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Helinox Chair One Review

While this chair is not the cream of the crop, it is highly portable and scores above average in each metric
helinox chair one camping chair review
Credit: Helinox
Price:  $110 List
Manufacturer:   Helinox
By Maggie Nichols & Laura Lingeman  ⋅  Jun 28, 2017
  • Comfort - 40% 7.0
  • Portability - 25% 10.0
  • Durability - 20% 7.0
  • Ease of Set-Up - 15% 6.0

Our Verdict

The Helinox Chair One earned our award for Best Portable Camping Chair. Though it is not the lightest or most compact camping chair we tested, we found it to be the most comfortable, the most stable and the most durable of all the compact models we tested in this review. If you are searching for a simple, light, and portable chair for backcountry use, we recommend reading our review of the best backpacking chairs. Nearly as light as some of the chairs in the backpacking review, the Chair One does an outstanding job of balancing comfort with "front country" use with ease of transportation. Additionally, this contender has a well-ventilated mesh backing, provides excellent lower back support, and has a medium-high seat height (especially for a portable model), making it easier to get in and out. If you're seeking a chair that's light enough to carry long distances but offers more comfort than the simple backpacking models, then read on!
Exceptional stability for size
Weight is nominal
Excellent ventilation
Supports your back well
Neck support is lacking as is stability
Bigger price tag
If you are trying to find more compact and lightweight chairs, we recommend checking out our Backpacking Chair Review in addition to this review. However, if you're seeking a model that's light enough to carry long distances, but offers more comfort than the super light backpacking models, then our Top Pick for Portability is a great choice for you!

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Helinox Chair One embodies some of the best qualities of a portable chair but still has some inherent drawbacks. Compared to the other mobile models, our testers thought that the Chair One was more comfortable and stable than the all the other portable camping chairs, and about on par with the comfort of the REI Camp X and ALPS Mountainteering Rendezvous. Not surprisingly, the Chair One was less comfortable than many of the traditional model chairs, but if you're reading this review, you're probably not looking for a giant hulking seat to lug around. Fortunately for you, the Chair One is quite light and packs down into a pouch that is slightly larger than a two-liter water bottle. Weighing 1 lb 14 oz, we fully recognize that this competitor is not the lightest portable camping chair in this review. In fact, it ties for third lightest; the Helinox Chair Zero takes the prize for lightest, followed by the REI Co-op Flexlite). Overall, we found this chair to be the most comfortable and stable while retaining a high level of portability.

Performance Comparison

helinox chair one camping chair review - the helinox chair one has some stiff - but comfortable! -...
The Helinox Chair One has some stiff - but comfortable! - competition. Left to right: Helinox Chair Zero, Helinox Chair One, Moon Lence Ultralight, REI Flex Lite, Onepack Ultralight.
Credit: Maggie B


Discussing the Helinox's comfort is a bit of a challenge, as there were a wide variety of types of chairs included in this review and comfort is such a personal preference. Though comparing a small seat like the Chair One to a luxurious throne like the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong can seem like comparing a bar stool to a La-Z-Boy, there is much to be said about the comfort of the Chair One around a campfire. The seat's fabric is taut enough to provide good lower back support and has several mesh panels to help you stay cool on a hot day.

Additionally, assuming you don't slouch, this chair is angled reasonably upright, allowing your neck to rest in an upright position without needing to crane forward. This made the chair much more functional because you could easily eat or read without having to readjust your position. Most testers felt the Helinox felt a little less like a hammock than the ENO Lounger DL or the Helinox Chair Zero due to its increased support. One of our favorite features of the Chair One was how stable it felt to sit in compared to the other similarly-sized portable camping chair models. While some other camping chairs let reviewers fall over backward when stretching their arms, or dumped them out sideways when they reached for a fourth hot dog, the Chair One was consistently reliable.

