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Coleman PerfectFlow 2-Burner Review

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Price:   $70 List | Sale $34.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Compact
Cons:  Little flame variability, only 10,000 BTU burners
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Manufacturer:   Coleman


We weren't too impressed with the Coleman PerfectFlow. Its burners were small compared to the other stoves we tested and its flame range is limited. Each burner has 10,000 BTUs, but it is difficult to adjust the flame to do anything other than "rage." It boils water at a decent speed, but simmering and sauteing aren't even options. In fact, attempting to turn the burner to a simmer will most likely result in turning off the stove. The Coleman Triton has the same low price tag but offers significantly better performance; we would definitely recommend it over the Coleman PerfectFlow.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Laura Lingeman
Review Editor

Last Updated:
September 18, 2014
The Coleman PerfectFlow is an introductory stove with limited cooking abilities. Although its lower price tag may be appealing, we would recommend checking out our Best Buy award winner, the Coleman Triton, instead.

Performance Comparison

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Both of these stoves may cost the same, but they are not equal.

Group Cooking

We would not recommend this stove for group camping. Its burners are small, cook space limited, and its flame is not very powerful relative to our recommended group camping stoves.
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A 12" skillet takes up most of the cook space on this stove. We recommend pans 10" and smaller.

Time to Boil

The Coleman PerfectFlow completed the boil test in an average time. It took 5:47 to boil one liter of water. This was both two minutes slower than the winner and two minutes faster than the slowest times. One of the funny things about this stove is that the burners are quite loud, leaving you to assume that this is a result of their being so much power coming out of them. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Cooking Simmer

Despite what the name may suggest, the Coleman PerfectFlow is nearly incapable of simmering. Most attempts as turning down the flame result in turning off the stove. It either wants to operate at high heat, or not at all. This stove had the worst simmering capabilities of the stoves we tested. We should note that all of our testing took place at 8,000 feet above sea level, so there is always the possibility that this product would perform better at lower elevations.

Ease of Set-Up

This model is simple to set up. Like the other portable two-burners we tested, it consists of two parts: the stove body and a propane elbow adapter.

Ease of Care

Cleaning this stove was quite easy as it has a stainless steel drip tray and a removable cooking grate. The only other remark about maintenance we have involves the quality of the stove. Many of our testers noted that this model seemed flimsy and like it would dent easily; this was backed up by online consumer reviews.

Wind Resistance

This model has decent wind resistance. Its windscreen is well-designed but its average flame was more prone to being affected by small gusts.

Packed Size

This camping stove packs down to approximately 21 x 12 x 3.5". The stove length was a couple of inches smaller than many of our other portable two-burners and resulted in an unfortunate loss of cooking space.
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In order to fit a 12" skillet, the side wind flap had to be completely separated from the stove.

Best Application

This model seems best if used as someone's first stove or for individuals who don't frequently use a camping stove.


Although the Coleman PerfectFlow is inexpensive relative to all of the other stoves we tested, we cannot say that it is a good value. Our Best Buy award winner, the Triton, costs almost the exact same price and offers significantly better performance.

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This stove had a decent flame but no simmering ability.


We wouldn't purchase this stove for our families or recommend it to others'. It really has no advantages over the cheapest Coleman stove you can buy. It boils water fast, but if you are really interested in boiling water efficiently, buy an efficient backpacking stove that can boil water in half the time of this stove. If you want a stove that is really a good value, consider our Best Buy pick.

Other Versions

Other Versions

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Coleman Triton or Triton Instastart
  • 11,000 BTU per burner
  • Good simmering abilities
  • Instastart Includes push button ignition
  • $80 or $100

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Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart 2-Burner
  • Single Burner with 11,000 BTU output with 11,000 BTU grill side
  • 180 square inch Grill side replaces a second burner
  • Includes instastart push button ignition
  • PerfectFlow system regulates fuel pressure to both burners to prevent freeze-ups or flare-ups
  • $89

Propane Hose Adapter
  • Highly recommended for connecting this stove to a 5 gallon BBQ propane tank
  • $27
Laura Lingeman

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