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The Camano's sleek blade design delivered a smooth entry and exit point for the paddle.

Sara James

Review Editor

Sara's expertise has developed over 15 years of recreating, training, competing, coaching and generally nerding out over a wide variety of paddle sports. This includes white water kayaking, kayak touring, slalom kayaking, white water racing, kayak surfing, kayak freestyle, SUP and kayak polo. This immersion into an array of kayaking related disciplines has given her a solid foundation and understanding of the sport, along with an experiential insight into the different features of kayak design, and how they support different goals. She qualified as a British Canoe Union coach in 2007 and has continued to coach and develop her practice, working with over 500 different kayaking students in her career so far. Highlights include delivering coaching clinics at the British Canoe Union Safety Symposium and speaking to a collection of over 100 female kayakers as the keynote speaker for the UK's Womens White Water Symposium.