and light, with relatively little compromise in cooking quality.
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Price:  $190 List | $155.52 at Amazon
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Pros:  Tiny, light, good cooking
Cons:  Limited surface space, unsophisticated grease management
Manufacturer:   Primus
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 18, 2019
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  • Output Power - 25% 7
  • Control - 25% 7
  • Portability - 20% 9
  • Cooking Area - 20% 6
  • Wind Resistance - 10% 8

Our Verdict

The Kuchoma is simple, clean, and small. For its cooking area, its portable size is really small. The clever legs and regulator further shrink the portable size. At 10 pounds and just a little bigger than an old-school briefcase, the Kuchoma is our most portable grill and takes a Top Pick Award for that distinction. In small cars, small campers, and even in certain kinds of human-powered trips (canoe? towing a sled?) you will easily find a spot for the diminutive Kuchoma. When it is time to cook, you will find adequate performance. It isn't the hottest grill in our test. Try and grill in cold conditions or in a stiff breeze and max-heat performance will suffer. In good conditions, we had no problems cooking a medium-rare steak with good charring and a fast sear. Slow-cooking is no problem; the burner control on the Primus is great.

Go bigger and you get much better grilling performance; the dual burners of the Editors Choice Napoleon TravelQ, for instance, allow all kinds of heat customization.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

With limited surface area and relatively low max output, the Kuchoma can't compete with the literal big dogs. However, it is its small size that sets it apart. This is easily the most portable grill we have tested. It is small, light, and stows and deploys easily.

Performance Comparison

The Kuchoma is tiny  with spare design and clean deployment of the parts that need to be external (regulator  legs).
The Kuchoma is tiny, with spare design and clean deployment of the parts that need to be external (regulator, legs).

Output Power

Primus claims that the Kuchoma puts out 8500 BTUs. Our anecdotal experience backs this up. It isn't the most powerful burner in the test, but it only has to heat up 152 square inches. In good to average conditions, the Kuchoma creates enough heat to quickly sear good red meat.

The big grills are definitely hotter than the Kuchoma. Interestingly, the former Top Pick for portability, Cuisinart Petite Gourmet, claims even lower but output. Our anecdotal experience in comparing these two certainly does not back up the difference they claim. In theory, the Kuchoma should be much more powerful than the Cuisinart. In practice, they are roughly similar. In windy conditions, we found that the Cuisinart stayed hotter better. The big guns drive out much more heat. The unique Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared grill is nearly twice as powerful as the Primus. The giant Coleman Road Trip LXE is more than twice as powerful.

For cooking good steaks  the Kuchoma does the job.
For cooking good steaks, the Kuchoma does the job.


For a one-burner grill, the Primus has excellent control. The knob clearly and effectively dials the gas flow from barely a whisper to the max. The grills with the most control definitely have two burners. In these grills, you can move food around and adjust the burners independently to achieve a whole variety of temperatures. The single, long burner of the Kuchoma runs down the center of a rectangular grill grate. This means that the edges and corners are a little cooler than the center. Optimize this and experiment with food positioning and you get a sort of informal temperature control on this Top Pick winner.

The Editors' Choice Napoleon TravelQ 285 is the king of the control charts. It has two u-shaped burners, each of which that can be cranked from little more than a candle flame to blow-torch status. For slow cooking certain types of meats, you can turn one burner off entirely and do what's called "indirect grilling". The same can be done on the Coleman RoadTrip LXE. Only two-burner grills allow this, but two-burner grills are inherently larger and heavier. We don't mind the control trade-offs for the diminutive stature of the Kuchoma. When compared to the close competitor Eureka Gonzo, the Kuchoma offers more control. The Gonzo is round, with a round burner. There is little variation in the heat distribution. The linear burner and rectangular grate of the Kuchoma allows for a little bit of variation in temperatures across the grill surface.


Primus' Kuchoma weighs just 10 pounds and is smaller than some stuffed sleeping bags. It is handily the most portable grill we have assessed. This is what earns it our Top Pick Award. What would a portable grill review be if we didn't honor the most portable choice? Not everyone needs their grill to be this small and light, but those that do will have nothing to complain about in the Kuchoma.

The only drawback is in grease management. The Kuchoma has no removable grease trap. Drippings accumulate inside the bottom of the case during cooking and then can drip to and out the sides during transport. For cleanliness, you have to transport the Kuchoma in some sort of bag (not included).

The "grease trap" of the Top Pick is really just the bottom of the case. Drippings can and do work their way out of here during transport. Pack accordingly.
The "grease trap" of the Top Pick is really just the bottom of the case. Drippings can and do work their way out of here during transport. Pack accordingly.

No other grill we tested is as portable as the Kuchoma. Close competitors include two grills that formerly held this Top Pick award. The Eureka Gonzo Grill is compact, but weighs more and has moodier performance. The Cuisinart Petite Gourmet cooks as well as the Kuchoma but is also bigger and heavier.

Evidence of the drippings escaping the Primus. All portable grills require grease management  but the Primus is a little more annoying than most.
Evidence of the drippings escaping the Primus. All portable grills require grease management, but the Primus is a little more annoying than most.

Cooking Area

152 square inches of surface area is enough for a small to medium meal for two, or the meat course for 3-4. Because of the rectangular grill surface and the linear grill burner, the edges and corners of the Kuchoma surface are cooler than the middle. When you are cooking different things, this variety in temperatures is a good thing. If you are cooking all the same thing, it becomes a liability, effectively shrinking the usable space.

As compared to the close competitors, by the numbers, the Kuchoma has slightly more space. In absolute surface area, the Primus is larger than the Cuisinart Petite Gourmet and the Eureka Gonzo. In terms of usable space, though, the comparison isn't as easy. The Cuisinart is rectangular. As noted above, rectangular grill surfaces have both pros (in terms of temperature control) and cons (in terms of usable space). The Eureka is round, with a round burner. In cooking with the Eureka we found that all 113 square inches were uniform in temperature, for better and for worse. All the other grills are much larger than the Kuchoma. The STOK Gridiron 1-Burner has more than twice the acreage of the Primus.

Grilled chicken is one of the trickier meals to do well. "Low and slow" is the key  and the Primus does this.
Grilled chicken is one of the trickier meals to do well. "Low and slow" is the key, and the Primus does this.

Wind Resistance

The lid seals tight on the Primus and the burner stays lit in all but the heaviest of gales. Because the whole thing is so small and the burner output is proportional, wind cools down the Kuchoma more than a similarly sealed larger grill. In cold and windy conditions stick to cooking slower foods like chicken or other slow-cooked bbq.

Grills get better and better in the wind. Most of our tested grills now are pretty good. In heavy and weird winds they will blow out. For instance, in our objective test the Editors Choice Napoleon TravelQ did better than most. That didn't keep us from having a bear of a time keeping it lit on one early summer picnic in Grand Teton National Park. We have not yet had such trouble with the Top Pick Kuchoma. Nonetheless, we will keep testing.

Best Applications

This is the grill for ultimate portability. For your compact car camping kit, tiny house living, or wilderness canoe trips, you need a good reason to not have the Kuchoma.


The tiny functionality of the Kuchoma comes at a price. It is nearly twice the cost of our Best Buy winner. The Smoke Hollow 205 is less expensive, with more cooking surface, and cooks better. What you pay for with the Primus is portability.


The slick, carefully constructed and ultimately portable Primus Kuchoma steals the Top Pick award for maximum portability. This award has revolved a little in recent years, but we find it hard to envision it moving on anytime soon. With the Kuchoma, Primus takes a leap ahead in grill portability with few compromises in function.

Jediah Porter