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Overall avg rating 3.0 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: March 7, 2016
Price:   $180 List | Varies from $102 - $110 online
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Pros:  Lens change darkness depending on available light, good fit for smaller face, good protection.
Cons:  OK fit for large faces, strap has limited adjustment.
Manufacturer:   POC
Review by: Aaron Zanto ⋅ Review Editor, OutdoorGearLab ⋅ March 7, 2016  
Use this goggle for skiing in "High Definition" as it has one of the best lenses we tested. The optics are so clear and crisp that one tester drove away with the goggle on. The style is futuristic and practical. This is a fantastic goggle for a user wanting the the sharpest vision possible. This goggle earned our Top Pick for its outstanding lens quality.

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OutdoorGearLab Editors' Hands-on Review

Hands on Comparison

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Credit: Aaron Zanto


These worked well in the sun, wind, and rain. The frame is very flexible and formed well to the curvature of the face. The frame size is large so it will work best on extra large faces. Most of our users found that air leaked in on the sides, especially at high speeds. The extra air caused some drying of testers' eyes.


It did not take much exertion to cause the goggle to start fogging on the inside. Usually we were able to get the goggle to un-fog with a rapid descent.
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Credit: Aaron Zanto
The lens is over the top of the frame. This lens/frame interface allowed for the outside moisture to roll off of the lens. There was no pooling of rain or snow on the edge of the frame. We were also able to completely wipe moisture off the outside of the lens due to no edge protruding from the frame. (Be careful when wiping this particular lens as we found it scratched extremely easily.)


This goggle fit extra large faces well. It felt over-sized to the majority of our testers. Some of the testers noted that they felt their nostrils squished a little bit. The three layers of foam worked well to keep moisture away from the face and make the frame contact soft. The strap worked well. There was plenty of room to adjust the strap for any head or helmet size.

Lens Quality

The lens quality is what makes the POC Lobes stand out and earn the Top Pick For Lens Quality. The lens is definitely "High Definition." The image is clear and crisp and there is no distortion or glare. The quality is so good that you need to be careful or you too might drive away while wearing these goggles. We felt this was the best lens of the eight pairs we tested.


The lens durability was not good as this lens scratched extremely easily. One tester attempted to wipe his lens with a "skigee" and ended up putting scratches all the way across the lens. It is possible to purchase a replacement lens, but it is expensive. For our testers the durability was a major factor and we can only recommend this goggle to a user that is very attentive the protecting and caring for their goggles. The storage sack worked well to clear the goggles and would be the only option for cleaning the lens.


The style of the POC Lobes is very current, maybe even futuristic. It has clean and simple lines. This goggle is very popular at the ski area and with back country skiers. Because the lens completely covers the frame it is not possible to see a much difference with the color change of the strap. From the side the color change of the strap is very dramatic. Most users want to match the color of the strap with their helmet.

Best Applications

This goggle would be great for a skier or snowboarder. It would also work well for snowmobilers. Because the lens optics are so clear it works really well for users that need to have sharp vision. This goggle is well suited for advanced users.


These are a good value for an advanced skier that is looking for an excellent lens. Even though it scratched easily it would still make a good value for a user that can take extreme care of his/her gear.

Other Versions and Accessories

Lobes Replacement Lenses
  • Cost - $90
  • Assortment of color options with different UV categories
  • Lenses range from Category 2 to Category 4 for different amounts of sunlight

Lid Goggles
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  • Cost - $200
  • Larger field of vision
  • Frameless design
  • Changeable lenses

Aaron Zanto

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