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Igloo IMX 70qt Review

Decent insulation for a lower cost, if you don't mind the added bulk
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Igloo IMX 70qt Review
Credit: Igloo
Price:  $300 List
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Manufacturer:   Igloo
By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 30, 2020
  • Insulation - 50% 6.0
  • Durability - 20% 4.0
  • Ease of Use - 15% 5.0
  • Portability - 10% 6.0
  • Features - 5% 7.0

Our Verdict

The Igloo IMX 70qt is a sizeable cooler that offers pretty solid insulation without costing an arm and a leg - though it might require extra arms and legs to move it around, as it is quite bulky for its size. It comes standard with some handy features and provides a respectable level of insulation. It's not the most durable model we tested and its sizable girth makes it significantly less pleasant to tote around. It also has a poor drain design. But, we do appreciate the lower price on this model.
Plenty of features
Beefy construction
Solid insulation
Bulky for its internal capacity
Doesn't seal
Poor drain design

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Igloo IMX 70qt is a non-rotomolded model with dual handles and an indented lid that allows for a standing 12-inch wine bottle. It features anti-skid feet, a lockable lid, wire basket, stainless steel bottle opener, integrated fish ruler, tie-down loops, drain plug leash, and four cup holders in the lid. Despite its advertised volume, we measured the internal volume to be only 54 quarts.

Performance Comparison

igloo imx 70qt - far from the easiest cooler to lug around, the igloo imx does offer...
Far from the easiest cooler to lug around, the Igloo IMX does offer decent insulation and many features.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Though Igloo claims this cooler can hold ice for 7 days under controlled conditions, during our insulation test, it managed to maintain sub-40°F temperatures for 4.8 days. Though not nearly as impressive as some of the stiff competition, it's still a respectable length of time that we think makes it competitive. This cooling capacity is likely lowered by the box's lack of an airtight seal, as the gasket is sloppy and doesn't totally seal the contents.

igloo imx 70qt - this oversized cooler has a smaller capacity than advertised (we...
This oversized cooler has a smaller capacity than advertised (we measured it to be under 55 quarts) but does offer decent insulation. You can also see the lockable plastic bars here, just outside the latches.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Initially, this beefy cooler seems impressive in its durability. However, upon further inspection, it leaves something to be desired. The hinge isn't integrated into the construction of the cooler in the way that so many competitors' are. It creaks and strains ominously with little pressure on overextension and you can watch the color of the plastic lighten as you push. The rubber T-grip latches are another area of concern. Appearing standard at first glance, they are exceptionally loose and flexible, which detracts from the security of the lid and makes us uneasy about its ability to withstand years of abuse. We also found several other user reports of those latches stretching out over time.

igloo imx 70qt - the seal of the imx is quite unimpressive and not airtight. the...
The seal of the IMX is quite unimpressive and not airtight. The hinges also leave something to be desired and are easily overextended to the point of straining the plastic - and potentially breaking.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Use

While we don't have a lot of faith in the rubber grips, their excessive stretch and looseness do make them easy to maneuver with one hand. The lid, in addition to its four cup holders and integrated fishing ruler, is both slippery smooth and divided by significant “topography”, all of which make it not an ideal seat or table. The internal shape is long and low, making it easy to find what you're looking for even when the chest is totally full. A large internal basket with fairly tightly woven wires adds to the organizational prowess of this box.

igloo imx 70qt - igloo's cool riser technology helps keep the entire bottom of the...
Igloo's Cool Riser Technology helps keep the entire bottom of the cooler farther from the scorching ground.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

However, the drain is one of the worst ones of any model we tested. Not only is the hole much smaller than the competition, but the drain itself is also a separate piece that extends an extra inch inside the body of the cooler. When left on a level surface to drain, this poor design (rendering the drainage channel essentially useless), leaves about 1/4 inch of meltwater at the bottom of the cooler. Maybe not a huge deal, but other coolers execute drainage better.

igloo imx 70qt - we aren't very impressed with the drain on this cooler, which leaves...
We aren't very impressed with the drain on this cooler, which leaves substantial standing water on the cooler floor.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Weighing 27.4 pounds, the Igloo IMX is on the lighter side of average weight for coolers we tested of similar size. However, what makes this beast far less pleasant to carry than heavier models is its bulk and dimensions. Exceptionally thick walls turn this ice chest into a 32-inch long trunk that's impressively uncomfortable for one person to carry. Additionally, the cable handles for two-person carry are exactly the wrong length, letting your knuckles smash up against the lid while you carry it. And its odd shape (in addition to that bulk) makes it more difficult to fit into your car when heading out of town for the weekend.

igloo imx 70qt - the longer handles are exactly the wrong length to let your knuckles...
The longer handles are exactly the wrong length to let your knuckles smash against the lid while you carry this oversized cooler.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The IMX has a LOT of features, though not all of them are necessarily the most useful. Anti-skid feet and tie-down loops are fairly standard among similar cooler models, and this model is no outlier here. The IMX also comes with a handy wire basket for dry storage and a wire drain leash.

igloo imx 70qt - the tight-knit wires on the internal storage basket make this a much...
The tight-knit wires on the internal storage basket make this a much more usable feature than many competitors with vey widely spaced wire weaves that easily let small items slip through.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The bottle opener does work, though isn't the most impressive one we tested, and the four cup holder in the lid are of mixed value since you can't open the cooler when they are filled. The fish ruler is great if you're a fishing lover - though the cooler is again, so bulky that it isn't our first choice for fitting on a boat with limited space. And the lid does lock, though the plastic pieces that give it this ability are quite thin and unimpressive. It does also come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty against normal use, which we appreciate. So while it is chalked full of features, depending on your lifestyle, they may be of great or little value to you.

igloo imx 70qt - we're not totally convinced these cupholders in the lid make it...
We're not totally convinced these cupholders in the lid make it worthwhile, as they have a hard time fitting anything larger than a 12 ounce can. The rest of the lid is also rather slippery and at the same time covered in awkward bumps and rises that make it less pleasant to sit on or use as a table.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Though it looks as husky as its price tag, which is significantly lower than most other high-end models, we're not sure this cooler is worth the cash. Its awkward girth and questionably useful features, matched with a performance that just isn't inspiring and a price tag that isn't low enough to be a high value. If you're in love with its features - and maybe find this model on sale - it might be a reasonable value for your life, but it's not jumping off the shelves at us.

igloo imx 70qt - never worry about remembering a bottle opener again with the imx in...
Never worry about remembering a bottle opener again with the IMX in tow.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The Igloo IMX 70qt is an oversized cooler with an underwhelming performance. Though it offers decent insulation and a plethora of features some may find useful, it's rather lacking when it comes to durability and a design that maximizes capacity-to-size ratio. Unless you're head-over-heels for this ice chest's specific array of features, we aren't sure it's worth it.

igloo imx 70qt - not our favorite portable companion, but the imx does a decent job...
Not our favorite portable companion, but the IMX does a decent job on a hot day.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Maggie Nichols