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Heading up the Jungfrau to the top of Mt. Eiger.
Photo: RickB

Rick Baraff

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Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Rick started attending sleep away camp in New Hampshire at age 8 where the rustic bunks and call of the wild began a lifelong passion for the outdoors. He’s gone on to become a competitive international adventure racer and ultra runner lining up (and sometimes finishing on the podium) at over 100 of the most grueling races around the world including the Eco-Challenge, Primal Quest and Adventure Racing World Championships. Some may say he’s in it for the glory but a big part of it is the huge variety of gear that he gets to employ along the way. From 600-mile, coast-to-coast races across Sweden to being one of the few to finish the unforgiving, original Eco-Challenge Fiji (2001) to the 150-mile multi-day, expedition-style 4 Deserts ultra running race in the Atacama Desert of Chile, Rick has literally been in and to every extreme.

Professionally, Rick got a degree in Film/Video Studies from the University of Michigan and after stomping through the jungles of Los Angeles for years (thanks, Axl!) he often marries his love of and ability to run through all manner of terrain with his camera skills while filming adventure sports TV shows, documentaries and other creative content around environmental and social justice causes. He’s now the father of toddling twins and in his biggest adventure yet utilizes all his wiles, savvy, and endurance keeping up with them 24/7.