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Sara James

Sara James

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Sara has been traveling internationally for over 30 years, first following her tri-lingual parents and later with a white water kayak in tow. She has competed in numerous international white water kayaking events and is proud to say she has lost to some of the world’s best kayakers. After finishing a Masters in Teaching Special Education, Sara moved to the Sierra Foothills to teach at an Expeditionary Learning high school. She enjoys sharing her passion for the outdoors with students, whilst supporting them with a rigorous interdisciplinary college-prep curriculum.

An avid learner herself, Sara continues to take classes for fun and is currently working on a Certificate in Wilderness Education through Lake Tahoe Community College. She has learned to skate, downhill mountain bike, backcountry ski, and climb in the last 6 years and looks forward to learning much more. Sara doesn’t believe in the mantra that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. She teaches for California Women’s Kayak Collective during her summer breaks.

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