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ProBar Review

Pro Bar
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Price:  $39 List
Pros:  A yummy, fruity, chewy raw food meal with fabulous nutrition, energy, fiber, and taste.
Cons:  Non organic nuts, Price is $3.00 per bar, but then again, hard to buy an organic healthy lunch for $3.00.
Manufacturer:   ProBar
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Aug 29, 2012
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Our Verdict

In our testing, climbers, weight trainers, hikers and bikers raved about ProBars, for their taste, nutritional value, organic and raw ingredients, and sustenance. An east coast tester reported "2 bars got me through a long mountaineering day in the Adirondacks (Trap Dike)". Another tester, a sports massage therapist and personal trainer/ nutritionist commented: "I switched to Probar over all the other bars, and have to say they really are top of the heap in a taste and nutrition."

All this goodness is pricey, but climbers rarely find trail angels on multipitch routes, and if you are going to live your green values you have to pay for your lunch. Outdoor Gear Lab chose Probar for Editors' Choice award, feeling it is well worth the cost to do for yourself and the planet all the good you can.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Caloric Density

At 4.12 calories/gram Probars are seriously dense nutrition.


Finally, a bar that is not overly sweet, nor too dry, chewy with dense nutrition for the long haul. All the flavors tested were well received, so try them all!


Awesome nutrition: ProBars are full of organic nuts and seeds, organic fruit for vitamins and antioxidants and are 90% organic.


Complex GF carbs, nut and seed protein, using evaporated cane juice (glycemic index 55) - how much better can it get? Just like Olympic gymnastics, you know a 10 when it sticks to your teeth.

Chris McNamara