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Lezyne V10 Review

The Lezyne V10 is a small and lightweight multi-tool with just the essentials for trail side fixes
Lezyne V10
Credit: Backcountry
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Pros:  Small, lightweight, has the essentials
Cons:  Minimalist, ergonomics
Manufacturer:   Lezyne
By Jeremy Benson ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 8, 2018
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  • Ergonomics - 25% 7.0
  • Features - 25% 6.0
  • Ease of Use - 20% 8.0
  • Portability - 20% 9.0
  • Durability - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

The V10 is a compact and lightweight multi-tool from Lezyne. It has the least functions of all models in this review, but its ten tools are typically all you need to handle simple fixes and adjustments. It comes with all the standard stuff. At 101g, it is one of the lightest and smallest models we tested; you'll barely even notice that you're carrying it. Ergonomics aren't fantastic but reasonable considering its small size. It also comes with a slick cover to keep it folded up neatly and prevent it from hanging up on other items in your pack. We wouldn't hesitate to stash the V10 in our pack, saddle bag, or jersey pocket.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Lezyne has recently update their line of multi-tools and the V10 has been discontinued. We recently tested the new Super V 22 and were impressed. April 2021

The V10 is one of several models in Lezyne's range of V multi-tools. It falls squarely in the middle for functions with a total of 10 useful tools. While it may have the least functions of all models in this review, it covers most of your adjustment and simple fix needs while out in the field. Gram counters take note, as it is also one of the smallest and lightest weight models in this test at 101g without the cover. It also has a durable all metal construction and is offered at a reasonable price.

Performance Comparison

Lezyne V10 bike multi-tool - the v10 is the smallest and lightest model in the test, plus it...
The V10 is the smallest and lightest model in the test, plus it still has the tools you need.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


With a total of 10 tools, the V10 has the least functions of any model in this test. That said, the ten tools it does have cover most of your bases for simple adjustments and minor fixes out on the trail, road, or wherever you're riding. It comes equipped with hex keys in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, Torx 25 and Torx 30, a Phillips head, and a small but quality chain breaker.

All of the bits on the V10 are forged Chrome Vanadium for corrosion resistance, with machined aluminum side plates, and a stainless steel chain breaker. The tool also comes with a neoprene/faux leather sleeve that wraps around it and keeps all the tools in place while it is not in use. The neoprene sleeve adds a few grams to the overall weight of the tool, but it's a nice addition as the tools don't all sit perfectly flat.

Lezyne V10 bike multi-tool - it may only have 10 tools, but it probably has just about everything...
It may only have 10 tools, but it probably has just about everything you need.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Every other tool in this review has more functions than the V10. That said, if all you ever use your multi-tool for is tightening and loosening bolts and occasionally breaking a chain, then the V10 has you covered.


The ergonomics of the V10 are one place where this tool is outperformed by much of the competition. This is a result of the impressively small size of the tool. It is one of the smallest tools we tested at 2.5" long, 1.75" wide, and 0.5" thick. The short length makes it a little tough to get a very firm grasp on the tool as it is shorter than the width of your palm. The machined aluminum side plates have squared off edges and aren't quite as comfortable in hand as models with more rounded and contoured edges like the Crankbrothers F15.

Lezyne V10 bike multi-tool - it's shorter and wider, making it a little more difficult to hold or...
It's shorter and wider, making it a little more difficult to hold or apply lots of force.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

The tools are generally a good length, although the width of the tool makes it a little tough to turn in some of the tighter places. The chain breaker is small, which it needs to be on a tool of this size, and the result is that it's a little more challenging to get a firm grasp on when you're trying to push out a pin. It's more ergonomically friendly than the chain breaker on the Pedro's Rx Micro-20, but less so than those found on the Crankbrothers M19 and the Blackburn Tradesman.


