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NEMO Kyan 35 Review

An exceptional deal for a lightweight bag that excels in wet and dry conditions
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NEMO Kyan 35 Review
Credit: NEMO
Price:  $200 List
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Manufacturer:   NEMO
By Jack Cramer ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 7, 2019
  • Warmth - 20% 3.0
  • Weight - 20% 7.0
  • Comfort - 20% 7.0
  • Packed Size - 15% 9.0
  • Versatility - 15% 9.0
  • Features & Design - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

The Nemo Kyan 35 shocked our review team. Ordinarily sleeping bags filled with synthetic insulation are heavy and bulky. The Kyan is neither. In fact, it packed down as small as any bag we tried while weighing less than some comparably warm down rivals. We also appreciated its innovative “gills” which are a pair of small zippers that let you spread out the insulation to shed heat on warmer nights. For these reasons, it wins our Best Buy Award. We recommend it especially for wet activities or environments where the versatility of the synthetic insulation will bring you peace of mind.
Awesome warmth-to-weight ratio for the price
Very compressible
Tons of venting options
Nice compression sack included
Not as warm as its temp rating
No draft collar
Uncertain durability
Unfortunately, the 35°F version we tested isn't warm enough for the colder nights of spring and fall. We still love it for warmer nights, but if you need full 3-season warmth, check out the 20° version of the Kyan or a loftier down bag.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Less than a decade ago many American manufacturers were marketing premium synthetic sleeping bags. That seems to have changed recently with hydrophobic down insulation capturing a growing share of the market. Synthetic insulation now appears to be mainly relegated to lower quality budget bags. One exception is the Kyan 35. Although it is affordable, it offers premium performance.

Performance Comparison

nemo kyan 35 - the nemo kyan weighs as little and packs as small as ultra-premium...
The Nemo Kyan weighs as little and packs as small as ultra-premium bags that cost twice as much which helped it earn our Best Buy Award.
Credit: Jack Cramer


The Kyan 35 contains 12 ounces of Primaloft Silver synthetic insulation. In the industry-standard EN test, this fill resulted in a lower limit temperature rating of 35°F. In our field tests, our reviewers thought this bag felt a little less warm than other bags with similar temperature ratings. Thus, for most people, this bag will probably only be adequate for summer and the warmer nights of spring and fall.

Many users, however, will appreciate the minimal insulation on summer trips, particularly at lower elevations. Fans of the Kyan's design who desire additional warmth insurance should check out the 20° version. It weighs 6 ounces more and is still priced affordably.

nemo kyan 35 - the 35f version of the kyan is great for summer on warmer nights in...
The 35F version of the Kyan is great for summer on warmer nights in the shoulder seasons. However, we think the 20F version might be better for full 3-season use.
Credit: Jack Cramer


A direct benefit of this bag's minimal insulation is minimal weight. It tipped our scale at an impressive 1.89 pounds for a size long. Although synthetic bags are usually heavier than comparable down bags, the Kyan 35 weighs a few ounces less than some similarly warm down bags we tried.

Both the 35° and 20° versions of the Kyan also weigh less than most other synthetic bags in the 30° range. This comparison speak to just how lightweight these Nemo bags are. Any shopper will be hard pressed to find a better warmth-to-weight ratio at a lower price.


This bag does pretty well in the comfort department. The upper body dimensions are fairly generous, and it tapers toward the feet less than most mummy bags leaving extra space for your legs to move around. However, we consider the wider dimensions of an hour-glass design to be a better choice for side and tummy sleepers.

Overall, our testers thought the Kyan 35 was slightly more comfortable than other affordable mummy bags, but not as cozy as an ultra-premium down bag.

Packed Size

In our tests with an aftermarket compression sack, this bag packed down to an outstanding 6.6 liters in volume. Results were similar using the sturdy compression sack that it comes with. This performance is particularly surprising because the Kyan 35 is synthetic.

