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Camp Chef Everest Review

Editors' Choice Award

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Overall avg rating 5.0 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: September 13, 2014
Street Price:   Varies from $103 - $110 | Compare prices at 2 resellers
Pros:  Durable, high flame power, even flame, reliable auto-ignition system
Cons:  None
Best Uses:  Car camping with 1-5 people
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Manufacturer:   Camp Chef
Review by: Laura Lingeman ⋅ Review Editor, OutdoorGearLab ⋅ September 13, 2014  
The Camp Chef Everest rocks - this compact, portable, two-burner stove really packs a lot of power. It scored so highly across all our metrics that it was the runaway winner of our Editors' Choice award. The Camp Chef Everest has two 20,000 BTU burners and was one of the fastest camping stoves in our boil test. It cooks quite evenly and its excellent flame coupled with its protective windscreen result in reliable performance in windy conditions. The auto-ignition system was our favorite that we tested. It is a simple push button and lit the burner nearly every time, even when the burners were full of water after a rainstorm. This camping stove also has a couple of extra square inches of cooking space, which really made a difference when we wanted to use two full size pans (10-12"). Like all portable camping stoves we tested, it packs into its own case and secures with a sturdy latch.

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OutdoorGearLab Editors' Hands-on Review

The Camp Chef Everest is the most powerful compact two burner stove that we tested. It is durable, can cook and boil contents quickly, and has the most reliable autoignition system that we tested. No surprise, we awarded this product our Editors' Choice Award.

Performance Comparison

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Matt taking full advantage of the even low heat capacity of this stove.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Time to Boil

This product was one of the top-performers in our boil test, boiling one liter of water in 3:42. The Camp Chef Explorer came in just a few seconds after the Everest, with the Stansport Outfitter Series coming in closely behind. To put this time in perspective, it was almost four minutes faster than the Coleman PowerPack, our slowest stove in the boil test! We were pretty impressed with the Camp Chef Everest's results, and to be honest, it left most of us testers questioning the power of our home propane stoves…

Group Camping

We think this model could be an excellent stove for group camping, but since it just has two burners, it lost a few points in this category. An exceptional burner can only be so effective before you just need more of them. In addition, stoves like the Camp Chef Pro 90 (our Top Pick for Group Cooking) and the Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner are freestanding, therefore taking up less precious picnic table space. For a camper who usually cooks for smaller crows but needs to ability to cook for larger groups too, consider pairing a stove like the Everest with the GasOne, or other single burner unit.
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The extra couple of inches of surface area on this stove made a big difference. Here, the stove has a 12" and 10" skillet.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Cooking Simmer

We loved the simmering ability of this model. Not only did it allow us to avoid charred messes, but it better conserved our propane resources. It provided even, low heat without any problems. Some heat was lost through the front of the stove (the side not lined by wind screens), but we noticed this with all of the similarly constructed camping stoves.
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The autoignition 'button' on this stove was the easiest to use and the most reliable of all of the stoves we tested.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Ease of Set-Up

No Ikea instructions necessary for the assembly of this camping stove. Its only parts are the stove body and propane adapter. If you've ever set up another portable two-burner stove, then you will likely find nothing new in setting up the Camp Chef Everest.

Ease of Care

This product was just as simple as any other two-burner to clean up. Its drip pan is made of stainless steel and can be easily wiped with a sponge or scrubbed with steel wool if particularly dirty (which ours was…). The cooking grate also lifts out for convenient cleaning. We noticed no product defects or mechanical issues during our testing, but several online retailers who carry this stove did have reviews left by disappointed customers mentioning that they noticed product flaws upon the arrival of their Camp Chef stoves (dented windscreens, etc).
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Just a little elbow grease and some steel wool is all it takes to get this stove back in top shape!
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Wind Resistance

We found this stove to be better than average in terms of wind resistance. Whether this was due to improved wind guard construction or its more powerful burners, we never really decided. Regardless, windy conditions didn't significantly impact the stove's performance.
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On windy days, the Everest could lose heat through the front of the stove which was typical of all of the stoves we tested.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Packed Size

This model packs down to 23 x 11.5 x 4.75." Its packed dimensions are nearly a quarter of the size of the Pro 90 and less than half of the size of the Explorer. This increased portability doesn't come with a loss in performance however, as we have already stated how impressed we were with its cooking and simmering abilities. In relation to the other compact two burners, the Camp Chef Everest and the Stansport had the largest cooking surface areas and were the only units that could handle two 12" skillets.

Best Application

This stove could function for any kind of mobile kitchen. It is best for groups of 1-5 people. It works quite well in the wind and maintains its powerful flame even at altitude.


For $121, this stove represents about the average price of all of the stoves we tested. We won't say it's a bargain, since intro camping stoves run about $50-60, but it is a good $50 cheaper than the Primus FireHole 100 and the Camp Chef Explorer. In addition, the extra money you put into the Everest is well worth it; its performance is superior to all of the other two-burners we tested.
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Filthy and proud: The two-time Editor's Choice award winner shows off what it means to be our favorite stove.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

Other Versions

The Camp Chef Pro 90, $342, has three 30,000-BTU burners and two fold out "prep trays" - this stove is really about size and power. It is as large and as powerful as a gas grill, yet it is portable (and easier to assemble). In our old review, the two-burner Camp Chef Pro 60 took home our Top Pick for Group Cooking, but this year, we upped the ante and tested out the three-burner model! It should be no surprise that the Camp Chef Pro 90 took this year's Top Pick honors.

The Denali Expedition 3X Three-Burner, $396, has three 30,000-BTU burners, as well as a 16 x 24 inch flat top griddle with a grease drain. The Denali Expedition also includes a utensil holder and windscreen that surrounds the entire set-up.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the Everest, the Pro 60, the Pro 90 and the Expedition from left to right.
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It should be no surprise that once again, our Editors' Choice award goes to the Camp Chef Everest two-burner. In our previous review, this product shared this award with the Stansport Outfitter Series camping stove, but not this time. The Everest was our top-performing stove, had a reasonable price tag, and appears to be a product that will continue delivering high-quality performance for years to come. We especially loved how accurate the flame dial was; crank it all the way up and you have one of the most powerful stoves we tested. Turn it down and it easily reduces to a simmer. Despite all of the praise we have to sing for our Editors' Choice winner, it is possible that this stove is still not the right cooking device for you and your needs. It only has two burners, and there are certainly cheaper stoves out there. Nonetheless, we think that anyone who is able to get out at least a few times a season will appreciate this product's reliability and ability to handle high cooking demands with ease.

Laura Lingeman

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