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Henry Feder

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Henry hails from the gritty crags of New England and currently resides in South Lake Tahoe. After graduating with a degree in Adventure Education from Green Mountain College he packed up his Honda with his friends and headed west. While In Yosemite, out of money and peanut butter, he took a job as a housekeeper. Henry lived full time in Yosemite working on Yosemite Search and Rescue, Outward Bound Califonia, and many other odd jobs for four years. While in Yosemite Henry established first ascents, first ski descents, and saw places few have explored. After getting a bad case of the ditch fever it was time to move on. Henry currently resides in Tahoe where he can be found patrolling the slopes of Heavenly or riding his bike or climbing the amazing granite boulders and crags Tahoe has to offer.

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