Ordinarily one of the primary drawbacks of synthetic insulation is higher weight and larger packed size than comparable levels of down insulation. In both of these areas, however, this bag's Primaloft Silver insulation outperformed similar priced down bags. In packed size specifically, it achieved one of the smallest compressed volumes we saw. This volume was particularly impressive because it matched a similarly rated 900 FP down bag that costs nearly twice as much.

nemo kyan 35 - the nemo kyan was had one of the smallest packed sizes in our tests...
The Nemo Kyan was had one of the smallest packed sizes in our tests. And its included compression sack is pretty sweet too.
Credit: Jack Cramer


The Kyan 35 receives top marks for versatility. The first reason for this is its synthetic insulation. When down gets wet, the feathers are prone to clumping, and it loses nearly all its ability to insulate. Synthetic fills, in contrast, maintain a significant percentage of the normal insulative power even when soaked. In some circumstances this can be the difference between a night spent shivering and a night spent snoring. For this reason, we recommend synthetic bags like the Kyan 35 for wet climates or novice backpackers who might be less adept at keeping their sleeping bag dry.

The other reason this bag scored well in versatility is its ¾-length main zipper. Like a lot of manufacturers, Nemo actually calls this zipper “full-length.” Our tape measure, however, indicated the zipper ended 19 inches from the toe of the bag. Although this seems closer to ¾- than full-length to us, it is still pretty long for a backpacking sleeping bag and gave our testers adequate options for venting excess lower body heat. Thus, the long main zipper, along with the venting “gills” discussed below, ensure that you can be comfortable in this bag across a greater range of temperatures.

nemo kyan 35 - the nemo kyan's synthetic insulation is ideal if you're worried...
The Nemo Kyan's synthetic insulation is ideal if you're worried about rain getting your sleeping bag wet.
Credit: Jack Cramer

Features and Design

Nemo is a company that's deservedly known for clever innovations, and the Kyan 35 includes a couple of examples. The most conspicuous, perhaps, are a pair of “gills” on the top of the bag. These gills are slits of uninsulated material that you can open and close using a tiny zipper. When opened, excess heat is able to escape past the thin fabric. When closed, however, the zipper draws the adjacent insulation together, ensuring that heat stays trapped inside.

Although some of our testers viewed the gills as a completely unnecessary feature, others were big fans. The fans argued the gills helped them better adjust the bag's warmth throughout a night. A common tactic was to start off with the gills open and then close them after the outside temperature had dropped later in the night. Whether you end up liking the gills or not, the tiny zippers and extra small pieces of fabric add minimal weight to the bag.

nemo kyan 35 - open the gill zippers (right) to open gaps in the insulation to let...
Open the gill zippers (right) to open gaps in the insulation to let heat escape. Close the gill zippers (left) and the Nemo Kyan seals in heat like any other bag.
Credit: Jack Cramer

Near the gills, Nemo uses a tiny third zipper for the opening to a small stash pocket. This pocket is great a place to keep a phone or headlamp warm and close at hand.

nemo kyan 35 - the kyan has an inconspicuous zippered stash pocket on the outside...
The Kyan has an inconspicuous zippered stash pocket on the outside of the bag near the hood.
Credit: Jack Cramer


At the time of this review, the MSRP for the Kyan 35 is a steal. Our review team believes it easily outperforms all the other similarly priced bags we tested. It also outperformed several other bags that cost a couple of hundred dollars more. This all suggests a bag that is an exceptional value. Our only concern is the longevity of its Primaloft Silver insulation. At present, it is not yet known how well this insulation will maintain its loft after repeated compression cycles.

nemo kyan 35 - with its reasonable price tag, you don't have to worry as much about...
With its reasonable price tag, you don't have to worry as much about hurting the Kyan as you would with a pricier bag.
Credit: Jack Cramer


With its well-balanced performance and bargain price, the Nemo Kyan 35 easily wins our Best Buy Award. Its best attributes are versatility across a range of conditions and exceptionally small packed size. Some testers, however, think the warmth provided by the 35° version we tested may not be enough for colder 3-season uses. The bottom line: if you live in a warm place, or know you sleep “hot”, the Kyan 35 is an excellent and inexpensive choice. If you're concerned about getting cold, check out the Kyan 20 or other affordable, but warmer, options like the REI Co-op Igneo 25 or Kelty Cosmic 20.

Jack Cramer