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Shredly MTB Short Review

Shredly MTB Shorts are comfortable, durable, and have wild style
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Shredly MTB Short Review (Shredly Graciela)
Shredly Graciela
Credit: Shredly
Price:  $105 List
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Manufacturer:   Shredly
By Laurel Hunter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 11, 2018
  • Fit and Comfort - 30% 8.0
  • Pedal Friendliness - 30% 9.0
  • Protection - 20% 7.0
  • Pockets - 10% 6.0
  • Style - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

Shredly is bringing some flair to the trail with their MTB Shorts. They also happen to be super comfortable. The 4-way stretch fabric allows the shorts to move with you, whether you're sitting and spinning, standing and cranking, or hanging off the back for dear life.
Fun patterns
Good stretch
Awkward waist adjusters
No zippered pocket
While they have lots of pockets, we missed having a zippered pocket and found the waist adjusters to be a little awkward, but if you like color, patterns, and good coverage, you should take a closer look at the Shredly MTB Short.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Tired of boring, plain, solid mountain bike shorts? If you like patterns and color while you ride, then the Shredly MTB Short is calling your name. Oh yeah, and they are darn comfortable, too. These will serve you well on almost any kind of ride. They are lightweight and ventilated for hot days, have a long enough inseam to offer decent protection from brush, and are comfortable enough to pedal all day long.

Performance Comparison

shredly mtb short - a quality short with 4-way stretch and fun patterns.
A quality short with 4-way stretch and fun patterns.
Credit: Laurel Hunter

Fit and Comfort

Shredly is a company founded by a woman who rides, and you can tell! The shorts fit really well and are cut to be flattering and fun. They are bulkier than some of the other shorts in the test, but overall the sizing is accurate.

The waist adjusters on the MTB Short consist of buttons and stretchy nylon on the inside of the waistband. They are not super sleek, but they work. If you need to cinch a lot of fabric, it gathers on the sides and the flaps of nylon have nowhere to go, but only one of our testers found this to be a problem.

shredly mtb short - this short has roomy legs for riding and offers good protection.
This short has roomy legs for riding and offers good protection.
Credit: Laurel Hunter


The MTB Short is made of lightweight polyester and has a 10 1/2-inch inseam to provide good coverage. While our testers wanted heavier weight fabric and a longer inseam for full-on downhill riding, they trusted the MTB Short in the rock gardens and on steep descents.

The short has roomy legs and barely enough length to work with kneepads - most riders will have a narrow gap while seated. Shredly also makes a longer short for those with longer legs and anyone who wants more coverage.

Pedal Friendliness

These shorts are equipped with long zippered vents on top of the thighs. For hot days in the saddle, these are awesome for ventilating your legs. They do add some bulk and might look a little funny, but if you run hot, you will appreciate the functionality.

There was no issue with shorts slipping down as we pedaled, nor was there a gap in the back. With 4-way stretch fabric that moves well as we pedaled and descended on the bike, the MTB Short is one of the most comfortable shorts we tested.

shredly mtb short - we liked the ventilation on these shorts but were undecided on the...
We liked the ventilation on these shorts but were undecided on the look of the vents.
Credit: Laurel Hunter


There are 3 pockets on the Shredly's, two hand pockets that are open from the waistband, and one snap pocket on the right outer thigh. We loved the placement of the third pocket but were less enamored of the snap, which is a large faceted jewel-like plastic. The flap of fabric adds extra bulk to the shorts without the benefit of securing our valuables. In general, we prefer a zipper for easy visual confirmation that our valuables are secure, and for the low profile.


Shredly shorts stand out on the trail, and you know them when you see them. Notable for their wild, colorful, and fun fabrics, we tested the Graciela, which is fairly subdued compared to the rest of the Shredly lineup. Our testers all gave a thumbs up to the flowery pattern and the relaxed look. We did not like as much the fake jewel snaps, which seemed large, bulky, and a little tacky compared to the classiness of the shorts, overall.

The MTB Short is a great choice for ladies that want to bring some color and fun to their biking kit. Shredly has updated their prints since we tested, and there are plenty of fun colorful prints, as well as more subtle options to choose from.


The Shredly shorts fall around the median price of the shorts we tested. Overall the fit is good, the shorts ride well and they are well made (in the USA!). We think they are worth the money.


Shredly's patterns can be a little wild style for everyday rides, but they are really comfortable shorts that will suit most of your riding needs. Some details are not as finessed as other shorts we tested, such as the waist adjusters and the snap pocket, but if you are looking for something fun and functional to wear mountain biking, these are for you.

Laurel Hunter