The V10 is one of the lightest and the smallest multi-tools in this review. Without the neoprene sleeve, it weighs only 101g. The neoprene sleeve adds 5g to its overall weight, and testers found that they preferred using the sleeve to keep the tool tight in your pack or jersey pocket. The Ninja 16+ is slightly lighter, tipping the scales at 93g, and the OneUp EDC is just heavier at 108g. For comparison, the heaviest models in our test like the Lezyne RAP-21 CO2, Blackburn Tradesman, Crankbrothers M19, and the Park Tool IB-3 weigh at least 70g more.

The lightest model in the test.
The lightest model in the test.
The smallest in the test. The cover adds 5g.
The smallest in the test. The cover adds 5g.

At 2.5" long, 1.75" wide, and 0.5" thick, the V10 is the second most compact model in this review behind the Ninja 16+. It's so small that it takes up almost no room in your pack or saddlebag. All of the tools in this review are small and light enough to be easily portable, but if having the lightest and smallest tool is your priority, then the V10 is one of the best. The OneUp EDC and Blackburn Switch Wrap take the cake for portability though, as they conveniently store on your bike.

Ease of Use

The V10 is a relatively simple and user-friendly tool. Should you choose to use the included neoprene cover, it adds the step of removing and replacing the cover every time you use the tool. This isn't really a big deal; it just takes a few seconds each time you use it, and you need to keep track of it so you don't lose it. The tools themselves are very easy to locate, and they rotate out of the body of the tool with moderate force for use.

Lezyne V10 bike multi-tool - overall, the v10 is very easy to use. the chain tool is on the small...
Overall, the V10 is very easy to use. The chain tool is on the small side and a little harder to grasp than some of the others.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

As mentioned in the ergonomics section above, the chain breaker on the V10 is straightforward and easy to use, although its smaller size does make it a little harder to hold onto when you're applying some torque to push a pin out of the chain. Overall, testers found the V10 to be more user-friendly than tools with multiple pieces like the Park Tool IB-3 and the OneUp EDC and Blackburn Switch Wrap, but a little less than tools with no cover or case like the Blackburn Tradesman.


The V10 appears to be a very durable product. It is made with an all metal construction that includes machined aluminum side plates, forged and machined Cr-V+ anti-corrosion bits, a stainless steel chain breaker, and Chrome Vanadium steel hardware. The anti-corrosion bits should never rust or tarnish, and the heads all look like new even after repeated use.

The neoprene sleeve cover is by far the least durable aspect of the V10. It seems likely that it will wear out over time, especially along the stitched seam on its backside. The good news is that even if the cover eventually falls apart, it isn't a necessary element of the tool, though it is nice to use.


At a retail price of $36, the V10 falls right around the median price for tools in this review. Considering the small size and low weight, we feel this is a good value for the cyclist looking for a compact minimalist multi-tool.

Lezyne V10 bike multi-tool - the v10 is a lightweight, very small, and quality tool from lezyne...
The V10 is a lightweight, very small, and quality tool from Lezyne. If weight and size matter, this is a good option to consider.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


The V10is one of the lightest and most compact multi-tool models in this review. It has a total of 10 useful tools and is made with a durable all metal construction and anti-corrosion bits to last you for years of trouble-free use. Testers found the small size and shape of the tool to make it a little less ergonomically friendly than some of the competition, but it gets the job done regardless. If you're looking for a light, small, and minimalist multi-tool, we think the V10 is a good option to consider.

Other Versions and Accessories

Lezyne makes a full line of multi-tools and toolkits. In their V-series alone there are five different models equipped with a varying number of tools.
The V-5 ($18) is the most basic, with five total tools which include 3, 4, 5, and 6 Allen keys and a Phillips head screwdriver, weighing in at just 50g.
The V-7 ($20) has seven tools, 2.5, 4, 5, and 6 Allen keys, T25 and T30, and a flat-head screwdriver, and weighs just 65g.
The V-11 ($37) is the same size as the V-10(tested) and has the same tools except they add a 2.5mm Allen, and swap the Phillips head screwdriver for a flat head. It weighs 102g.
The V-16 ($40) is the most fully featured, with 16 tools including all of those on the V-11 plus three sizes of spoke wrenches, a tire lever, an open-end 10mm, and storage for a quick link.

Jeremy Benson
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