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Kyle Hameister
Kyle Hameister
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Kyle Hameister

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Kyle is fortunate to live in the foothills of the beautiful Colorado Rockies, where he has quick access to world-class outdoor terrain. You can regularly find him out on a paddle board to decompress after work, braving traffic up I-70 in search of good skiing on the weekends, or cursing his way up some forsaken scree field on summertime climbs.

Kyle works professionally as an Industrial Designer, and his career has been typically diverse: he previously worked on the corporate team for the world's leading mannequin brand, and currently works in-house at a startup designing office privacy booths. His professional work spills over into his spare time, where Kyle has recently enjoyed sewing and modifying his own home-built packs.

Writing for GearLab is a passion project, and what a time to be alive! There's a niche product for every conceivable form of recreation. From scouring specialty retailers for the next key piece of gear to fit neatly (and ironically) into his minimalist lifestyle, to talking anyone's ear off about the nuanced benefits of particular design choices, Kyle is excited to work with GearLab to continue doing what he does best: nit-picking and geeking out over the newest and greatest gear.

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