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CamelBak Antidote Reservoir Review

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Best Buy Award
Price:   Varies from $25 - $35 online  —  Compare at 5 sellers
Pros:  Easy to fill, large screw top opening, inexpensive, great bite valve, narrow profile, compatible with most packs, divided compartments prevent sloshing
Cons:  Somewhat difficult to clean, harder to fill in trickling streams
Bottom line:  The highest value hydration bladder that we've tested thus far.
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Manufacturer:   CamelBak


The Antidote wins our Best Buy award because it scored very highly, is extremely easy to fill, easy to drink from, and one of the least expensive bladders you can find. It is also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which further enhances its long term value. We highly recommend this bladder if you are on a budget and if don't mind a little extra work cleaning (if you use sports powders). If you are willing to spend a bit more and want the extra features of a pressurized system, we recommend you check out the Editors' Choice Geigerrig Hydration Engine.

The Antidote is latest Camelbak bladder in a lineage that goes back decades; it may be the oldest running hydration reservoir. Over the years CamelBak has continually modified this bladder. Compared to earlier versions, it now has a large wide mouth opening, large grab handle for filling, two chambers for water so it sloshes around less, removable hose and drying plastic tabs. The bite valves were also our favorite. Not too big, and not too small. We also liked that the bite valves weren't as easy to come off and lose like previous models.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Amber King
Senior Review Editor

Last Updated:
August 13, 2016
This Best Buy winner stands out for its bomber wide twist top with a great handle. While a lot of companies have moved to zip or flip tops, CamelBak so far has stuck with the twist top. This was our favorite bladder with this design.

Performance Comparison

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Climbing the Petit Groupon in Rocky Mountain National Park was fun! The CamelBak Antidote kept us hydrated on this adventure.

Ease of Use

This is our favorite bite valve. After testing, we attached the bite valve and tube to other hydration packs with a compatible tube attachment. Even though the CamelBak is not pressurized, the water flows easily. It also has the most intuitive lockoff mechanism: the yellow lever contrasts well against the blue valve which reminds you to lock it off when not in use. In short, it's easy to use and comfortable to bite. Other valves did not compare.

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A comparison of all three switch-style bite valves. The smaller valve on the right (CamelBak) was the easiest to drink from.

We loved that the quick release system was compatible with all other release systems.

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The CamelBak shows compatibility with all hoses and comes with a quick-release system.

Ease of Care

Use the CamelBak drying arms to prop the bag up when it needs a good air dry.

CamelBak's get easier and easier to clean with every bladder revision. Compared to early generations, the wide opening makes it very easy to get a brush inside. Recently they have added plastic tabs on the sides to help keep the bladder open and propped up. This makes it easier to dry. The CamelBak Cleaning Brush Kit that is sold separately works effectively at cleaning out the hoses. Many other bladders either did not offer hose cleaning brushes or came with brush cleaning kits that were not long enough to clean the entire hose.

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The drying arms help to keep the CamelBak propped up when drying.

All that said, the Antidote is not nearly as easy to clean as a zip or flip top hydration bladder like the HydraPak Shape-Shift Reservoir or the Geigerrig Hydration Engine. These (designed by HydraPak) offer a much wider mouth opening and can be flipped inside out. Better yet - they can be thrown into a dishwasher. The Camelbak on the other hand, is difficult to empty as water gets caught in crevasses and other hard to reach areas. We did like how the mouthpiece was easy to take apart to clean and put together. Consider a tablet such as the Hydrapak Bottle Bright, a non-chlorinated tablet that removes stains and odors.

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The wide mouth makes cleaning easy...but not as easy as flip top bladders.

Ease of Filling

This is one of the easiest hydration bladders to fill, especially in shallow sinks. Unlike other bladders that have a flip top, like the HydraPak Shape-Shift, it is harder to fill in trickling streams. You can really fill up every last space in the bladder as opposed to some other bladders where it is hard to get it completely full. One nice advantage over the other bladders is that the lid peels all the way back and out of the way when filling the bladder. You also don't have to screw it much to seal it and it is very clear when the lid is totally closed. We also liked the plastic connector that keeps the lid fastened to the reservoir.

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The wide mouth and bomber grip on the CamelBak Antidote made it our easiest to fill. When filling in lakes and deep rivers, we were able to fill it faster than others.


CamelBak hoses and bite valves are some of the most durable tested.

After putting this bladder in the freezer, setting it in the sun, filling it up, and flipping it around, we found it to be quite durable. We liked the heavier material that (in our opinion) makes it a little less prone to punctures than lighter materials used in other models like the Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir. Of the many CamelBaks we have owned, we have never been able to get the reservoir bladder to leak, though some of our readers have reported some leakage problems in the past; in some cases, you may get a lemon. In that case, contact CamelBak, as they offer a limited lifetime warranty (it excludes misuse, normal wear and tear, etc.). As a result, this bladder earns top marks in this category.

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A look at the seams and construction of the four main bladder types. Top left: HydraPak varieties (hosted in Osprey, Geigerigg, and HydraPak) feature seamless technology with minimal welded seams. Top right: The CamelBak features smaller, more durable seams. Bottom left: Platypus features large seams that we could literally pull apart. Bottom Right: MSR features super strong welds in the fabric outer.


The CamelBak is in the middle of the road for weight. Everything about it is very light except for the large plastic handle and large opening. Of course, it is this large opening and handle that makes the CamelBak so easy to fill and clean. That is the tradeoff. Most CamelBak users and ourselves prefer the slightly heavier and more convenient design. But folks who are obsessed on traveling as light as possible should check out the HydraPak Shape-Shift (Our Top Pick for Lightweight Adventures).

Best Applications

The Antidote excels at hiking, mountain biking and dirt biking. For backpacking, we would go with the MSR DromLite. For running, we recommend the HydraPak Shape-Shift as it's a little lighter.

We recommend using the trick of blowing the water back into the bladder and "clearing the lines" to ensure water does not freeze in your tubes during cold weather. If that does not work, consider checking out the CamelBak Antidote Thermal Control Kit which is an extra insulated tube and bite valve.


This is the best value bladder in our review both because of the price and because of the durability (cost per use).


For many people, this is the hydration bladder to get. It scores high and is a great value. The only reason not to get it is if you appreciate the ease of cleaning and bonus pressurization features of the Geigerrig. Or the durability of the MSR Dromlite.

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Detail of the CamelBak M.U.L.E's storage compartments and shoulder strap system.

Other Versions and Accessories

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Antidote Lumbar Reservoir 70oz
  • Same great opening cap and hose design
  • designed to put water weight onto hips instead of back
  • Compatible with Camelbak hydration packs intended for lumbar reservoirs.

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CamelBak Antidote Thermal Control Kit
  • $20
  • Helps to keep the tube from freezing during cold weather events.

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CamelBak Cleaning Brush Kit
  • $10
  • For cleaning inside both reservoir and hydration hose, especially important if using hydration drink mix inside the reservoir.
Amber King

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