Despite these pros, we also noticed some comfort cons. Specifically, the chair's compact design can feel like it's squishing you into the curved shape of the dancing, flute-playing Kokopelli. This problem is height dependent: testers taller than 5'8" didn't experience the shoulder cramming feeling because their shoulders cleared the back of the chair. If you're shorter, you'll likely find tasks like eating or holding a book with two hands to be less comfortable. The thick canvas sides either hold your arms in like a straightjacket or create uncomfortable pressure points as arm rests. It's also important to note that the seat of the Chair One is rather low to the ground - particularly compared to the larger camping chair models but even compared to some of the other portable models that we tested. At a mere 10 inches from the ground, this chair may present a challenge to those trying to get out of it gracefully - even more so if you're sitting on soft ground, where the tiny chair legs easily sink. Overall, we found the Chair One to be one of the most comfortable and stable portable camping chairs in this review.

helinox chair one camping chair review - the bucket style seat on the helinox was much more comfortable for...
The bucket style seat on the Helinox was much more comfortable for the back than other portable models that we tested. Unfortunately, the pressure from the support bars at the top of the chair's seat can squeeze your shoulders together, unless you're tall enough to clear the back of the chair.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

This is all fine and dandy, you say, but how does it compare to the comfort of the Moon Lence, a chair that, side-by-side, appears nearly identical in size and shape to the Chair One? That is an excellent question and one that we took extra time to evaluate adequately. While seemingly the same chair (made by different manufacturers and sold for different prices), we found the Chair One to be much more comfortable. At first, we thought they felt the same. Over time, we found the Moon Lence stretched out in some places and not in others, changing the feel of the chair, and was less stable than the Chair One. For a full comparison, check out the Moon Lence review.


When packed, the Helinox Chair One is noticeably larger than the REI Flexlite or the Chair Zero. Weighing just under two pounds, it is the third lightest chair in this review; heavier only than the REI Flex Lite and Chair Zero.

helinox chair one camping chair review - the smallest chairs we tested compared to standard water bottle...
The smallest chairs we tested compared to standard water bottle sizes. Top (left to right): 2L water bottle, Therm-a-Rest Treo, Helinox Chair One, Alite Mantis; bottom (left to right): Helinox Chair Zero, Helinox Chair One, Moon Lence, REI Flex Lite, Onepack, 1L water bottle on bottom.
Credit: Maggie B

Big Agnes outdid themselves with portability as the newer model, the Helinox Chair Zero, beats the Chair One regarding packed size. Big Agnes has done this by making the Chair Zero thinner and shorter than the Chair One. However, as the third smallest and the third lightest in this review, the Helinox Chair One might just have the right features to get included on your next camping or backpacking trip.

helinox chair one camping chair review - the smallest chairs we tested were just a little bit larger than a...
The smallest chairs we tested were just a little bit larger than a one-liter water bottle. Top left to right: water bottle, Treo, Chair One, Mantis. Bottom left to right: Chair Zero, Chair One, Moon Lence, REI Flex Lite, Onepack.
Credit: Laura Lingeman


We assessed both the frame and fabric portion for durability. Its frame is made of anodized aluminum rods that are all connected with an internal bungee. The bungee allows the frame to stay in one piece when deconstructed and makes the chair much easier to set up. The poles appear to be very durable; however, the two pole joints under the seat of the chair are made of plastic, making us wonder just how long it will last. During everyday use, the Chair One felt significantly more sturdy than all of the other portable camping chairs we reviewed.

Right off the bat, this felt like the most sturdy portable chair that we tested. As a part of our durability testing, we asked a 170lb man to plop down into each chair repeatedly, as if his legs had just given out after a long day. He confirmed our suspicion that this chair was more durable than the other portable chairs in this review, as it had the least amount of give in the poles and fabric when he sat down so hard. The fabric seat has surprisingly beefy construction and sustained no visible wear or tear during our testing process. Our assessment of the chair's durability is backed up by its 320-pound weight capacity, which is significantly more than all of the other portable models except the Onepack Ultralight (though the Onepack lost durability points for other reasons).

helinox chair one camping chair review - the chair one is an attractive and well-built portable chair that...
The Chair One is an attractive and well-built portable chair that packs down smaller than a two liter water bottle. While it's difficult to compare to the durability of the larger and heavier sport chairs, we found it to be surprisingly durable and the most stable portable camping chair in this review.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Ease of Set-Up

Like most of the portable camping chairs in this review, the Chair One comes in two "pieces" and is relatively easy to assemble. An internal bungee system connects all of the poles, and the ends of four poles are then inserted into four small sleeves sewn on the corners of the chair. Helpfully, set-up directions are printed on the inside of the storage bag, to aid first-time users in the set-up process. Our reviewers liked the pole/seat junction and felt that it was very secure and easy to use. Though it requires more set-up than the ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous or many of the traditional model chairs that simply fold open, it is still significantly less time consuming than setting up the ENO Lounger DL, with its extra poles and complicated leg system, or the Onepack, with its excessively long pole sleeves. Once you are familiar with the process, set up takes less than a minute.

