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Jason Wanlass

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At an early age, Jason Wanlass was diagnosed with PPS or Peter Pan Syndrome. As he has aged, doctors say Jason's case has progressed into what may be the worst case of PPS ever recorded. In an effort to slow the condition's progress, experts have suggested Jason undergo lethal doses of long work days in the office; high levels of worrying about things he can't control; and a constant diet of bills, deadlines and scheduling. However, in the end, they are predicting a slim 5 percent cure rate. So after much reflection, Jason has decided to forgo any treatment and face his condition head-on. He currently lives in Utah, where he heads to the mountains and plays in Mother Nature's playground as often as he possibly can. He's an avid backpacker and hiker and wishes he had the time and money to place his feet on every hiking path in the world.

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