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WTB Pure Review

A wider and longer version of the Speed, a favorite amongst our female testers
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WTB Pure Review
WTB Pure V
Credit: WTB
Price:  $60 List
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Manufacturer:   Wilderness Trail Bikes
By Curtis Smith ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 9, 2016

Our Verdict

This is a great saddle for gravity-oriented riding, downhill and super-d. It's pretty comfy for short periods of high output pedaling, but shines when you are out of the saddle. The drop nose stays out of the way and the long length provides leverage for the inner thigh when you need to aggressively push the bike around. With a reasonably lightweight and durable design, it is a great buy.
Lots of exposed seams

Our Analysis and Test Results

Hands-On Review


wtb pure - a cut out in the shell that wtb calls "the comfort zone" is designed...
A cut out in the shell that WTB calls “The Comfort Zone” is designed to relieve pressure when sitting on the nose of the saddle.
Credit: Curtis Smith

The Pure Race has a classic shape, relatively flat with a slight rise in the rear, with an anatomical groove and a cutout in the shell that WTB calls the “Comfort Zone.” We did not notice any measurable relief of pressure while seated forward on the saddle near the “Comfort Zone,” likely due to the thick padding. It is similar in shape to the WTB Speed, but is both wider and longer. Our female testers loved the wide design of this saddle in combination with the adequate padding.
wtb pure - the pure v race has a long drop nose that stays out of the way...
The Pure V Race has a long drop nose that stays out of the way during out of the saddle efforts.
Credit: Curtis Smith

The Pure Race also has a noticeable downward curve at the nose to prevent you from catching your shorts. Of the WTB saddles we tested, it has the most padding but the stiffest shell. In general we find that saddles with a bit less padding and more shell flex tend to be more comfortable for high performance riding. We found it to be less comfortable than the WTB Speed, winner of our Best Buy Award.


Due to wide profile and stiff shell, our testers found there to be quite a bit of friction between the saddle and the inner thigh. We always felt pushed forward on the nose of the saddle in an effort to avoid this. The long profile is a benefit while descending out of the saddle, where it gives the rider something to push against with the inner thigh. Female riders may like the wider design of this saddle more than male testers.


We like the Pure for gravity-oriented riding and shuttle runs where we spent less time seated and more time descending out of the saddle. Most riders will find the Pure to be a bit wide and cumbersome for road biking and cross-country mountain biking.


The Pure Race received high marks for durability. The synthetic cover can take a beating. Heavy-duty fabric on the sides at the back of the saddle provides good abrasion resistance, and the steel rails are not likely to break or bend. The only flaw in durability is the exposed stitching and seams that are prone to abrasion.
wtb pure - durable heavy-duty fabric on the corners protects the pure v race...
Durable heavy-duty fabric on the corners protects the Pure V Race from abrasion.
Credit: Curtis Smith


At 291g, the Pure Race is not a featherweight, but it is far from the heaviest saddle in our test group. If you plan to use this saddle on your shuttle bike, the weight will should be more than satisfactory.

Best Application

Mount this saddle on your downhill or super-d bike, where its durability and shape stand out. It would also be at home on a cruiser or town bike.


The Pure Race is durable and has a great dollar to gram ratio. For $60 msrp it is a great buy.

Curtis Smith