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Larin McPeak

Larin McPeak

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As a former Park Ranger and Mountain Search and Rescue Team Member, Larin loves to be outdoors. Whether that is trekking the big mountain ranges of Asia, hiking through the jungles of Brazil, cycling the USA or snowboarding the European Alps, Larin has tried it. Her Type A personality led her to the endurance worlds of distance cycling and ultra marathons and she is currently training for her first iron-distance triathlon. When not in training, you can find her in Europe or Asia on business in product development and production, which makes her our technical guru for reviews such as for GPS watches.

Whether she is trekking the mountain ranges of Asia, hiking the Brazilian jungles, cycling in the USA or snowboarding the Alps, Larin is always outdoors. Her love for nature and pushing her self led to the endurance sports of distance cycling, ultra marathons, and iron-distance triathlons. When not outdoors, she develops, produces and sources products for international consumer goods companies.