With not much work, the Chair One packs down into a zippered pouch. The thick canvas and heavily reinforced corners make rolling the seat a challenge, but the storage bag zips down the side and is large enough you don't have to squeeze too much to fit the chair inside. Once inside the pouch, this self-contained seat can be stored virtually anywhere. Although larger than the Zero, the Chair One can still be easily squeezed into many smaller spaces.

helinox chair one camping chair review - the components of the helinox chair one are both simple and easy to...
The components of the Helinox Chair One are both simple and easy to fit back into the handy, zippered carrying case.
Credit: Maggie B


As a portable camping chair, extra frills are not included. Comparing the Helinox Chair One to the Moon Lence (which appears nearly identical), we noticed that the Moon Lence had extra 'fins' on the feet, that we thought might make a difference when placed on softer ground.

helinox chair one camping chair review - the tiny feet of the helinox chair one (right) don't lend you any...
The tiny feet of the Helinox Chair One (right) don't lend you any extra stability on soft ground. We wondered if the extra surface area of the Moon Lence (left) would make a meaningful difference in sand. It didn't.
Credit: Maggie B

Unfortunately for the Moon Lence, it didn't. Big Agnes does sell little tennis ball-looking chair feet to keep the Chair One on the surface of the sand, but the retail price of these accessories vs. the ease of just setting the legs on flat rocks or stray wood didn't entice us enough to make the purchase. Helinox also sells a ground sheet for the Chair One and Chair Zero so they don't sink into the sand.

helinox chair one camping chair review - the helinox was our top pick for portability. it has a comfortable...
The Helinox was our Top Pick for Portability. It has a comfortable seat and sits relatively high off the ground for a portable chair, which makes getting in and out of it much easier.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Best Applications

We think Helinox Chair One would be good for short backpacking trips and kids. It is low profile enough to just toss in your car and leave it there for those moments you need a camping chair but didn't think of packing one (or if you live in your RV or van).

helinox chair one camping chair review - teeny tiny little legs don't make staying on top of soft ground very...
Teeny tiny little legs don't make staying on top of soft ground very easy!
Credit: Maggie B

It is much more comfortable than a standard, ground level camping chair (like a Crazy Creek) as it offers more back support and keeps you off the ground. This chair is not one we'd recommend for sandy terrain, as the base will sink into the ground.

helinox chair one camping chair review - we don't discriminate between two and four legged testers.
We don't discriminate between two and four legged testers.
Credit: Laura Lingeman


Most testers found it hard to stomach spending $120 on a portable camping chair since they aren't ideal for everyday lounging. If you're in the market for a camping chair that is easier and less painful to carry for long distances, then our Best Portable Camping Chair will likely meet your needs! Additionally, this chair's sturdy, stable construction, and high weight limit gave testers the impression that it will be able to last for many seasons to come. If you are looking for a cheaper option, the $35 Moon Lence, our pick for Best Buy on a Tight Budget might be worth considering (check out the full review here). It has most of the same features as the Chair One, save the overall durability, but at just over a quarter of the price of the Helinox Chair One, you could pretty easily outfit your entire backyard with Moon Lences!


Out of all 13 camping chairs we tested, 7 of which we considered "portable", the Helinox Chair One stood out. We think it's a great choice if you need a portable chair that's more comfortable than a super light backpacking chair, but you don't want to carry a traditional camping chair that's 10+ pounds! Its dimensions make it easy to take with you just about anywhere: throw it in a bag for a concert, stuff it in your backpack for an overnight camping trip, or simply throw it in the car for a quick car camping adventure. This durable, stable, and comfortable model is a great pick to serve you well on a wide variety of adventures.

helinox chair one camping chair review - average sized man meets portable chair.
Average sized man meets portable chair.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Maggie Nichols & Laura Lingeman
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