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We took 13 of the best bicycle saddles available and put them through the paces. We wanted to know if each could offer comfort, performance, and a competitive weight without compromise. To discover the answer, we rode on these contenders in all conditions and for long distances, from muddy mountain bike races, 100 plus mile road races, to rainy morning commutes. They were rated on comfort, performance, versatility and weight to determine our award winning selection. This review will aid you in your quest to find the best perch from which to experience your next ride.

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Test Results and Ratings

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Analysis and Award Winners

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April 29, 2013
Update Note: April 2015
We have contacted all of the manufacturers for the award winners and any changes have been noted in the review. A full review was completed in April 2013.

Best Overall Bike Saddle

Specialized Phenom Expert

Editors' Choice Award
Specialized Phenom Expert
Price:   $130 List

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If we had to put the same saddle on every bike we own, this would be it. It is comfortable, lightweight, and extremely durable. We had no idea a saddle could be this comfortable and still offer such a high level of performance. While saddles are not a one size fits all piece of equipment, the Phenom was highly regarded by nearly all of our diverse testers. With a price of $130 you cant go wrong.

Best Bang for the Buck

WTB Speed V

Best Buy Award
WTB Speed V
Price:   $40 List

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WTB claims it is their best selling saddle, and we are not surprised. With an MSRP of $40, it is a great buy. It offers a classic shape, with a very slight rise at the tail, and an anatomical groove to relieve pressure on sensitive areas. Our testers found it to offer a high level of comfort, and its middle of the road dimensions seem to fit nearly everyone. It is quite versatile, and at home on virtually any type of bike. The synthetic cover is durable, and a plastic scuff guard at the rear of the saddle further enhances longevity. It may not win over the gram counters at 362g, but you will be hard pressed to find a better saddle in this price range.

Top Pick for High Performance

Fizik Antares

Top Pick Award
Fizik Antares
Price:   $180 List

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Narrowly missing out on the Editors' Choice Award, the Antares is an excellent saddle. It received our highest ranking for performance and was also the lightest saddle in our review at 201g. It fits a wide range of riders, and is quite versatile. It is a great choice for road racing, mountain biking, and cyclocross use. The padding is a bit firmer than what you will find on the Phenom. Its attributes favor the rider whose greatest concerns are performance and light weight.

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Analysis and Test Results


Lets face it; comfort is far and away the most important attribute. If you cannot spend a reasonable amount of time on a saddle in comfort, its weight and durability are of little consequence. While a bike saddle's comfort can be somewhat subjective and variable from person to person, we sought out consensus amongst our testers. The Specialized Phenom scored highest, followed by the Fizik Aliante, and the Selle SMP Extra. We expected higher marks from some of the comfort-oriented bike saddles with thicker padding, such as the Planet Bike ARS Anatomic Relief, but we found the additional padding to cause greater friction, and ultimately discomfort on all but the shortest of rides. The Brooks England B-17 surprised us with its high level of comfort achieved using tensioned leather and no padding. But, it could not quite compare to some of the modern shapes and materials used by Specialized, Fizik, and Selle.


The level of performance a bike saddle can offer is largely dependent on its shape, padding and shell stiffness. A high performance saddle must provide a platform from which the rider can achieve optimal position to apply power to the pedals. The right balance of padding and firmness must be achieved. Too much padding, and energy will be wasted through the pedal stroke, too little and the saddle will not offer enough comfort for extended use. The Fizik Antares scored highest, followed closely by the Specialized Phenom. The Phenom and Antares are both firm with a flat profile, and with a long, wide nose to provide optimum position for power transfer to a wide variety of body types.


Many cyclists own multiple bikes and participate in several cycling disciplines. In a perfect world, we would use the same saddle on every bike, eliminating the need to acclimate to a new saddle when we swap the road bike for mountain bike. The more versatile a saddle is, the more likely you will be happy using it for multiple disciplines. We found the Specialized Phenom to be the most versatile saddle in the test group. It offers excellent power transfer and comfort, in both a forward performance road racing position and a more upright mountain bike position. Our testers also loved it on the cyclocross bike, but generally we would not choose a saddle with a cut-out for cyclocross due to mud slinging issues. (A well-placed piece of tape on the underside of the saddle cured this issue.) The Fizik Aliante and the Fizik Antares were also found to be very versatile by our testers, comfortable and well suited to road, mountain, and cyclocross.


Our testers put the review saddles through the ringer. The bike saddles were tested in some of the worst conditions possible. Dirt, mud, rain, and snow; you name it, we rode in it. The saddles baked in the sun on the roofs of our cars, and made unintentional contact with the pavement and trail more than a few times. We did not manage to break the rails or shells on any of our test saddles. The differences in durability we encountered were primarily related to the cover material. The Specialized Phenom achieved our highest accolades for durability. It utilizes a very durable synthetic cover material Specialized calls Micromatrix. Rubber scuff guards at the rear of the saddle protect the most vulnerable points from abrasion in the event of a crash or accidental drop. All of the Fizik Saddles use a Microtex cover and received high marks. The Fizik Arione was given slightly lower marks than the other Fizik Saddles in the review due to increased wear on exposed seams. The Wilderness Trail Bikes saddles all use a similar synthetic cover that we found to be quite tough and resistant to abrasion landing them a close second to the top offerings from Fizik.


For racers, overall bike weight makes a big difference. A few hundred grams on a climb can be the difference between first and second. For the rest of us, weight can affect handling, as well as our motivation at the end of a long day in the saddle as we face that final climb. All of our test saddles were weighed in house; some came out under manufacturer claimed weight and some over. As a rule of thumb, as the weight of a saddle goes down, the price goes up. The lightest saddle in our test group was the Fizik Antares, weighing in at a paltry 201g.

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The Editors Choice Specialized Phenom was not the lightest saddle in our test group, but still tips the scale at a competitive 248g.

This is impressive considering that our test model utilizes Kium Alloy rails. It is possible to drop even more weight by selecting the carbon rail version with a manufacturers claimed weight of 155g. Also coming in on the low end of the weight spectrum, the Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow Saddle at 229g, and the Specialized Romin at 232g. On the other end of the spectrum the Serfas E-Gel Cruiser Saddle came in at 774g. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the intended use of the Serfas saddle is not racing, its design is focused on comfort for short, non-aggressive rides, and thus makes concessions in the area of weight. Each rider must balance the importance of weight with comfort, cost, and intended use.


Saddlebags are a great place to cary spare tubes and flat repair kits. We recommend the Fizik ICS Saddle PA:K and the Planet Bike Big Buddy.

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he three Best In Class winners (L to R): Editor's Choice Specialized Phenom, Top Pick Fizik Antares, Best Buy WTB Speed V.


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Curtis Smith Muddy Cyclocross Testing

Comfort, performance, and weight are important factors to consider when searching for a bike saddle to best suit your ride. Selecting the perfect saddle can be difficult with the multitude of options on the market today. We hope that our tests and ratings in this review can aid you in the decision making process. You can find even more tips on what to keep in mind while making that selection in our Buying Advice article.
Curtis Smith
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