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Ross Robinson, atop Sri Pada (Adama's Peak) in Sri Lanka.
Photo: Ross Robinson

Ross Robinson

Senior Review Editor

Ross seeks laughter and thrills with a passion all over the planet. A global fun-haver, if you will. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University in 2009, he moved to Hamburg, Germany to teach English as part of the Fulbright Scholar Program. After a year, Southeast Asia called, and all life possessions were again crammed into a backpack. Landing a job in southern Thailand, Ross taught elementary science for four years, three of which he served as head of the science department while exploring tropical jungles and islands of limestone karsts on the weekends. With a growing number of nieces and nephews, he returned to the US for a stint in Minnesota before heading to Peru to work remotely and live fully while attempting to learn Spanish. Traveling to dozens of countries and experiencing culture in countless forms has enriched his life in more ways than Ross ever imagined. An open heart and a smile go far, no matter where you are.

Happiness found in the outdoors has also formed Ross' life. Some of his most memorable moments in the outdoors include cragging at 14,000 feet above sea level in Hatun Machay, Peru, backpacking the Huayhuash alpine loop unassisted, Christmas Eve multi-pitching above Phang Nga Bay, Thailand dressed as a reindeer with a ukulele, canoe-packing in the Minnesotan Boundary Waters, and skiing off Mt. Tallac’s summit following a champagne toast. But most of all, Ross appreciates sharing these experiences with close friends. Enjoying the outdoors with good company is about as good as it gets. When not in a harness, on skis, on a mountain bike saddle, or in hiking shoes, Ross like hanging out with his girlfriend and dog, singing them songs on guitar, and crafting his next homebrew. He is also lucky to have the most inspiring and loving siblings one could desire.

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