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Photo: David Allfrey

David Allfrey

Senior Review Editor

David Allfrey grew up in California. He found the mountains with his parents as young kid through regular camping trips and rock climbing with his father. When he went to college at the University of California at Santa Cruz, he rediscovered rock climbing and became obsessed. Over the last nine years, he has traveled around the globe climbing, but always returns to his original stomping grounds in Yosemite Valley. David is an accomplished big wall climber, with ascents of nearly thirty different routes on El Capitan and over 40 trips up the big stone. He has set many speed records including climbing seven different routes on El Cap in seven days and also an enchainment of the three largest big walls in Yosemite Valley. David currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where he spends most of his time free climbing, when he isn't writing, of course.