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Tasha Thomas

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Tasha Thomas is a physical education teacher in the Lake Tahoe Unified School District. She grew up in New England riding bikes, skiing, backpacking and rock climbing. While earning a BA in Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology at the University of Rhode Island she spent much of her time climbing in the Adirondacks and the White Mountains. Tasha relocated to South Lake Tahoe in 2008 and earned her Master’s Degree in teaching from Sierra Nevada College. Tasha unleashed her full-blown mountain bike obsession in Tahoe. She began racing professionally in 2014 in enduro and downhill. Tasha is at her happiest behind the bars of her bicycle.

Her passion for mountain biking continues to grow and she teaches multiple workshops and camps throughout the summer. Tasha lives for bringing people together on bikes while enjoying the outdoors.

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