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Hayley Walker found in her preferred habitat.

Hayley Walker

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Hayley Walker grew up hiking, running, and exploring amidst the pine trees and fog along California’s central coast in the small town of Cambria. The allure of the rain pulled her to the Pacific Northwest for college, where she studied International Political Economy and English while competing on the cross country and track teams year-round. After graduating, she completed two years of AmeriCorps service and a 50-day Outward Bound Outdoor Educator Course in the Eastern Cascades. For the last 9 years, she has lived outside of Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah, working in the outdoor industry. Her jobs have included Rental Equipment Manager, Outfitting Manager, Trainer, Gear Tester and Repairer, Shuttle Driver, and Bike Mechanic. Her love of outdoor recreation and photography has only grown since she arrived in Utah, thanks to the ample opportunities beckoning in her backyard. With 65+ unique canyon descents and countless repeats, several multi-sport adventures involving biking, canyoneering, and packrafting, and numerous climbs and mountaineering routes within Zion, Hayley, by default, loves gear and all things outdoor recreation.